The procedure for agreeing on the redevelopment of an apartment

Coordination of the redevelopment of premises in the Interdepartmental Commission (IAC) is necessary if changes in the original structure will be made in the premises.

Based on the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Violations and the Law of the City of Moscow “On Administrative Responsibility for Violating Moscow Norms for the Operation of the Housing Fund” own account the initial state of the premises with the simultaneous payment of a fine or oblige to reconcile the redevelopment made, also with the simultaneous payment of a fine.

Further transactions with real estate, in which illegal redevelopments were made, will become impossible. You will not be able to sell, donate, exchange your apartment.

Required documents

According to the law “On the procedure for the conversion of premises in residential buildings on the territory of the city of Moscow” No. 37 of September 29, 1999, in order to obtain permission for the conversion of premises in residential buildings, the applicant provides:

  • Copies of documents on the rights to the occupied premises;
  • A statement on the planned reorganization of premises (list of measures), the mode and duration of the work with the written consent of the manager of the residential building;
  • In this case, the manager and the applicant are obliged to notify the persons occupying adjacent premises about the planned activities, and, in agreement with them, draw up acts-agreements of the parties, taking into account possible compensations. The statement states that the applicant is obliged to provide access to the premises for officials to check the progress and results of the redevelopment. Violation of obligations is the basis for canceling the permission to redevelop the premises;
  • Copies of floor plans and explication of the premises to be reconstructed, obtained from the technical inventory authorities, where proposals for the redevelopment of the premises are graphically applied;
  • Design documentation (mandatory for activities affecting load-bearing structures, capital walls, floors and elements of general house engineering and ventilation systems);
  • Conclusion of state supervisory authorities in accordance with the nature of the announced activities.
  • After collecting all the necessary initial documents, it is necessary to find out the possibility of redevelopment, usually this starts with a draft redevelopment project. It is highly recommended to carry out survey work in order to find out the technical condition of foundations, walls, ceilings, etc. Such surveys are carried out by specialists of the accredited state design institutes MOSZHILNIIPROEKT, MNIITEP. After the exploration work, a technical conclusion (TZK) is issued on the condition of the object or on the possibility of reconstruction. Based on the refueling complex and the draft design, the approved design and technical documentation is prepared (PROJECT OF RE-CONSTRUCTION, RECONSTRUCTION, RECONSTRUCTION WORK, etc.)

    After the development of the project and obtaining a technical conclusion (TZK), you can deal with the approval of the project in the appropriate authorities.


    According to the law, the Interdepartmental Commissions (IACs) are competent to consider applications for the reorganization of premises if there are approvals:

  • Territorial Administration of Architecture and Urban Planning (Department of District Architects);
  • Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance;
  • Fire Department;
  • Gas Technical Inspection Department;
  • Moscow state non-departmental examination;
  • Mosenergo;
  • Balance holder;
  • Housing inspection;
  • Moskomarkhitektura of Moscow (facade, external works);
  • Department of underground structures (external work);
  • Monument protection department (historical building area or architectural monument);
  • Moskompriroda (improvement of the adjacent territory)
  • The lack of coordination of any of the instances will serve as the basis for issuing an opinion on the impossibility of rebuilding the premises.

    For approval in the above organizations, it is necessary to have an appropriate number of copies of the refueling complex and projects. They should be accompanied by a document certifying your ownership of the premises. After approval, all documents (approved projects and refueling complexes, a certificate of ownership or a purchase and sale agreement) are handed over to the MVK, which within a month is obliged to consider them and issue a permit for re-equipment of the premises.

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