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The children’s room is undoubtedly one of the brightest and most versatile spaces in an apartment or house. The interior of the nursery changes more often than in other rooms, which is caused not only by the need to change the wallpaper, “decorated” by the young artist, but also by the changes taking place with the baby himself.

As for the zoning of the premises itself, do not forget that a respectable first grader, when he comes home, turns into an ordinary fidget and he just needs a place to play. So in the nursery for a young student, three main areas should be distinguished: a workplace where he will do his homework, a recreation area with a comfortable sleeping place and a play area where all the toys will be transferred..


Even if, in general, the parents do not plan to radically change the interior of the nursery, you still cannot do without an important change – a place should appear in the room where the child will do homework, store notebooks and books.

Of course, a writing desk will become such a workplace, a real office for a first grader. By the way, experts advise purchasing a separate table for the computer, which will also eventually appear in the nursery, – doing homework in front of the monitor will be inconvenient, so you need a separate surface for writing. If the room is small and there is not enough space for two tables in it, it is better to buy a slightly larger table, for example, a corner one, in one part of which there will be a computer, and in the other there will be free space for studying.

The best option for the location of the desk is right by the window, so that daylight falls on the left, if the child is right-handed, or straight ahead, without interfering with writing. Designers often suggest turning the entire windowsill into a desk. This is really a great option for a small room, and if there are two schoolchildren in a family, this is the best way to provide each with their own working area, of course, if the window is large enough.

Room for a future excellent student The window sill of a large three-leaf window will allow you to equip a working area for two students at once

Another good option for two children is a table with a retractable additional work surface or in the form of the letter “L”.

We must not forget about the comfortable lighting of the working area – a table lamp is simply necessary, even if the room has a sufficiently bright overhead light or there is a whole system of illumination of individual zones.

By purchasing an office chair with adjustable height and backrest, you can solve the problem with the height of the desk. There are a lot of similar proposals now, and of all colors and shades, so choosing a comfortable and beautiful soft chair is not difficult..

Room for a future excellent student Orthopedic chair for schoolchildren

Another attribute of the work area is shelves for books and various small items. Hang them on the wall so that the baby can independently reach all the necessary items. Usually such shelves are made open so that you can quickly and conveniently take a book..

Another option is a spacious bookcase, which definitely has enough space for the amount of literature increasing every year. By the way, with the help of a tall cabinet, you can divide the room into a bedroom area and an office. An office partition made of frosted glass can also be used for the same purposes..

Room for a future excellent student Rest area and work area are clearly separated by a partition

Rest zone

Since in the nursery, the first grader not only studies and plays, but also sleeps, the bed will become the most important piece of furniture in the room. Many parents prefer to put a sofa in a small nursery, which will fold down for a day, freeing up space for games. This option is very good, only you should give preference to sofas with an orthopedic base, and preferably with a place for storing bed linen.

Of course, the first grader is still quite small and will be delighted with a sofa in the form of a teddy bear or a car, however, if furniture is purchased with a view to a long service life, such options should be avoided. Most likely, after a couple of years, the grown-up schoolchild will decide to get rid of the annoying toy sofa, so it is better to immediately purchase a more solid, “adult” model.

Room for a future excellent student A bright sofa with an orthopedic base and a storage compartment is a great sleeping place for a schoolchild

Very often the choice also falls on bunk beds. If there are two kids, this is often the only opportunity to equip two sleeping places in a small room. However, even if the child is alone, you should not immediately refuse such an option – a work area or a comfortable sofa for games and guests can be located on the ground floor.

Bunk beds can now look like a real separate room – with many drawers, shelves, a table, and so on..

Room for a future excellent student Classic wooden bunk bed, stairs to the second floor are folded from spacious drawers

Room for a future excellent student The so-called loft bed, a real study is located under the berth, an excellent option that allows you to save space in a small room

Game Zone

The only place in the nursery where there may be no furniture at all – a soft carpet on a warm floor will be the best place to play. Of course, you need to take care of the storage for toys, which otherwise would be lying around literally everywhere. This problem can be solved simply with the help of a bright basket, drawer or chest – you can quickly and easily put toys there, it takes up little space, and a box or chest can also be used as another chair.

Now racks with shelves have become a popular option, where special plastic or wicker boxes are placed. They can be signed – “cars”, “dolls” and so on, thus trying to accustom the baby to order.

Room for a future excellent student A rack with shelves and drawers for storing toys and all sorts of little things in the first grader’s room will also become a place for storing books and notebooks

Experts call cork the ideal floor covering for children – a natural, environmentally friendly material that will save neighbors from below from jumping and running around, especially if you additionally put a soundproof layer.

