Moving or arranging new doorways

Every person is a creator. He always has a need for changes in his life, in his home. It happens that the closed space of rooms becomes inconvenient, you want to expand it, make new entrances and exits, refresh and update the atmosphere. The very first step is a real assessment of your desires and the possibility of their implementation. That is, it should be clearly defined: what can be touched, pierced and removed, and what should not in any case. A redevelopment specialist, an engineer, who must have at its disposal a company that undertakes to fulfill your order, will help you with this. This person, having gone to the site, will determine whether your idea is feasible, advise on how best to do it, and introduce you to all stages of the upcoming work.

If your project has the right to exist, then the next step is to agree on redevelopment decisions in various instances. Relocation or installation of new doorways is not a joke, it is an important operation that can lead to a decrease in the bearing capacity of the building wall. Therefore, it is classified as redevelopment work, for which, in accordance with the current legislation, it is necessary to obtain permission from the interdepartmental commission. But in order to get it, you need to have in your hands about 15-20 documents from other organizations responsible for the safety and security of housing: from the asset holder or the owner of the house, the district architect’s office, the state fire control authorities, the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision, the Moscow State Housing Inspectorate and the operating authorities. All these things can take three months, design and repair and construction firms do it much faster.

When choosing the place and size of the doorway, experts usually take into account the following points. A reinforced concrete or brick main wall in apartments has a thickness of 120 to 400 mm, from which it is officially allowed to remove a piece from 700 mm to 2000 mm wide and 2100 mm high. The opening should be located in the middle of the wall panel at a distance, as a rule, of at least 600 mm from the outer wall of the apartment. In apartments located on the lower floors of buildings (usually from 1st to 4th), the width of the opening should not be more than 900 mm, since exceeding it may necessitate the installation of additional reinforcements, which will dramatically increase the cost of work. It is advisable to purchase a door frame before cutting out the opening – this will allow you to do the work more accurately and accurately.

When the approvals are received, the necessary documents are signed, it is the turn of the transformation of the apartments. Naturally, every owner wants to see his apartment beautiful and stylish (for which everything is started). This issue should be discussed in advance with the designer of the executing company. Your joint imagination and the design project based on it will lead to an original solution. When we are talking not about a complete design project of the entire housing, but only about a local opening, they invite specialized firms that take on cutting out an opening of standard sizes and do it accurately and quickly, in one working day. The services of a company for cutting an opening, depending on the size of the opening and the need to install a reinforced concrete framing frame, can cost from 7 to 20 thousand rubles. Before signing an agreement with such a company, read its license to carry out this type of work. Prepare for the arrival of the masters. Sawing out a fragment of the wall is usually done with an abundant supply of water, so it is better to remove the part of the parquet floor that is adjacent to the future opening. It is better to take furniture out of the premises or at least move it at a distance of at least 2 m.

This work is done more often with a jackhammer or a drill with a perforating nozzle. And only a few make an opening with a saw. Yes, not a simple saw, but a disc cutter with diamond-bearing segments, driven by a special hydraulic pipeline. Only this can cut thick concrete, reinforced with steel rods with a diameter of 4-12 mm. Experts believe that a fragment of the load-bearing wall should be sawn out, since impacts can lead to cracks in reinforced concrete wall panels. Only a milling cutter makes the process completely safe for the building. The procedure is as follows. First, the contours of the future doorway are marked on the wall – a contour cut is made with a circular saw to a depth of 140 mm. This is followed by a horizontal cut. At the second pass with a circular saw along the same contour, an opening is cut out to the entire thickness of the wall panel. The cooling water is drained away so that it does not penetrate under the baseboards. The sawn part of the wall panel is slightly tilted and removed. Then the channels of the framing frame are prepared for welding. And then follows the installation of the framing frame. And the opening is ready!

After the end of the redevelopment, employees from the technical inventory bureau will make the appropriate changes to the technical passport for the building and you will receive a new copy from the floor plan of the house. This piece of paper is an official document that can be used when writing a will, when exchanging or donating. And most importantly, strength calculations for possible projects for redevelopment of apartments of other residents of your entrance will be performed taking into account your new doorway.

Craftsmen undertake to make openings on their own, but, as we have already noted, this operation can be done with high quality and harmless to the building, only having the appropriate tool in hand, which is very expensive.

The passage in the wall can be made very, very non-standard: a hole in the ceiling in the “modern style”, antique arches or any other idea of ​​yours will be realized. Here are examples of possible solutions for those who are tired of “this white, white door” in the house.

The opening in the wall is made in the ancient Greek style, the combination of columns, sculptures and living plants will look very good in your home. This is a fairly common move, but from this it does not lose its relevance..

The opening in the wall is made carelessly, as if it was punched with a hammer. Brickwork was made for the entourage. An opening in the center, a small staircase was made for this. It is reasonable to implement this option in a spacious apartment or house. It will look great as a passage between the hallway and the living room..

This option is designed for apartments with a modern design. Steel parts along the perimeter of the walkway immerse residents in the atmosphere of the future.

The illustrations of finished openings given in this material can also inspire you to new ideas. Of course, you say, it is easy to be original in the spaces of a country cottage or a huge apartment, but try it in the rigidly set conditions of a standard layout. Let’s try! Let’s hit with imagination on boring architecture! But only in alliance with professionals.

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