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Despite all the variety of finishing materials, in most cases the choice falls on quite ordinary wallpaper, water-based or silicone-based paint and a simple, albeit quite attractive laminate. Meanwhile, designers annually offer many new products that can turn any interior into something amazing and fabulous..

“Blooming” wallpaper

Such “clothes for the walls” are usually called thermal wallpaper. The highlight of the novelty is that when the room temperature rises, the image on the wallpaper changes.

For example, a completely traditional pattern in the form of green shoots with tiny buds, purchased in a store, does not manifest itself in the cold air, remaining the same ordinary. But in a room in which at least plus 22-23 ° C, the buds begin to increase in size, and at plus 35 ° C they bloom with bright, lush flowers.

There are also enough disadvantages of such wallpapers. Firstly, it is not yet clear how the thermal paint affects the human body and whether it emits harmful substances when heated into the air, so there is no need to rush to buy a new product before additional research is carried out.

Heat sensitive wallpaper

Secondly, in order to heat the wallpaper to the desired temperature, you will have to arrange a real sauna in the room, so that basically flowers appear only around the heaters, and on the rest of the wall the wallpaper will be no different from ordinary ones..

Thirdly, they are quite expensive – from 600 rubles per square meter, so many designers advise to purchase a small roll and glue the walls around the battery or on that section of the wall where the sun exactly hits.

Flowers begin to bloom near the battery on the thermal wallpaperFlowers begin to bloom near the battery on the thermal wallpaper

Glowing wallpaper

It is worth noting that ordinary luminous wallpaper that flickers in the dark thanks to drawings applied with special acrylic paint that accumulates light during the day and can shine for 15-25 minutes after the light in the room is turned off, you will not surprise anyone..

Such wallpapers, usually with images of the starry sky, were popular a few years ago, so they cannot be called a novelty, and they are quite inexpensive – from 120 rubles per square meter.

But wallpapers, which glow in a controlled manner and become another source of light in the room, are really surprising. There are several layers in such “clothes for the walls”, one of which is silver, which serves as a conductor; the inventor, Dutch designer Jonas Samson, prefers to keep silent about all the details..

Glowing wallpaper by designer Jonas Samson

It is known that glowing wallpapers can be turned off remotely, they perfectly serve as a night light in a nursery, are durable and are not harmful to human health. But such a novelty is very expensive – from 1,500 rubles per square meter.

Glowing wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom

Stone wallpaper

Yes, this is not just a stylization of natural stone – such a pattern on vinyl or paper wallpaper has already become a classic and has decorated numerous corridors, bathrooms and kitchens. These wallpapers are really the thinnest veneer of stone that can be pasted literally wherever you want..

Stone veneer

Stone veneer wallpaper

The advantages of such wallpapers include the fact that they are absolutely environmentally friendly and fairly light – they are based on ordinary gypsum, a square meter of a layer literally 6-12 millimeters thick weighs only 10 kilograms. Such wallpapers look great, but they began to be used quite recently, and it is difficult to say how durable the material will be. Such stone wallpapers are not as expensive as controlled luminous wallpapers – “only” from 240 rubles per “square”.

Stone wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen

Liquid wallpaper

If ordinary wallpaper is sold in rolls, then their liquid “colleagues” are offered to customers in bags, reliably protected from moisture. They are really liquid, that is, they are applied to the walls with a plastic trowel or spray, and when solidified, they turn into a kind of decorative plaster..

Applying liquid wallpaper

Dry mix for liquid wallpaper is made from natural cellulose fiber, to which quartz, silk or cotton are added to achieve a decorative effect. This mixture is simply diluted with water and then easily applied to any surface, for example, concrete, wood or plaster..

The advantages of liquid wallpaper include the use of only natural ingredients, thanks to which they “breathe” and easily tolerate frost and sunlight, do not fade and have a long service life..

Liquid wallpaper in the interior of the nursery

The only drawback is that in no case can they be washed with water, they can simply spread along the wall and lose their original appearance.

The cost of liquid wallpaper – from 120 rubles per “square”.

“Living” walls

Live plants can also be used as decoration and wall decoration – the Frenchman Patrick Blanc proved. Such “vertical gardens” are already quite often found in summer cottages and adjoining territories, however, it has not been customary to decorate the walls inside the building with them until now..

Meanwhile, the “living” wall not only radically changes the interior of the house, turning it into a real garden, but also makes the air in the room more humid and cleaner.

Living wall of plants

The disadvantages of this option for wall decoration include the need for an expensive irrigation system; a certain temperature and humidity must always be maintained in the room. In addition, such a “vertical garden” will have to be maintained on a regular basis, which many homeowners employed in the service will not like..

The price of one square meter of a “living” wall starts from 4 thousand rubles.

Fitostena in the interiorIn the interior, “living” walls made of green plants look very fresh and picturesque

Flexible stone

This natural stone can really be sold simply in rolls, is flexible and has found a fairly wide application in the interior. A flexible stone is created from a cut of natural sandstone, which is millions of years old. Each cut is unique, so when purchasing a flexible stone, you can be sure that no one else will have exactly the same interior.

