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The Scandinavian style in the interior can be confidently called one of the most strict, restrained and laconic. At first glance, its muted colors and the absence of lush jewelry may even seem boring, but the attractiveness and charm inherent only in Scandinavian design have allowed it to remain fashionable and relevant for more than 200 years..

The Scandinavian style is not just a modern, functional and beautiful interior, it is a whole philosophy that reflects the lifestyle of the peoples of the Scandinavian Peninsula.

What features have made Scandinavian interior design so popular? How to create a real northern style in your ordinary apartment?

Scandinavian style in the interiorClean lines, laconic facades, natural materials – the Scandinavian style is easily recognizable, very laconic and, no doubt, extraordinarily beautiful

A bit of history

Experts are still arguing about the time of the appearance of Scandinavian design in its modern interpretation. In general, this northern style began its victorious march across Europe in the 20s of the twentieth century, but it appeared much earlier.

Back in the 18th century, the national traditions of Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway formed a single design style. It happened at the court of Gustav III, King of Sweden, who, by the way, was a cousin of Catherine II. Contemporaries quite deservedly called the time of Gustav’s reign “the age of enlightenment”, he paid much attention to construction, the development of art and culture. It is not surprising that it was at the court of this king, based on the traditions of the peoples of the countries of the Scandinavian Peninsula, that his own special style of interior was formed.

It is worth noting that in Europe at that time the solemn imperial Empire and magnificent baroque reigned. However, the northerners did not like these styles – too pretentious, too many details and decorations.

The Scandinavians, children of a harsh nature and a cold climate, were looking for a much simpler and laconic solution that could satisfy all the needs of a usually very large Swedish family at that time. Swedes, Finns, Danes and Norwegians have looked to nature for inspiration – the northern sea, rocks, hardy vegetation and long, cold winters.

Scandinavian style in the interiorIs it possible to imagine a high-tech interior or deliberate luxury of the Empire style inside such a typical Norwegian wooden house? Scandinavians have never tried to impress guests – they just created an interior in which they will be as comfortable and comfortable as possible

As a result, an interior appeared that does not amaze the imagination with sophistication at first glance, does not please with bright colors, but at the same time turns the house into a cozy, warm, unusually comfortable home.

Features of the Scandinavian interior

Born as a result of the fusion of the traditions of different peoples of the North, the slightly boring Scandinavian style has not changed dramatically for more than two hundred years. At the same time, he is not alien to new products, unlike the more conservative English and Japanese styles, he harmoniously combines modern finishing materials and original design ideas with established traditions..

Scandinavian style in the interiorA very modern living room – light, airy, with a traditional sofa corner – is actually a Scandinavian style example, with light walls, laconic curtains, a wooden door and a plank (or imitation plank) floor

The main features of the Scandinavian style include:

  1. Traditionally large windows with numerous crossbars. Letting in as much sunlight as possible even on gloomy winter days is the main task of such window openings..
  2. An abundance of lamps and a well-thought-out lighting system. If the sunlight is not enough, then only artificial lighting remains and the Scandinavians really succeeded in using lamps in the interior. Each separate area of ​​the room has its own lighting, a floor lamp takes its place near a sofa or an armchair, a lamp with a large lampshade is above the dining table, a table lamp is on the nightstand next to the bed, a sconce is in the sitting area in the living room.
  3. White or pale beige walls – they reflect the rare sun in these parts and make the room brighter.
  4. Wood of “warm”, light shades: birch, beech, ash and pine. Almost all pieces of furniture are made of it, as well as flooring and wall decoration..
  5. Several provincial, simple decorations – carvings on natural wooden facades and slightly, very smoothly curved legs of tables, chairs and armchairs. This is the maximum that ascetic Scandinavians can afford when decorating furniture..
  6. An abundance of boxes, drawers, baskets, magazines and jars, which will allow you to conveniently store everything in the world and bring perfect order in your home.
  7. In the Scandinavian interior, the best furniture is considered, which will perfectly serve the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the owners. Solid, simple, at the same time not too massive and preferably light wood furniture becomes the main attribute of the northern style.
  8. Scandinavian designs are light gray, pale blue, beige, pale green and white. If red and yellow shades are allowed in this interior, then only as one bright detail. For example, one bright red pillow on a sofa, a lamp under a colorful lampshade, and so on. You won’t find more than one colorful accent in a laconic Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian style in the interiorIn this light, pale beige, light brown and white living room, a painting with a red flower looks especially bright. More details are really overkill here

We create a Scandinavian interior at home

So, you love the harsh charm of the North and are ready to create a Scandinavian interior in your apartment. In general, there is nothing complicated about this, you just have to remember about the main features of this style..

To decorate the walls, we choose white plaster, plain beige, light gray or light blue paint, or the so-called Swedish wallpaper in laconic colors with a very simple repeating pattern. Wood panels or lining, painted white or varnished are welcome.

Scandinavian style in the interior I really want to say about the Scandinavian interior – “simple, but tasteful”. White walls, the same ceiling, simple but very cozy furniture – it is nice to get together in such a room with the whole family and spend long winter evenings

Floor – board or parquet, in extreme cases – laminate or even linoleum, which can create at least the appearance of a natural wooden floor.

