New Year’s decor of the apartment in Feng Shui

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The miracles are that this year you can attract good luck by correctly decorating the festive room. We are talking about the New Year’s decoration of the room according to the rules of Feng Shui. We will tell you how to properly arrange the decor for the New Year in order to attract good luck into your life. In conclusion, there are recommendations for making flashlights and snowflakes.

Here comes the year of the black water dragon, which, according to Chinese tradition, is usually seen in black, associated with water. This year, designers advise keeping the entire New Year’s decor in dark colors: closer to black, rich blue, purple, with a light golden finish. In Chinese mythology, the dragon is a symbol of happiness, wisdom and fun, therefore this New Year should be met in a cheerful friendly company, then the great dragon will be supportive to you all year.

Chinese mythology is filled with a special inner magic that can reveal its secrets on New Year’s Eve. New Year in China will be celebrated later, namely on January 23, 2012, but for Europeans, the New Year is celebrated on the night of December 31 to January 1, and, accordingly, the year of the dragon must be met correctly in order to attract good luck and the favor of the black dragon … Chinese New Year is calculated according to the lunar calendar, and not according to the solar calendar, it comes on the first spring new moon.

2012 is considered a special, karmic year that will lead to decisive changes in the life of every person. This is a year of power and glory, and the dragon grants everyone a calm and comfortable life full of vivid impressions. For the dragon next year, duality will be characteristic, this animal exists and does not exist at the same time, it is powerful, but this does not prevent it from being serene, the dragon dies and then is reborn from the ashes.

Celebrating the New Year in China

New Year in China is always celebrated magnificently and cheerfully. Each family stocks up on fireworks and red clothing. There is a legend about the great monster Niana, who came out of his lair once a year and devoured all living things. Over time, the inhabitants of China noticed that the monster was afraid of red color and noise, so since then the New Year in China is “dressed” mainly in red and is celebrated cheerfully and noisily. It is customary to blow up firecrackers in China on the first day of the New Year, according to legend, loud sounds also scare away evil spirits that flock in search of a new haven.

Celebrating the New Year in China
New Year’s fireworks in China

New Year in China is celebrated only with the family. Moreover, the New Year’s dinner does not start until the whole family has gathered. On this day, you need to forget about all the grievances and sit down at the festive table in a good mood. If some of the members were unable to celebrate the New Year with their family, there are still seats at the New Year’s table for those who are absent..

After dinner, adults give children red envelopes with money, which, according to belief, should bring happiness. There is a thousand-year tradition of giving two tangerines, in Chinese they are pronounced like the word “gold”.

It is believed that on the New Year, the gods descend to earth and scatter the silver dust of happiness. On this day, you can communicate with spirits, for this there should be a couple of red candles on the table.

Celebrating the New Year in Chinese style

China has its own interior design traditions, and we had an idea to make New Year’s decor in accordance with the rules of Feng Shui, thereby attracting positive energy to ourselves on New Year’s Eve. Feng Shui is an oriental practice of environmental harmony management. Many believe that the art of Feng Shui can bring love and happiness to life, good luck in business and promote career development..

New Year trends
New Year’s Eve trends in black base color with trimmings in traditional Chinese culture red and smart gold

Feng Shui interior decoration, first of all, consists in observing certain rules for the arrangement of decor items in the cardinal points, as well as for the use of color combinations.

Feng Shui colors

The Feng Shui color scheme is chosen in accordance with the Bagua markup, each sector must have a specific color scheme. According to these rules, black will bring positive energy in the northeast, north and southeast of the dwelling. It makes sense to place a solemn New Year’s corner in black with golden trim in the northeastern part of the room. If the decoration does not correspond to the required color scheme, it is enough to place a decorative object in the zone, which will be responsible for attracting positive energy..

How to create a feng shui Christmas decor

North part of the room – career zone

The northern part of the room can be decorated with a New Year’s wreath, as well as a blue Christmas tree. The blue color will create an interesting flair, and it is quite consistent with the style of the water dragon. Positive energy is attracted to this zone by a mirror, as well as a horseshoe, which can become a decorative detail of a Christmas wreath..

Feng Shui colors
From left to right: Blue Christmas tree. Hang a mirror with a traditional Christmas wreath at the north end of the room to attract the energy to stimulate your work.

Northeast of the room – area of ​​wisdom and knowledge

If you arrange this zone correctly, next year you will only make the right decisions. This is the ideal place to put a Christmas tree with golden Christmas decorations, gifts should be wrapped in brown-bronze paper. Here you can put a crystal, a snake figurine, as well as a bouquet of flowers with sharp leaves. Make a winter flower arrangement like the one below, it will perfectly decorate the window in the northeast of the room and attract positive energy..

