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A centipede table, a paper sofa and a styrofoam cabinet – who knows, maybe these are furniture sets worthy of the houses of the future? But, having seen such author’s copies today, it begins to seem that the future has already come. Amazing design items become truly relevant, and extravagant craftsmen create incredible art objects, know-brands and super-things. Are they justified in an ordinary setting, or are they created only for the creative expression of talented craftsmen? Perhaps the answer to this question will be available very soon..

Cardboard furniture

Art object in the interior – plus or minus?

World famous furniture designers, competing with each other in originality, do not get tired of creating new samples of tables and chairs, upholstered furniture and lamps. How do ordinary people rate them? Conservatives will never look in the direction of know-brands, critics will point out the countless shortcomings of art objects, however, nevertheless, designer furniture collections will not leave anyone indifferent, and even – they will find true connoisseurs and admirers among creative personalities.

Art object is a collective term, it includes an exclusive and extraordinary solution for interior decoration. The presence of such a super-thing in their own home for many is still beyond the bounds of reasonable understanding: it is difficult to imagine that you can comfortably sit on a laser chair with your favorite magazine, at a table made of food waste – gather the whole family for dinner, in a cardboard cabinet – fold your wardrobe … But after all, someday the time should come for amazing things that will leave the usual furniture with an exposition of antique shops and a pleasant memory of the past.?

Art objects in the interior

Individuality is what the author’s collections of furniture and the development of new models are based on. And if there is a desire to do something at home yourself, why not add imagination to this? Then it will turn out not only to imitate well-known designers, but even surpass them in some way. By the way, at thematic exhibitions, many masters give master classes on the manufacture and decoration of furniture, and on the Internet you can find amazing exhibits created by simply resourceful people.

No traditional, only original: materials for exclusive furniture sets

Inspiration multiplied by creativity – and an unconventional look at familiar things is guaranteed. Does furniture have to be made of wood, plastic or metal? It is enough to look around to see how many more materials can be used to create it.

Rubber furniture – comfortable and reliable

A practical approach will never allow you to swing on a wooden chair, several attempts – and it will start to creak or break, but on a rubber chair you can swing as much as you like, and nothing will happen to it. Therefore, rubber is very popular for the manufacture of furniture today. And it’s not so much traditional inflatable mattresses that can replace a bed, modern rubber furniture practices serious designs.

You can make a chair, sofa, table and wardrobe from rubber – American architect Frank Gehry was convinced of this from his own experience..

Inflatable chairs

Its rubber furniture is stylized as silver, and also – it is not afraid of mechanical damage. It will look great both in the house and on the plot located near the house, in the garden or in the park. And Bubble Furniture has long been offering inflatable rubber furniture – unusual chairs and tables that are comfortable, easy to store and transport..

Rubber furniture can take its rightful place in a children’s room, living room and even in the kitchen. Its properties and appearance are preserved for a long time, it will have time to get bored faster than break.

Paper furniture is fragile, but beautiful

It’s no secret that paper always remains an actual material for creativity: you can write, draw on it, you can cut it out of it, you can stick something on it, but it seems unlikely to make furniture. The Japanese are of the opposite opinion on this matter. They were among the first to use paper in interior décor, along with finishing materials such as stone, bamboo and straw. According to the ancient tradition, paper is used to decorate the classic element of the Japanese house – the “shoji” partitions. And to this day, special admirers of paper furniture sets are found in Japan..

Paper set

For the manufacture of alternative furniture, paper can be absolutely any: from thick cardboard to tracing paper. Original Japanese designer Nendo created a cabbage chair out of corrugated paper. It took a lot of effort to make it, but the seat turned out to be unusual and airy, like a cloud. To do this, he needed paper, wrapped in a cylinder, cutting it in layers vertically to the middle only on one side, and gradually folding it back, in the end everything turned into a very comfortable chair. The whole manufacturing technology is a miracle – the master showed the seats step by step on his blog, now everyone can repeat this masterpiece. His compatriot – Tokujin Yoshioka, created a whole set of upholstered furniture from ordinary A4 coated paper. Qualitatively, having crumpled an ordinary paper sheet to such a state that a complete imitation of the upholstery with silk fabric of an ordinary sofa and pouf appeared, where you can even see the line.

Furniture from scrap materials

Paper furniture looks simple and organic, but, unfortunately, while it is short-lived, it quickly wears out, gets damaged and is very afraid of water. In order to preserve it for a long time, it will be necessary to invent a water-repellent fixing coating, perhaps in the future nanotechnology will help to do this..

Waste furniture – inedible

Why can’t furniture be edible? The extravagant Chilean designer Alejandro Prieto asked this question and answered it creatively. He simply created edible furniture: a sausage chair, a fish scale chair, a chocolate table, and a jam sofa. Do you want to join his admirers? Of course, there are few fans of such “delights”.

Edible furniture

But the idea of ​​using food waste to make furniture as recyclable materials could be a new direction for eco-style. In houses where there are adherents of natural materials, such furniture will successfully fit into the interior. The only inconvenience is that all organic components are very short-lived and begin to decompose over time..

Styrofoam furniture – constructive and affordable

Everyone can find inside the packaging of household appliances – foam. It is a comfortable material to construct a sofa, chair or armchair. And it’s not a joke! Styrofoam is a very noble building and finishing material, according to designer Kwangho Lee, it is easy to design: using hot wire, you can get geometric shapes of absolutely any shape, in addition, the foam has an unusual, interesting texture and is easily painted in the desired color.