The play area can be highlighted with a bright rug, frameless furniture can be placed here – soft, safe, giving plenty of room for imagination, as well as at least a small sports corner, for example, a Swedish wall with rings.

Room for a future excellent student Sometimes a sports corner can become part of a bunk bed, it takes up very little space, while allowing the child to “let off steam” after such a long day at school

Color and style

There is no need to talk about the style of the children’s room – the nursery should remain just a room for the child, and not an exhibition of designer novelties or decor items. We can say that in one case or another, the nursery is decorated in a classic or English style. However, most often, preference is given to modern things and furniture, and the main factors influencing the choice are convenience, safety for the baby and functionality..

So, when choosing the style of decorating a children’s room, parents first of all pay attention to the color of the walls, ceiling and the general combination of shades of furniture and textiles. Of course, there are generally accepted traditions, for example, decorating a room for a young princess in pink, and for boys in blue and blue..

Room for a future excellent student Girl’s room in traditional pink color

Room for a future excellent student Room for a boy – the rich blue color of the furniture looks especially bright against the background of neutral light walls and classic laminate under a light wood

There are also universal colors that are perfect for both young ladies and gentlemen, for example, all shades of yellow, green or beige. Child psychologists advise choosing neutral, calm, pastel colors for decorating a room for a first grader. It is better to liven up the interior with individual bright spots, for example, with the help of an original chair with colorful upholstery or bright pillows, than to make the room too flashy..

Experts believe that blue shades, light green, beige have a calming effect on the child’s psyche, they also make the room brighter and visually expand the space.

You can, of course, choose white for wall and ceiling decoration, diluting the interior with bright furniture, carpet and children’s drawings on the walls. But many still consider such an interior too sterile and boring..

Room for a future excellent student White furniture may not seem very functional, but it looks quite attractive.

Another important nuance – child psychologists advise, when choosing the style of the interior and the color scheme of the room for a first grader, take into account the character of the child. So, for a fidget, a very nimble and active child, a room in blue will help to focus on the lessons and calm down after a noisy game. If parents do not want the whole room to be designed in such a range, it is possible to highlight with the help of shades of blue only the sleeping or working area, that is, places where the young schoolchild will not play, but rest or study.

Another suitable color for fidgets is soft green, which psychologists say increases self-discipline and relieves irritability. And, of course, a spacious play area in the room of an active kid is simply necessary, it will become his favorite place.

If a child prefers to spend time alone, loves to do handicrafts or build locks from a designer, he definitely needs personal space – loners like to hide from the attention of loved ones in their cozy niche. In this case, the young schoolchild will definitely be delighted with the “house” under the loft bed, and his sleeping place can be allocated with the help of a canopy, that is, to provide a reliable corner that belongs only to him.

If the child is absent-minded, cannot concentrate on the lessons, is slow and digs for too long in the morning, cannot get ready for school on time, you should pay special attention to the arrangement of the workplace – everything should be at hand. In a conspicuous place, you can hang a lesson schedule, a map of the world, a magnetic board for reminder notes – all this will help the first grader not to forget about important things and focus on classes.

Also, experts advise avoiding the following mistakes when arranging the interior of a children’s room:

  1. Too clutter up the space with furniture or design elements, for example, a complex plasterboard ceiling literally hanging over a sleeping place is inappropriate in a nursery. There should be enough space in the room for games and chatting with friends.
  2. Too expensive custom-made furniture. Yes, parents often want to show those around them that they don’t feel sorry for anything for the baby and that expensive furniture brought from Italy is worthy of their future excellent student. However, in the end, the baby will constantly hear – “be careful, do not scratch”, “no, you should not glue your drawings on such expensive wallpapers” and so on. There is no need to turn the nursery into an exhibition of parental opportunities, this is a “living” room that will grow with the child, and you will have to change the interior quite often.
  3. Furniture is not for age, for example, for growth. To make a room for a first grader too adult – “now, until school finishes, we will not change anything”, of course, it is very economical, but a huge wardrobe, a faceless bed and a massive computer desk will turn the nursery into an ordinary bedroom, where nothing reminds that a child lives here.
  4. We must also not forget that the child needs its own “laboratory”, that is, a place where even broken, but such favorite toys will lie, incomprehensible constructions stand, food for the doll will “cook”. The play area is an indispensable part of the nursery, in which it can be clean, but there is never order.

And most importantly, when equipping a room for a first grader, you must definitely listen to his opinion. He is no longer a kid and is able to decide for himself which wallpaper is better, choose a sofa or a bed. Of course, you should not provide absolute freedom, because otherwise the room may turn into one of the halls of Disneyland, but it is simply necessary to say: “choose which of these two beds you like best”. In this case, the child will have a sense of involvement in the interior design of the nursery, he will treat it more carefully and feel like a truly adult!

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