Robot vacuum cleaner: tips for choosing

From the article you will learn about a new type of home cleaning equipment – automatic vacuum cleaners. We will tell you what they are made of and how they are managed. The article provides recommendations for the selection, maintenance and operation, as well as prices for robotic vacuum cleaners.

More and more monotonous daily work of cleaning, washing and preparing food is entrusted by a person to technology, and robotic cleaners are the best confirmation of this..

When describing robotic vacuum cleaners, it is necessary to mention two points that are important to take into account:

  1. The robot vacuum cleaner, due to its low-power motor, does not suck out dust from the very depths of the carpet, unlike a conventional vacuum cleaner, but it copes with daily cleaning.
  2. The robotic vacuum cleaner requires a flat, smooth floor. He calmly overcomes carpets and sills up to 12 mm high, but the deformed surface with steps and hooks is beyond his strength.

Robot vacuum cleaner device

Appearance.The robot vacuum cleaner is a “washer” with a diameter of 300-400 mm on wheels. The body is made of plastic, sometimes with rubber “bumpers” to protect the furniture. The shape of the “washer” can be different – from a circle to a square with rounded corners.

iClebo Arte YCR-M05 iClebo Arte YCR-M05

Equipment.All robotic vacuum cleaners have approximately the same set of functions and working elements. You should pay special attention to this set, since the quality of cleaning directly depends on their availability and design:

  1. Turbo brush. This is a drum with a lint, which, when rotating, directs dust and debris located directly under the vacuum cleaner into the inlet of the device. This improves the collection efficiency of large particles..
  2. Rubber brush. Shaft with rubber blades, which “wool” the pile of the carpet, knocking out dust from it. Improves cleaning of carpets and rugs.
  3. Side brushes. With their help, the device directs debris into the receiving opening, which is located on the sides of it, in the corners and near the baseboard. There are models with one brush, but practice has shown that the pair version is more effective..

LG Hom-Bot Square VR6270LV LG Hom-Bot Square VR6270LV

It should be noted that all these elements require maintenance (cleaning), as well as the wheels, on which threads, hair, etc. are wound. Side brushes wear out quickly (2-4 months) and require replacement.

Electronics.Each of the vacuum cleaners has its own central processor and operating system, which allows them to be called robots in full. Electronics performs a number of instrument tasks:

  1. Creates a map of the premises and a route of movement.
  2. Responsible for emergency actions – in case the device is stuck, turned over or discharged.
  3. Carries out the return of the vacuum cleaner to the place of charging and installation on the charging station.
  4. Remembers the modes and settings of the device.

Of course, the more complex the electronics, the “smarter” your assistant and the more tasks he will be able to perform efficiently in your absence. The functionality is directly reflected in the price.

Navigation devices.These are the “eyes” of the robot – they allow it to fix obstacles and create a route taking them into account. The “senses” of an automatic vacuum cleaner are usually of two types – a camera or an IR sensor. One camera is enough to fully work, but at least four IR sensors are required – they are located at the bottom along the edge of the side. Some models have an upward-facing camera and map the room based on the shape of the ceiling.

Containerdeserves special attention. It is relatively small – from 180 to 750 ml, but it is convenient in that it does not have a dust bag. Large particles are collected in a dry box (cyclone filter), and smaller ones (up to 1 micron) settle on a fine-pore filter. Expensive models provide the ability to install HEPA filters.

Neato BotVac 85 Neato BotVac 85

Attention! Due to its design features, ingress of moisture into the automatic vacuum cleaner can lead to its breakdown..

Powertrain and battery.The device’s magnetic motors have a power consumption of 350 to 600 W and a suction power (vacuum) of 20–50 bar. The battery deserves special attention: the more powerful it is, the longer and more efficiently the vacuum cleaner will work. A good option for any device is a lithium-ion (Li-ion) 2000 A / h battery. It provides up to 90 minutes of continuous operation.

Additional devices and other features.When choosing this new product, pay attention to the following nuances:

  1. Charging station. It will require a permanent place in the room. Together with a vacuum cleaner, it takes up a space of about 50×40 cm. In some models it is not there, and charging is done from a power supply unit in the manner of a phone or laptop. This is convenient in small rooms – the device can be removed on a shelf or in a cabinet where the charging cord is connected.
  2. Ultraviolet lamp. A useful accessory that disinfects the surface. Not available on all models.
  3. Spare brush set. Its presence will allow you to correctly determine the resource of the brushes in your case and not suddenly be left without them..
  4. Remote Control. Adds + 15-25% to the price, but it is convenient, as is the case with any other household appliances.
  5. Availability of programmable modes. Robotic cleaning is not recommended when people, animals and moving objects are present in the room. The movement algorithm of the robot is illogical (from the point of view of the layman), but it moves quite fast (up to 6 km / h) and a collision may occur. Therefore, it is recommended to run it or program it to run in the absence of the owners..
  6. Virtual wall or magnetic tape. It is an IR beacon or magnetic tape. Both devices are designed to limit the area of ​​operation of the robot vacuum cleaner.

iRobot Roomba 780 iRobot Roomba 780

Every day, engineers are introducing new solutions to household appliances, for example, there are already models with remote programming via Wi-Fi.

The capabilities of the robot vacuum cleaner. Cleaning quality

Distributors on a regular basis conduct tests of new products in order to identify their flaws, consumer qualities, as well as check for compliance with the figures (indicators) declared in the passport. Several new robotic vacuum cleaners have become the objects of such tests. During the tests, they were “forced” to do their normal work, while recording time and results. The result of these tests was a dataset that will help determine the choice.

Table. Vacuum cleaners-robots that participated in the tests

Brand Manufacturer Sensor type Charging station / remote Turbo brush Volume of contacts, ml UV lamp / side. brushes Add. equip. Price, cu e.
Clever’n’clean 002 M-Series China IR sensor No no not 150 No / 2 not 120
Kitfort KT-501 China Camera Yes Yes Pile / rubber 350 Yes 1 Wirth. wall 210
Clever’n’clean White Moon China IR sensor Yes Yes Pile / rubber 400 Yes 1 magn. tape and wirth. wall 240
iClebo Arte YCR-M05 Korea Camera up / down Yes Yes Pile 600 No / 2 magn. tape 400
LG Hom-Bot Square VR6270LV Korea Camera up / down Yes Yes combin. 600 No / 2 not 480
Neato BotVac 85 Korea Camera Well no combin. 700 Yes 1 magn. tape 600

* Tests carried out on an exhibition carpet with professional indicator pollutants.

Table. Test results on a 10-point scale

Brand Cleaning quality Orientation / navigation 12mm obstacle and loose wires Working time, min
iClebo Arte YCR-M05 7.5 nine ten 125
Clever’n’clean White Moon 9.2 4 7 75
Clever’n’clean 002 M-Series 8.5 1 0 55
Neato BotVac 85 9,7 8 ten thirty
LG Hom-Bot Square VR6270LV 7.8 7 6 80
Kitfort KT-501 7.8 6 7 40

Definitely, the robot vacuum cleaner will become a household assistant that will refresh the floors of the room while there is no one in the house, and will significantly increase the time interval between general cleaning. But its main advantage is that you will have free time that you can spend on yourself and your family instead of endless daily “express cleaning”.

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