Options for the location of the dressing room in a private house

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Increasingly, owners of private houses are abandoning bulky wardrobes in favor of a separate dressing room. This is really the best storage option that frees up space. Our tips site decided to find out exactly where the dressing room can be located.

Option one – in the hallway or hall

Pros – there is roomy space for outerwear, umbrellas, shoes and everything else.

Cons – such a dressing room will also be used by guests, so the space cannot be called private. In most cases, with this choice of the location of the dressing room, another place is required for storing personal belongings, underwear and bed linen closer to the living rooms..

Entrance hall with dressing room

Dressing room in the lobby of the house

Option two – under the stairs to the second floor

Pros – the space under the stairs will not disappear, you can use it as functionally as possible.

Cons – storage systems for such a dressing room will have to be ordered, ready to be found. In addition, not every staircase has enough space for numerous things. It is worth thinking about how convenient it will be to use the dressing room if the bedroom is on the upper floor.

Cloakroom under the stairs

Cloakroom under the stairs

Option three – in the attic

Of course, if such a room in the house is.

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Pros – often a bedroom is placed in the attic, the proximity of the dressing room will be an advantage. You can use the space under the sloped roof, which could otherwise be empty.

Cons – attics are different, as the portal has already written about. And under a low roof against a short wall, you cannot arrange a spacious dressing room. In addition, it may be inconvenient to go upstairs for things if the bedroom is downstairs.

Dressing room in the attic

Option four – near the laundry room

Pros – a logical choice, because washed and dried things do not have to be carried far away in order to put them in their places.

Minus – the laundry is most often placed away from living rooms so that the noise of the washing machine does not disturb the household. Therefore, the dressing room may be too far away..

Combining a dressing room with a laundry room

Dressing room next to the laundry

Important! Combining laundry with a dressing room is not worth it! Detergents and other household chemicals will be stored here. In addition, the proximity of wet and dirty laundry with dry and clean is a bad decision..

Option five – near the bathroom

Pros – one of the best planning options. The spacious dressing room will be convenient for storing towels and other bathroom accessories. In addition, the master bathroom is usually placed in a private area of ​​the house, that is, away from guests, for whom, in this case, they simply leave a hanger in the hallway and a shoe rack..

Cons – there are practically none. The main thing is that the bathroom is not located in the far corner of the house. It is also advisable to schedule a guest bathroom.

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Walk-in closet next to the bathroom

Option six – walk-through dressing room

Pros – you can combine the storage system with a corridor that connects the public and private areas of the house. All household members will be able to use such a dressing room..

Cons – you need to leave a wide enough passage, you should think about how the storage systems will open.

Dressing room in the hallway

Option seven – in the bedroom

Pros – all things are exactly at hand, it is very convenient to use the dressing room, and it is hidden from the eyes of guests, privacy is ensured.

Cons – we need dressing rooms in each bedroom, separately for children. In addition, the space in the room may be less than desired..

Dressing room in the bedroom

Important! If we are talking about a dressing room in the bedroom, then most often these are spacious built-in wardrobes, as in a typical American house. And they, of course, should be in every living room..

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