We equip a small kitchen – designer tips

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In this article, you will learn how, using design tricks, you can correctly plan the space of a small-sized kitchen and make it comfortable and functional without sacrificing appearance. We will tell you what you need to pay attention to when choosing furniture for a small kitchen.

Solution # 2.Use the kitchen exclusively for cooking, while the dining room will be moved to another room, such as the living room. This will save you from the dining table in the kitchen, which often does not fit into the volume of the room..

Decision # 3.You can replace the traditional dining table with a wall, pull-out or fold-out. Such a table will allow you to easily adjust the free space. A good alternative to an ordinary table is a narrow bar counter, it significantly saves space and looks good in the interior.

We equip a small kitchen - designer tips

We equip a small kitchen - designer tips

Decision no. 4. In conditions of a lack of free space in the kitchen, it is possible to transfer large household appliances, such as a refrigerator or a dishwasher, to another place, for example, to a converted pantry or to a loggia, and the vacant space can be adapted for storage systems.

How to use every centimeter effectively

If you place furniture along two adjacent walls, equip a sink in the resulting corner (a single-section sink will be enough).

Sink, dishwasher and washing machine should ideally be placed side by side – this will facilitate their compact connection to the water supply system.

Unlike a full-fledged gas stove, the hob and built-in oven can be placed separately from each other.

Attention: it is not recommended to install the oven next to the refrigerator and / or washing machine, as heating of the surfaces of the latter can be damaged.

It is better to use a pull-out hood – when it is off, it takes up much less space.

When choosing a furniture set, give up large facades with curved and streamlined shapes. Rectangular options are more practical and look much more compact..

We equip a small kitchen - designer tips

Actively use modern kitchen fittings and accessories that make it possible to use the workspace as efficiently as possible: all kinds of “smart” storage systems in the form of pull-out and roll-out mechanisms, “train” shelf systems, hanging elements, baskets with dividers. Even the work surface can be retractable, for example.

We equip a small kitchen - designer tips

We equip a small kitchen - designer tips

It is very convenient in small spaces of the kitchen to use not hinged doors on cabinets, but sliding systems, all kinds of folding and lifting mechanisms.

Kitchenette: miniature all-in-one set

Today, mobile kitchen sets in the form of a multifunctional table are becoming increasingly popular, in which all the needs of the hostess for cooking are taken into account..

We equip a small kitchen - designer tips

Such a set is not only compact and easy to move, but also extremely convenient: the functional areas of the mini-kitchen are located at 360 degrees.

The systems of “smart fittings” in such sets are thought out in the most careful way, thanks to which the hostess always has everything at hand. The location of such a headset can change constantly, as you wish, and you can use it both in a small-sized Khrushchev building and in a communal apartment.

Designer tips: how to compensate for the disadvantages of a small kitchen

Color solutions. Use light colors for kitchen furniture. Dark or variegated colors visually reduce the space. If you don’t like a completely monochromatic kitchen, add some bold color accents, but don’t overload the space with color..

Furniture arrangement. Avoid placing kitchen furniture along opposite walls, as this will create a squeezing effect. The linear-type kitchen looks very compact, that is, located along one wall. Use a vertical direction: hang several shelves on top of each other, placing items on them that you use less regularly.

Glass elements and furniture. Glass is a good material to help visually expand the cramped space of the kitchen. Think of a glass dining table or glass doors for wall cabinets. Glass does not overload the space, but it requires a more delicate handling than other materials. A glass door would be a good option for a visually open room..

We equip a small kitchen - designer tips

Railing system. This system will help to deal with the lack of space for kitchen utensils. The railing can be placed above the kitchen backsplash, thus creating additional space for items that should always be at hand. The advantage of the system is its mobility: the rail can be rearranged if desired.

We equip a small kitchen - designer tips

Withdrawable and withdrawable systems. Modern pull-out mechanisms from a bent profile are very practical for storing bottles, spices, containers. The draw-out mechanism for the lower corner pedestal will allow using the entire usable volume of this problem area. The multi-level pull-out “cargo” mechanism can be placed even in the narrowest space in the kitchen. This way you can keep all the accessories in order and not clutter the work surface. Also consider installing a sliding coupe door.

We equip a small kitchen - designer tips

We equip a small kitchen - designer tips

We equip a small kitchen - designer tips

Mechanisms-transformers. Nowadays, various retractable, folding and transformable elements are gaining in popularity..

For example, a transforming column that turns into a table. When closed, it hides 4 chairs inside itself, and the work surface is hidden in the upper drawer of the cabinet.

Give preference to high quality movements made in Germany and Italy, low quality movements can quickly become unusable with daily use.

We equip a small kitchen - designer tips

Lighting. Another non-trivial method of visually expanding your kitchen is the intelligent use of recessed lighting. Replace pendant lights with recessed lights under cabinets or in the ceiling, and recessed LED lights can also help you save energy.

We equip a small kitchen - designer tips

So, as you can see, the small footprint of the kitchen is not a problem for the implementation of design ideas. By following our recommendations, you can place everything you need even in the smallest space, without sacrificing aesthetics.

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