Scandinavian style in the interiorThere are no unnecessary details in a light, simple and at the same time refined Scandinavian interior. And, of course, you shouldn’t hide natural parquet under carpets – it is already very beautiful

Furniture – functional, made of light wood, varnished or painted. It’s great if a single piece of furniture can perform several functions at once. Practical Scandinavians prefer transforming tables, at which you can have breakfast alone, and receive a dozen guests, folding chairs, beds with a large box for linen and so on. Residents of Norway and Sweden believe that you can save money by purchasing a changing table, which in a couple of years will turn into a desk, a crib for a baby that will “grow” with its owner. There is not much furniture in a Scandinavian house, and all of it is actively used for its intended purpose, and does not serve as another design element.

Scandinavian style in the interiorA traditional dining area in a Norwegian house – all the same light walls, a round table, soft chairs. A lamp with a large lampshade and a red watch dial became bright details.

Textiles also play a significant role in Scandinavian interiors. You can’t get warm on long winter nights without warm blankets; it is the fabrics that give the room a complete and truly homely look. The textiles in the northern design are also light, without variegation: blue, light green and blue patterns on a white or beige background. Most commonly used cotton or linen with a very simple repeating pattern.

Scandinavian style in the interiorIt is the striped curtains with a simple dark gray pattern that give this Scandinavian cuisine a special charm and perfectly harmonize with the same laconic facades.

Scandinavian style in the interiorIn the bedroom, brighter bedspreads with traditional patterns can create a special cozy atmosphere

Scandinavian style in the interiorIf you look at the same bedroom from a different angle, it becomes noticeable that the bedspread and pillows are far from the only textile decor elements. Not without a white canopy with tassels, as well as delicate curtains with a very laconic pattern

Scandinavians love everything that helps maintain order in the house. In such a rather minimalistic interior, any mess will immediately catch your eye, so you can’t do without numerous shelves, boxes and wicker baskets. This addiction to small storage spaces in the kitchen is especially noticeable – it is here that cereals and pasta are stored in ceramic dishes or glass jars, vegetables are stored in baskets, and juicy fruits are stored on large dishes with patterned borders..

Scandinavian style in the interiorA traditional buffet with numerous drawers and crockery shelves in Scandinavian cuisine usually takes center stage

Therefore, if you want to create a truly Scandinavian interior, put all the little things: papers, discs, napkins, spices, pencils, discs, notepads – in jars and boxes in the same style. They must definitely stand in a strictly designated place, on their shelf and in their closet. It’s even better to sign such boxes for fidelity.

Scandinavian style in the interiorIt would seem that such an abundance of gray would make the room very boring. Meanwhile, the living room with light gray walls and the same soft sofa looks very stylish and cozy. Scandinavian style clearly proves that pastel, dull interior can be incredibly interesting

When decorating a room in a northern style, do not forget about lighting – as already mentioned above, you cannot do without a well-thought-out lighting system on dark winter evenings. It is better not to hang a huge front chandelier from the ceiling, but to create your own lighting in each separate area – near the sofa, armchair, above the table, and so on, where households spend the most time.

Scandinavian style in the interiorIn a laconic bedroom, one of the main design elements was a floor lamp with a huge lampshade on a metal leg, without unnecessary decorations and patterns

Do not dwell solely on white and beige colors. It is possible and necessary to complement the light interior with individual more saturated shades. But you can’t get carried away with “decoration” – remember that laconicism and restraint are the main characteristics of northern design.

Scandinavian style in the interiorA somewhat unusual option for decorating a living room in a Scandinavian style. Light blue walls look especially delicate, against their background the laconic shape of the sofa does not seem commonplace, as well as a simple home striped rug. Simple, stylish and very “Scandinavian”

The Scandinavian style is quite loyal to design experiments, plastic, painted metal and glass. So, if you are tired of wooden furniture, you can combine more modern materials, the main thing, again, is not to overdo it..

Scandinavian style in the interiorAgain, a traditional dining area with a round table against the backdrop of wooden walls. But this option looks much more modern – the chairs are plastic, green, and the table top is made of tempered glass. At the same time, the interior style is still easily recognizable.

You can complement the Scandinavian interior with compositions of dried flowers and leaves in ceramic vases, mirrors, homespun rugs, simple glass vases, candles and porcelain. Traditional wooden dishes, which will be used for their intended purpose and at the same time serve as a decorative element, will help to bring a northern flavor..

Scandinavian style in the interior Kuksa is a traditional cup created from a single growth on the root or trunk of a tree. Unusually durable and comfortable. Distributed in Finland and Norway. In the kitchen, such dishes will be an excellent decoration, and if you do not wash them with soapy water, then they will serve the owners for a very long time.

An economical Scandinavian interior is extremely honest, clear and transparent. This style is perfect for decorating a country house and an apartment; it will appeal to both fans of traditions and creative extraordinary personalities. The main thing in Scandinavian design is sincerity and simplicity, which will create a unique and truly home interior.

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