Unique possibilities of modular furniture

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Modular furniture is one of the most fashionable modern trends, which is gradually replacing the usual stationary walls, slides, wardrobes, beds and sofas from residential buildings and apartments..

Modular furniture is a whole complex consisting of several elements or individual pieces of furniture. One such modular system can include dozens of completely independent components, which allows it to furnish an entire room at once, create an interior in a single style.

Modular furniture is very convenient to use, eliminating the need to spend time choosing and purchasing other pieces of furniture. A set of elements will allow you to decorate a room with pieces of furniture made of identical material, in the same quality and style.

And also modular furniture provides almost unlimited possibilities for experimenting with interior design, because it is a real designer.

Today, modular furniture complexes have firmly taken their place in the interiors of a wide variety of premises – from hallways to children’s rooms, from cozy bedrooms and luxurious living rooms to functional offices and kitchens. The unique possibilities and features of modular furniture will be discussed in this article..

Unique possibilities of modular furniture The “colleague” of modular cabinet furniture can be called modular systems without a frame, from this set of soft elements you can assemble literally anything you want – a place to rest

Unique possibilities of modular furniture … a comfortable bed

Unique possibilities of modular furniture … stylish sofa with storage space

Definition and characteristics

Modular furniture is often confused with cabinet furniture. Meanwhile, both of these concepts have a number of differences. So, cabinet furniture is any piece of furniture that has a body, that is, a floor, sidewalls, a back wall and an upper partition.

Cabinet furniture includes items such as dressers, wardrobes, walls, slides, kitchen wall cabinets, bedroom sets, bathroom furniture, and so on. Thus, we can say that cabinet furniture is a rather broad concept that covers almost all pieces of furniture..

But modular furniture is just one of the types of cabinet furniture. This is furniture that is assembled into a single structure from a whole set of “cubes” – individual boxes, cabinets and other parts. That is, any modular furniture is cabinet, but not every cabinet furniture can be considered modular. Modular furniture is often called a cabinet system, that is, a set or a set of elements that can be arranged in any order and installed in completely different ways, depending on the needs and wishes of the owner..

Unique possibilities of modular furniture A striking (both literally and figuratively) example of modular cabinet furniture is a set of bedside tables. The wheels can be simply removed and built from these elements into a wall or a tall cabinet, pushed under the desk and so on.

By the way, built-in furniture, for example, sliding-door wardrobes arranged in a niche of an apartment, is also another type of cabinet furniture, however, if they consist of one section, then they have nothing to do with modular furniture..

So, the main distinguishing features of modular furniture can be called lightness, mobility, the ability to swap individual elements without sacrificing functionality and beauty. Such furniture is convenient for transportation, can be assembled and moved by the apartment owners themselves..

Due to the fact that modular furniture usually takes up less space than massive and often bulky fixed-wall cabinets, it can be called the best option for small apartments and tiny rooms. With the help of modular furniture, you can completely furnish an apartment – from a cramped entrance hall to a huge living room.


As mentioned above, modular furniture can be used in any room, but nowhere is its capabilities manifested so brightly and originally as in a nursery..

In this usually small room, parents try to organize the space in such a way as to allocate both a relaxation area and a sleeping place, and an area for games and chatting with friends. And it is the modular complex that will allow you to create a single, stylish, well-designed space, making the most of every centimeter.

Unique possibilities of modular furniture In a relatively small nursery, thanks to an original set of modular furniture, it was possible to create sleeping places for three children, to organize storage space for bed linen and small things

In addition, the interior of the nursery changes quite often – the baby is growing, so in the future you may need another closet or computer desk. In the case of using modular furniture, it is quite easy to swap furniture items, and if you order an additional cabinet or table in the same style, you will not need to buy a new set.

Unique possibilities of modular furniture A simple and rather modest set of modules for the nursery – the child will be able to independently change the location of the bed, and the many shelves and a spacious wardrobe will fully satisfy the need for storage space

Unique possibilities of modular furniture Another version of a modular complex for a nursery – a bunk bed takes up very little space, and the lower tier is “hidden” under the desk and is pulled out on wheels only for the night. The stairs can be removed during the day, and shelves and cabinets can move around the room as you like


This is usually the smallest room in an apartment or house and also needs furniture. The minimum set of modular furniture for the hallway consists of a bedside table for shoes and a hanger for outerwear, however, if the size of the room allows, a spacious wardrobe and a whole system of storage spaces can be installed here..

Unique possibilities of modular furniture An original designer set of modules for storing shoes and all sorts of little things. In this case, it is made of metal, but most often modular furniture is still created from wood (beech, pine, walnut, oak), MDF, chipboard and other wood-based materials. By the way, the cheapest version of such a kit is plastic boxes. The main feature is that you can literally arrange such boxes as you like – in one row, in the form of a multi-storey structure, and so on.

Unique possibilities of modular furniture Very light, light, compact enough and at the same time accommodating all the necessary modular furniture in the classic style will become the main decoration of the hallway and completely solve the problem of storing shoes and outerwear

When choosing modular furniture for the hallway, you should pay attention not only to its size and functionality, but also to how much its external parameters will be combined with the general style of apartment decoration. It should be remembered that the entrance hall is the first room where guests get, so you should not neglect the opportunity to make a favorable first impression and amaze with an original and thoughtful design..

Living room

The use of modular furniture in the living room provides ample opportunities for creating a unique, harmonious interior. Two main options for the sets should be distinguished here: a wall or slide, which will become a frame for a television panel, as well as a set of upholstered furniture – a modular sofa and armchairs.