Styrofoam sofa

This is just a small part of the materials that designers use, accumulating creative ideas in creating furniture. Irrepressible imagination and a moderate sense of humor allow you to create unique samples of furniture sets practically out of thin air.

Pro portions: why to love designer furniture?

Designer furniture really looks beautiful and it can be hard to believe that this is real hand-made. It is very difficult to create a unique thing from a unique material with your own hands. But does it have advantages?

DIY furniture

The original furnishings deserve different ratings: some exhibits confidently receive criticism, others – praise. Among the advantages of art objects are:

  • Uniqueness – a departure from the usual traditions in the appearance of furniture makes it possible to experiment;
  • Authorship – each furniture exhibit retains a piece of the designer’s creativity, his thoughts and images;
  • Non-standard solutions – often with their help you can get a small, compact and spacious object from a bulky object, which will save usable space, or find an application for a seemingly unnecessary thing;
  • Aesthetic pleasure – unique furniture can diversify, remake and change the familiar interior.

Designer furniture does not need to be explained, labeled and classified, you just need to love it.

There is no escaping the shortcomings of “piece” copies

Is designer furniture practical? It all depends on the furniture! It is quite difficult for some specimens to find use in everyday life, while others will be simply irreplaceable. It is unlikely that paper or organic furnishings can be considered practical, but transformable furniture will be indispensable in a small apartment..

The question of the functionality of designer furniture for future owners, however, remains open. But for now, being on the way of formation, art objects are just beginning to flourish, and not many people think about their practical and measurable benefits. People are much more interested in being surprised by what they see than thinking about the daily use of such things..

It happens that the main disadvantages of know brands are considered their unusual appearance, texture, shape and material of manufacture, but this is nothing more than their own advantages..

Furniture that can be transformed

If you want to take a closer look at designer furniture in terms of its consumer properties and qualities, constructivism and functionality, then you should look at furniture that can be transformed. It is especially pleasant when a furniture set has several useful functions at once: it serves to store the necessary things, saves space and, in addition, looks very unusual. That is how tables, armchairs, wardrobes and sofas appeared – transformers.

In pursuit of compactness, designers create unique furniture collections that can change shape and size. Furniture that can be transformed has been made for a very long time. Many, still from the Soviet past, are familiar with beds that were hidden in wardrobes or armchairs that were folded into sleeping places. Today such a multi-section wardrobe, sofa or folding table, which has received a designer “polish”, fits very well into the interior of one-room apartments.

Original cabinets and shelves

The famous Italian factory Lago has even released a series of non-standard outlines of cabinets, wardrobes, bookcases, bookshelves that seem to hang in space. Some of their boxes can be opened like a fan, at any angle – this is convenient, functional and unusual..

Another direction – furniture without a form, which has been produced for over 40 years in Europe, also does not lose its relevance. In this regard, innovation also belongs to Italian designers, but in Russia they began to actively produce it. In a matter of seconds, something like a caterpillar from a tractor can become a comfortable seat, and, of course, the famous anatomical chairs – pears that do not have a rigid frame are perfect for a living room, a rest room or a nursery.

Modular furniture

Furniture can also be transformed in size, not so long ago, such specimens embarked on the industrial path of production, the idea of ​​transformation found a response from manufacturers of children’s furniture, which “grows” with the child. Kitchen sets do not lag behind it, allowing you to save usable space.

Where to go for designer furniture?

Designer furniture is unlikely to be sold in regular furniture stores. Standards-tied people are skeptical about new design trends. But from year to year, international furniture showrooms are becoming more popular and interesting. At thematic exhibitions you can find designer furniture, which will be an incredible discovery for everyone..

Where to buy designer furniture?

For rare specimens, it is better to go to Europe, for example, to France or Italy. The famous furniture showroom in Milan: Salone Internazionale del Mobile always brings together the most fashionable designers and furniture manufacturers from all over the world. There you can find a bed floating in the air, a sofa car, a couch with rhinestones, original modular furniture, creative dressers, an unusual bench and much more. The most various materials and their unusual combination are simply surprising, sometimes even shocking. Thematic furniture exhibitions are also opening in Moscow, where talented designers meet, they are in demand, but not so popular yet..

Buying furniture at auctions

Another option to buy something unusual from furniture is to visit the auction, you can also virtual. Designer furniture masterpieces are often sold there..

How much does a haute couture headset cost??

What makes up the cost of ordinary furniture is not a secret – this is its cost price together with costs. Basically, manufacturers are trying to reduce the cost of production, replacing natural materials with their counterparts, for example, valuable wood for chipboard, thereby reducing the cost. And how is the price of an author’s headset or a separate thing determined??

Yves Saint Laurent armchair

It is worth comparing: an ordinary armchair of good quality – an average cost of $ 1000, a coffee table – a price of $ 500. How much can unique pieces cost? Irish designer Eileen Gray created the Art Deco “Armchair with Dragons”, it belonged to the famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, and after his death it was sold for 21.9 million euros. And the master from Italy – Carlo Mollino, the founder of the style of “aerodynamic surrealism”, in 1949 made a piece piece for a furniture exhibition – a table with a glass top made of ordinary glass, on legs and with an oak frame.

Glass top table

It was in a private collection, but then was sold at Christie’s New York auction for $ 3.8 million. Today Italians are the most expensive designers in the world, their furniture expositions are estimated at several thousand euros, usually starting from fifty.

Without a doubt, designer furniture will cost more than serial furniture. Know-brands are not designed for the average consumer, not for the masses. Exclusive things are so unique that they are unique in their form, shape and texture. They may not be practical, but they are really interesting..

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