Renovation of commercial premises: components of success


The success of any business, be it a small cafe, hotel or the office of a large international company, depends on a number of factors. Highly qualified employees, excellent organization, and management skills are just a drop in the sea of ​​essential components of a commercial victory. Also, far from the last role in the successful work of the enterprise is played by its external and internal appearance, the general condition of the object, the quality of decoration and design..

That is why in this article we will talk about such an important component of commercial success as renovation. Moreover, we will try to figure out how to make it the most effective..

First of all, I would like to note that the renovation of a cafe, office or any other commercial premises can be called successful, successfully completed only if it:

– completed within a pre-agreed and at the same time acceptable time frame;
– made so well as not to return to this issue for at least 5 years;
– carried out on the basis of the original design project;
– does not lead to further conflicts with various inspection authorities;
– completed within the planned budget.

Thus, it turns out that there are only five components of the success of the renovation of commercial premises. And this is meeting deadlines, high quality, availability of a design project, legality and getting into the budget..

How to meet deadlines

Acceptable and strictly adhered to terms – this is not only one of the main secrets of the success of renovation in commercial premises, but to some extent fertile ground for the earliest possible profit. In other words, the longer work is carried out at the facility, the more often it is disrupted and delayed, the more time you waste. Time that could have been spent earning income.

That is why in such areas as the renovation of offices, restaurants and hotels, every day is worth its weight in gold. And the only possible way to meet the deadlines is to draw up a detailed work plan in advance, broken down into stages and indicating the time to complete each. For example, it might look like this:

I. Preparatory work

1. Replacement of electrical wiring – 7 days
2. Installation of plasterboard partitions – 3 days …

II. Finishing work

1. Pasting walls with wallpaper – 10 days
2. Installation of floor coverings – 5 days … etc.

We do not remember about the repair for at least 5 years

In such areas as the decoration of offices and restaurants, the quality of the renovation plays an equally important role. It should be high enough for several reasons..

First, it is the expediency of investments. The costs of renovating a cafe or office are incomparable, for example, with the costs of “cosmetics” for an apartment. Therefore, they must be justified and economically beneficial. And in this sense, the only guarantee of quality is the use of modern materials and the involvement of qualified specialists. By relying on professionalism and advanced technologies, you make repairs, as they say, with a long service life, and therefore do not return to this issue for at least five years.

We develop a design project

The presence of a design project for the renovation of commercial premises not only helps not to deviate from pre-planned ideas and solutions, but also allows us to take into account any client’s wishes when creating an interior. The original, tailored to the features of the object and your taste preferences, in turn, largely determines the commercial success of the enterprise. Especially when it comes to public institutions such as cafes, restaurants, hotels.

At the same time, ideally, the studio should provide several design options with alternate implementation of the general concept first, then sketches and, finally, working documentation. The ultimately chosen project should represent specific style solutions for all premises of the facility, planning solutions, and also reflect any changes in the system of engineering networks.

Do not forget about the checking authorities

A number of works that are carried out as part of the renovation of offices, cafes and other commercial premises require approval from the relevant authorities. It is impossible to forget about it in any case. Such omissions are fraught not only with impressive financial costs, but can also lead to the closure of the facility..

That is why, in order to avoid further problems with the inspection authorities, to perform certain types of work (for example, replacement of electrical wiring, redevelopment of premises, etc.), it is necessary:

– first, to invite specialists with relevant experience;
– secondly, to perform special work in accordance with the requirements of the inspection authorities, and, if necessary, to legitimize the changes made.

Get it right on the budget

100% hitting the budget is a rare piece of luck when renovating commercial premises. After all, there can always be unforeseen situations and costs. Although an accurate hit is almost impossible, deviations from the target budget should be minimal (within 5-7%).

For these purposes, a contractor company that carries out the repair of a cafe, office or any other commercial facility prepares an estimate in advance that reflects the cost of all materials and work. And you, in turn, discuss the issue of the maximum allowable budget excess.


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