Christmas bouquet
New Year's interior

Above: New Year’s bouquet. Bottom: Black and gold black dragon interior

The northwest of the room is the zone of male luck

The correct arrangement of this zone guarantees the success of the male sex next year. It is better to place candles in bronze candlesticks and other metal objects in this place. The head of the family will receive the support of the black dragon if, unnoticed by him in the northwest, you place graceful bronze and gold items that also look very elegant.

Christmas decor
From left to right: New Year’s composition made of metal vases. Christmas decor

The southern part of the room is an area of ​​future perspectives

This is the place for New Year’s candles, the energy of purification is attracted here. Birds will also attract positive energy to this zone of “future prospects”, use textiles or objects of red and orange shades here, peacock feathers will work excellently in this zone.

Christmas candlesticks
1. You can make such a candlestick yourself. 2. Any glasses can be used as a candlestick, faceted crystal glasses will look especially impressive. 3. Such candlesticks are made of vases and glasses, painted with a stencil and paint on glass. 4. Original use of wine glasses. 5. New Year’s wreath of peacock feathers

Southeast is a zone of wealth

This is the place where you can install a small Christmas tree, goldfish get along well with a figurine of the god Hottei and a souvenir turtle. Make your own bonsai tree or plant a fir branch in a flower pot.

New Year's decor
From left to right: Herringbone in a flowerpot. An ordinary branch turned into an unusual New Year’s bonsai

To make a bonsai tree, take a branchy branch, shape it, paint it with dark varnish and place it in a pot of cement. After the cement has set, the tree can be decorated with toys, and the base can be laid out with moss.

The southwest corner of the room is an area that strengthens marriage and partnership.

The correct design of this part of the room guarantees you an excellent romantic relationship next year, as well as the absence of problems with colleagues. Here, all items must be paired, this is a place for two red candles, a vase of flowers, paper lanterns. If you correctly design this area in accordance with the recommendations that all women in the family will be happy.

Lanterns and candles
Left to right: Pair of red candles. Romantic paper lanterns

The eastern part of the room is responsible for family, health

This zone connects children with their parents, so it is important to arrange it correctly in order to ensure harmonious relations in the family. In addition, this active zone helps to find reputable patrons. In the east, you need to find a place for a figurine or image of a dragon – the patron saint of the next year, as well as for family photos.

Dragon silhouette
Make a picture of a dragon silhouette and hang it on the east side of the room

The western part of the room is the area of ​​children and creativity

At this point in the room, you need to hang air bells. Make an elegant decoration yourself, hang it, for example, over the New Year’s table and decorate with candles. The effect and delight of the guests will be guaranteed. Making a bell is easy enough. Cut a frame out of plywood, cover it with paint and varnish, from beads that you can buy at a handicraft store, draw bell threads and fasten them to the frame.

Graceful Christmas bells
Graceful Christmas bells

Room center – health area

Often a festive table is set in this place, where a decanter of mineral water must be present. This design of the festive table will ensure good health..

A Few Tips for Chinese Style Euro Decor

Chinese bells or snowflakes ballerinas

Traditional Chinese bells can be replaced with graceful airy snowflakes. Moreover, you can make not trivial snowflakes, but flying snow-white ballerinas. It looks very delicate, such New Year decorations sway from every movement in the room..

Flying snowflakes ballerinas
Flying snowflakes ballerinas

Custom snowflakes

Each of us cut snowflakes out of paper, but not everyone saw the surprisingly delicate and delicate snowflakes made using the quilling technique. The execution of snow patterns using the quilling technique is a simple but painstaking work. The exquisite paper lace effect captivates everyone. In the quilling technique, you can make not only snowflakes for a bell, but also assemble an interesting flashlight.

Paper lace snowflakes, made using quilling technique
Paper lace snowflakes, made using quilling technique


In China, paper lanterns are extremely popular; since ancient times, the Chinese have illuminated their homes with small candles placed inside paper cases. Currently, original paper crafts have become popular among designers. For example, Chinese-born British designer Yu Jordy Fu develops original paper lamps. I would also like to acknowledge the work of designer Chris Kirby, who creates amazing shades from paper.

Art Lanterns
Left to right: Art Lanterns by Yu Jordi Fu. Chris Kirby’s art flashlight

We would like to invite you to make your own paper lantern, because New Year’s Eve is impossible to imagine without a lot of flickering lights. It is enough to cut the case out of design paper according to the provided diagram and glue it. These lanterns will decorate the New Year’s table..

Flashlight appearance and layout
Flashlight appearance and layout

New Year’s decoration of the Feng Shui room will ensure the favor of your personal black dragon, which will invisibly be present next to you throughout the next year..

If you pay special attention to interior decoration every year, you can be sure that every New Year will remain in the memory of every family member. This year there is an excellent opportunity not only to decorate your home, but also to earn the favor of the great dragon, who will patronize you. The New Year is getting closer and closer, and it should be unforgettable. Hurry to attract good luck! Happy New Year!

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