Unique possibilities of modular furniture Already become a classic version of a modular furniture set, successfully replacing a stationary slide or wall in the living room. You can hang drawers, shelves and install cabinets in any order, at the request of the owner

Unique possibilities of modular furniture This set of furniture for the living room is designed in the style of minimalism, it is quite suitable for the interior in the style of “high-tech”

Unique possibilities of modular furniture Such a set can include ordinary shelves for small items, and closed drawers, and a minibar, and stands for discs and other furniture.

Unique possibilities of modular furniture A sofa that literally folds up from separate parts is a new word in upholstered furniture. Unlike a massive stationary sofa, owners can combine such a set to their liking, creating a cozy area for relaxing and receiving guests, a sleeping place, and so on.

Unique possibilities of modular furniture Of course, the set of modules shown in this photo can be used not only outdoors, but also indoors, in particular, in a Mediterranean-style living room. However, in any case, the room should be large enough to be able to combine individual modules in any order, creating a spacious sofa for five to six people or dividing into compact armchairs.

Another feature of modular furniture – unlike conventional walls, it can harmoniously combine wardrobes with sliding and hinged doors and open shelves. The height, width and depth of the cabinets can be different, which in general creates a picture of unusual, original and at the same time very functional furniture, which visually looks much lighter than a massive monolithic wall with identical cabinets and drawers.

A set of furniture for a spacious living room can include up to hundreds of items, including single and double doors, glazed sections, shelving, dressers with drawers, corner pieces, low cabinets and much more. A kit for a small room will, of course, consist of fewer elements, however, the principle of interchangeability and free combination of parts remains unchanged.


Modular furniture has found its application in bedrooms, and not only in children’s rooms, where its use, as mentioned above, allows you to immediately solve all the problems associated with creating a harmonious and functional interior. Modular furniture is increasingly used when decorating a bedroom for adult households, attracting attention with its original external parameters, lightness and compactness.

Unique possibilities of modular furniture The example of these photos clearly shows all the unique possibilities of the modular kit – the same set of elements can be arranged in completely different ways, creating a cozy bedroom with enough storage space, a stylish office and even a library. In this case, a single bed is presented, so the kit allows you to decorate a room for a teenager, however, it is easy to imagine what the same room with a double bed for parents would look like

Unique possibilities of modular furniture Another option for a set of modular bedroom furniture combined with an office. A lot of top drawers will allow you to arrange a lot of things, there is a bookcase, a computer desk, and a place for a TV panel, that is, everything you need to relax and work in a relatively small room

A set of modular bedroom furniture traditionally includes a wardrobe for storing things, several bedside tables, a dressing table and so on. And the minimum set includes only a bed and a few bedside tables, which, due to their spaciousness, can completely replace a double wardrobe.


It should be noted right away that it is in the kitchen that modular furniture has been used for quite some time – almost all kitchen sets consist of separate modules, from which the upper and lower rows of cabinets are created.

However, the possibilities for free movement of kitchen modules are limited due to the peculiarities of this room – the gas stove is “tied” to the gas supply pipe, the sink – to the water pipes and the sewer system, and the hood – to the ventilation. In addition, the work surface is usually covered with a worktop, so that the individual parts are connected by this top cover. Therefore, the kitchen set of modules is installed in strict accordance with the original plan and depending on the location of utilities.

Unique possibilities of modular furniture Probably the most striking example of kitchen units – free-standing elements can be moved to any position. The stove is electric, so it does not depend on gas supply, the only connection is a sink connected to water supply and sewerage. In general, the kitchen looks very laconic, the facades are simple, and the drawers are quite roomy.

Unique possibilities of modular furniture The kitchen in the shape of the letter “P” looks very relevant, modern and stylish, it consists of separate modules, including a large cabinet with a built-in oven, and small hanging cabinets with glass doors


Of course, the unique possibilities of modular furniture have found their application not only in residential buildings and apartments, but also in office premises. With the help of sets of individual elements, you can select several workplaces in one large room, completely furnish the reception area or a solid office of the head.

Unique possibilities of modular furniture Shelving from separate modules is a great option when you need to divide the room into separate workstations. In addition, they serve as an excellent place for storing documents and office supplies.

Unique possibilities of modular furniture The main differences between modular office furniture and living room sets are mainly in the external parameters – office furniture sets rarely abound in bright colors, often demonstrating a commitment to solid black and conservative dark brown colors. Otherwise, the principle of furnishing rooms remains the same – individual modules can move freely in space

Unique possibilities of modular furniture A furniture set for an executive’s office usually includes a table, an armchair and a filing cabinet. The set of modular furniture for a more spacious office must also include a table and an armchair for visitors, several nightstands and even a rack in which the company’s awards and awards can be displayed.

As you can see, the possibilities of modular furniture are quite wide, such sets can be easily used in any room of a house, apartment or office. With the help of such furniture, every homeowner can feel like a real designer, independently creating the style and image of his room..

Modular furniture can be purchased either to order or in a ready-made set – its versatility allows you to choose the right set of elements for almost any room.

The cost of modular furniture depends primarily on the material of manufacture. It is clear that furniture made of natural oak or alder will cost much more than a similar set of MDF. The quality of the fittings also affects the cost, and those who want to become the owners of designer furniture will have to pay extra for the well-known name of the master, the popular brand and originality. At the same time, there is no need to say that modular furniture is more expensive than its stationary “colleagues” – in general, prices for conventional cabinet and modular furniture are at the same level.

Another tip – when purchasing a ready-made set of modular furniture, it is better to go to the store with a plan of your room – it will not be difficult to take measurements and draw the simplest drawing on a sheet of paper. In the plan, it is better to immediately estimate where the sofa, table, TV stand and so on will stand. In the space of a huge trading floor, furniture may look completely different from in a small room, so it is quite difficult to visually assess its size. In addition, such a plan will help you choose the optimal set, consisting of the required number of elements, and not turn the room into a furniture warehouse, cluttered with completely unnecessary items..

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