Wall decoration with flexible stone

Flexible sheets of sandstone are attached to thin sheets of textile backing, which allows you to literally roll the stone into rolls and use it in the decoration of columns, walls, bar counters, doors and arched walkways. True, such a stone will have to bend under the influence of hot air, so you cannot do without the help of professionals who already have experience with this new material.

Flexible stone in the interiorFlexible stone can be easily wrapped around the column, making it look like a real stone statue

Designers attribute to the advantages of flexible stone that it is not afraid of temperature extremes, moisture and the sun, it can even be used to veneer fireplaces, it will not lose its strength or beauty from fire and heat.

The main disadvantage is that there is much more dust from such “wallpaper” than from ordinary ones..

The cost of one “square” of flexible stone – 2200 rubles.

Flexible stone in rollsFlexible stone is sold in rolls and does not weigh as much as it seems

Self-cleaning paint

Acrylic latex paints are now quite popular due to their unique properties: neither dust nor dirt sticks to such paint..

Very practical, persistent, attractive shades, they are most often used for painting the external walls of the house, in interior decoration acrylic-latex paints have not yet been used.

Self-cleaning acrylic latex paint

Their uniqueness is also due to the fact that a photocatalyst, that is, an accelerator of interaction processes, which is added to their composition, helps sunlight break down dirt particles that have fallen on the wall. Then these small residues are simply carried away by the wind and washed away by the rain, and the wall itself remains perfectly clean..

Applying acrylic latex paint to the wall“Washable” paint looks like quite ordinary

The only drawback of such a unique paint, durable and beautiful, the designers call the high cost – for one liter of self-cleaning material you will have to pay at least 400 rubles.

“Liquid” tile

Such tiles are also often called “live”, as they react to touch by changing the pattern. The surface of the “liquid” tile is made of tempered glass, durable enough to be used as a floor covering or to decorate the countertop of a bar and dining table.

Liquid tile as a kitchen countertop

The inner capsule of the tile is under pressure, which allows the coating to immediately respond to human steps and even light touches of the hand. This flooring creates the effect of walking on water and will decorate any room..

Live floor tiles“Liquid” tiles can be of different shades, the combination of which creates a bright, unique interior

“Liquid” tiles are easy to clean, can withstand temperatures up to plus 80 degrees, dampens vibration and sound, so you can walk on it almost silently, but it also has a number of disadvantages. So, “live” tiles are afraid of frost, when the temperature drops, they can crack, sharp objects leave traces on it, so you should not cut food on such a tabletop with a knife, as well as walk on tiles on thin heels.

In addition, it is impossible to put heavy pieces of furniture on it, for example, dressers or bedside tables – the “live” tile does not withstand the pressure on a large area. However, who, having paid such a lot of money, will hide beauty under furniture!

Liquid tile creates the effect of walking on waterWalking on such a tile, you can actually leave “footprints on the water”, which looks very impressive

The cost of such a unique tile is also very high – from 12 thousand rubles per square meter.

3D floor

The so-called 3D floor looks even more original and attractive – a floor covering that turns the floor in a room into a sandy beach, a flowering meadow or an oceanic aquarium..

Any image you like is taken as a basis for creating a 3D floor, which is glued to a concrete base. Above, the picture is filled with a special polymer material, which makes the coating perfectly smooth, seamless and creates the very unique effect of a three-dimensional image.

Technology for the manufacture of a self-leveling 3D floor

In addition, even bulky objects, such as sea stones or shells, can be placed under the polymer material, which will enhance the effect of a “live” picture.

However, designers warn that such a floor covering, despite all its attractiveness, has a number of disadvantages. So, the 3D floor dries out for five to six days, scratches easily remain on it, so it’s better not to walk in shoes, and over time, the coating may simply fade and lose its bright colors. True, a special washing machine and a chemical solution will help restore the former shine, but this can already be attributed to additional costs.

Self-leveling floor 3D in the interior of the houseUnfortunately, the bright juicy colors of the self-leveling 3D floor can fade over time.

The cost of a 3D floor starts from 1600 rubles per square meter.

Living bathroom floor

But for real, without any exaggeration, the designers have created a living bathroom floor from pieces of oceanic and forest globular moss. Such a rug can only be used in rooms with high humidity: bathrooms or near the pool, he also does not like direct sunlight.

Moss bath matA rug made from different types of moss is best used in the bathroom or by the pool

The moss rug is very soft, extremely pleasant to the touch, at the proper level of humidity it remains green for as long as necessary, does not require time-consuming maintenance. The only thing is that you need to make sure that microorganisms do not start in it..

The cost of such a living bathroom rug is high – from 8 thousand rubles per square meter, however, the designers note that by buying a special substrate for plants and planting forest moss, you can create such a masterpiece yourself.

DIY moss rugIf you wish, you can become a real designer and create a moss rug with your own hands

Of course, not all of these interior design innovations will be appropriate in an ordinary apartment. However, the fantasies of the masters offering such unusual things and materials can only be envied, and some of them can be called not only beautiful and fashionable, but also functional..

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