Storage space in a small apartment

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Spacious, bright apartment with panoramic windows, which offer amazing views of the sea or mountains, a huge living room, several bedrooms, a spacious dressing room, a bathroom that can easily fit a jacuzzi and a shower, a giant hall with a full-length mirror and a large wardrobe, wide corridors … A real ideal home, where there is enough space for all the necessary things, and each family member has his own separate room.


“Happy” owners of apartments in typical “Khrushchevs” are well aware of such a concept as a pantry – a small, narrow room without windows, which is usually used as a warehouse for old things, an ironing board, a vacuum cleaner and so on. Some owners decide to expand the living space by demolishing the wall separating the storage room from the living room or bedroom, but this option is not always possible. In addition, the demolition of a wall, albeit not a bearing one, is already a redevelopment that needs to be coordinated with the BTI.

Meanwhile, this narrow room can be easily turned into a real dressing room and get rid of the need to install a huge closet in the living room, which will take up precious square meters..

Previously, everything superfluous is thrown out of the pantry, cosmetic repairs are carried out – you can stick very inexpensive wallpaper or just paint the walls, and then you will have to contact a furniture company and order shelves, drawers and fasteners that will be created according to individual sizes.

You will be surprised how many useful things can be placed on an area of ​​literally two square meters with the right organization of the space! For example, the pipes on which the outerwear will hang can be hung in two rows – one above the other, children’s clothes will fit perfectly at the bottom, and long coats and raincoats above.

Storage space in a small apartment A surprisingly large number of shelves and drawers fit into the cramped space of the former pantry, so there is no need for another place to store clothes.

Storage space in a small apartment In this case, the dressing room was organized in one corner of the bedroom, becoming a very spacious storage place. Unfortunately, this option can be applied only in an almost square room; in a narrow and elongated room, it will not work to equip a corner wardrobe


It is impossible to do without storage places in this also usually very small room – you need to put shoes, outerwear somewhere, hang an umbrella and put keys. If the hallway is very tiny, for example, 1.5 by 2 meters, then the wardrobe in it, of course, will not fit. We have to solve the problem differently, using more compact, usually open storage systems.

A traditional hanger, that is, a bar with two or three hooks, will not satisfy the needs of the family – soon it will turn into a warehouse where things will hang on top of each other. So, when choosing a storage place for a small hallway, you should pay attention to modern designs and proposals..

Storage space in a small apartment Such a storage system will accurately fit even in the smallest hallway, taking up a minimum of space and at the same time allowing you to store a large number of things – from hats to shoes

Another option for a small hallway is a shoe cabinet, the upper part of which turns into a soft seat – it is very convenient to put on shoes on such a cabinet, especially if the family has small children, and the shoes will be kept close at hand, in a dry and clean place.

Storage space in a small apartment Such a cabinet with shoe boxes and a soft seat will decorate any hallway

Storage space in a small apartment For such an elegant and very beautiful wrought iron hanger, a place will be found in the smallest hallway, but it will hold very little things, only the most necessary. The hallway will have to be supplemented with a shoe cabinet and a shelf, then the task of providing a tiny room with storage will be solved


The size of bathrooms in standard apartments may well compete with storage rooms. In such a room, which is also combined with a bathroom, it is simply unrealistic to install any wardrobe, and you need to store your bathing accessories somewhere.

Corner hinged shelves for the bathroom will come to the rescue, and you can and should hang hooks or shelves for towels and all sorts of little things on the door from the inside..

Storage space in a small apartment The bathroom door can be turned into a real wardrobe with many shelves and hooks

The only drawback of such shelves is that all items will be put on public display, but there are things that are better hidden from guests who will sooner or later visit this room. In this case, you can use the empty space that always remains under the bathroom by making one of the slabs with which it is lined removable.

For the inhabitants of “Khrushchevs” who are still wondering why they need a window between the bathroom and the kitchen, this niche can be an excellent option to equip a small but roomy built-in wardrobe. Of course, you will have to order it according to individual sizes, but it will fit perfectly and will allow you to place everything you need, except for large bath towels. And you can choose almost any facade, ideally suited to the interior of the room. From the side of the kitchen, the back wall of the cabinet is pasted over with wallpaper, painted in the same tone with the rest of the walls or tiled, becoming completely invisible.


In a tiny kitchen, storage places have to be arranged literally everywhere – above and below the working area, under the dining table, and so on. Fortunately, modern furniture manufacturers offer options such as rotating carousel shelves that make available any part of a deep corner cabinet, sliding shelves, behind which another niche opens, and many other devices that make life much easier for the hostess and allow a four-square meter to arrange all the dishes and a small supply of food.

Storage space in a small apartment Such pull-out shelves significantly increase the usable area of ​​kitchen cabinets and allow you to store more dishes. By the way, narrow shelves and holders for cutting boards and pot lids are often attached to the doors, which is also very convenient

Storage space in a small apartment A very attractive and convenient option for arranging storage space in the kitchen, where the furniture is installed in the shape of the letter “L”

If the size and layout of the kitchen made it possible to install a small sofa here, then it is better to choose a model with a rising seat – the owners will have a spacious drawer for a large number of items that are not used daily.

Living room

Inhabitants of small apartments, buying sofas or beds, have to pay attention not only to their attractive appearance and quality, but also to the availability of additional storage places. Beds with spacious and comfortable drawers for linen can be both children’s and double beds.

Storage space in a small apartment The space under the bed is usually empty anyway, so why not make good use of it?

Storage space in a small apartment The armrests of the sofa can turn into a minibar, a spacious drawer for magazines and newspapers, and even a coffee table. And inside there is a large laundry box

If there is a niche in the living room, for example, the remaining space from the transferred doorway, this opportunity cannot be missed. Any niche can be decorated with shelves, beautifully decorated and turned into storage and design element.

Storage space in a small apartment The former pantry doorway is now a niche with bookshelves

An even more radical way to once and for all solve the problem with storage places in a small apartment is to follow the path of the Japanese, who traditionally equip storage facilities in the floor and build a real podium in the apartment, where you can hide literally anything – from small boxes to a full-fledged bedroom places.

Storage space in a small apartment Multifunctional podium in the corner of the room – both sleeping place and spacious storage, a great alternative to a regular bed

Storage space in a small apartment And in this one-room apartment, a large double bed is hidden on the podium.

By the way, in a small living room it is better not to install massive walls with closed facades, which clutter up the space. You should prefer light, open shelves, let the drawers be located at the bottom, under the TV panel, and on top – bookshelves or open storage places for souvenirs, CDs and all sorts of little things..

Storage space in a small apartment A lot of objects will fit into such a wall in the living room, but it looks light and not at all cumbersome due to light wood and a large number of open shelves

It is clear that it is better to live in a spacious house and not worry at all about storing all the necessary things. However, if it really so happens that your own apartment does not have a large living space, then you should take advantage of the possibilities of modern manufacturers who create custom-made furniture and offer all new ways to turn tiny housing into a cozy home, where every thing will find its place and order will always reign..

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