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This article will show you how to turn an ordinary pantry, which is found in many city apartments and private houses, into a convenient, spacious and functional storage place. Be sure to accompany the article with photographs that will show how a properly equipped pantry might look like..

The organization of storage places is a “sore” question for almost every homeowner. In light of the modest area of ​​the overwhelming majority of apartments, it is really difficult to create enough roomy places to store all kinds of things. However, if you have even a tiny pantry, it is here that you can “turn around” and turn it into a sufficiently spacious and functional dressing room, grocery warehouse, tool storage, etc..

We use the pantry correctly - arrangement options In such a spacious pantry, you can store literally anything you want – from groceries to household appliances. But even if your pantry does not differ in this size, do not despair – with proper organization, so many things will fit here that you will simply be surprised!

Pantry arrangement process

Let’s first figure out what steps each homeowner will have to go through in order to turn the pantry into a convenient storage place..

We throw away all unnecessary

Of course, you will have to start with “dismantling the rubble”. Throw out all unnecessary things from the pantry, do not regret it. Old toys can be given to an orphanage, a broken stroller can be thrown into the trash, cans and preservation re-sort. Without such general cleaning, it is simply impossible to proceed to the next stage..

Wall decoration

After emptying the storeroom, we will plaster the walls. Achieving perfectly flat walls is not worth it – it is expensive, and not advisable. For finishing, it is better to choose an ordinary water-based paint – anyway, you will hardly see the walls behind the shelves and cabinets. Wallpaper will also work – this will give you more opportunity to experiment with the design, because even in the pantry, you can create an attractive interior. Be sure to choose wallpaper or paint in light shades. Firstly, the pantry is a dark room, so you shouldn’t make it even more gloomy. Secondly, light walls will visually expand a cramped room and give it a more neat look..


You can put anything on the floor of the renovated pantry – tiles, laminate, linoleum. It all depends on your desire and financial capabilities. The main thing is to be reliable, convenient and durable.

Conducting light

Be sure to provide comfortable lighting. Perhaps one lamp in the center of the ceiling or closer to the door will be enough, or it may be worth replacing it with a rotating soffit. You can also place lighting directly into cabinets or under shelves and shelves. The main thing is that every nook and cranny is illuminated in the pantry, which will allow you to find the right thing without the help of a flashlight.


Since there are no windows in the pantry, and we plan to store a lot of things here, it is worth taking care of additional ventilation so as not to keep the door constantly open and prevent the appearance of unpleasant odors. You can cut a hole in the door itself and insert a mesh, such as rattan or plastic. If there is access to the ventilation shaft, it is worth installing a fan that will turn on separately from the lighting.

Of course, problems can arise with the creation of ventilation if there is no desire to take the hood out of the pantry into the corridor or into the kitchen a few meters to the nearest mine. In this case, you will have to limit yourself to the hole in the door and strictly monitor so that dampness does not form in the pantry..

We use the pantry correctly - arrangement options In a pantry with numerous shelves and many things, while without windows and convenient lighting, it will be difficult for you to find the right item

We use the pantry correctly - arrangement options Both ordinary wallpaper and paint are perfect for decorating the walls in the pantry – the main emphasis will still be placed on storage space

We use the pantry correctly - arrangement options If your kitchen does not have as much space as you would like, some of the household appliances that you do not use daily can be moved to the pantry.

We use the pantry correctly - arrangement options Pantry shelving should be installed from floor to ceiling to maximize space

Deciding what our pantry will be

Now let’s decide what functions our pantry will perform. For example, if it is adjacent to the kitchen, it is advisable to arrange a warehouse here for food, household appliances and conservation. If the pantry is in the bedroom or living room, you can turn it into a dressing room, workshop or a small but functional office. Sometimes a washing machine is even installed in the pantry, turning it into a laundry, but this will require plumbing and sewerage.

It is on what functions the pantry will perform, and your further actions depend.

We use the pantry correctly - arrangement options Even a small pantry can be turned into a convenient dressing room, eliminating the need to clutter up the apartment with wardrobes

We use the pantry correctly - arrangement options Such a small but very convenient office can be hidden behind the pantry door. In this case, the owners decided to visually expand the space by means of a large mirror above the monitor.

We use the pantry correctly - arrangement options Laundry in the pantry? Why not! Of course, if you are ready to go for the transfer of communications, which is associated with additional difficulties and costs

Planning a storage system

First of all, we choose how the entire storage system will be located. In general, there are not so many options – with the letter “P” or “G”, as well as on both sides of the door, if the pantry is too elongated in width.

Then we take careful measurements and plan what details the storage system will include. For example, it can include racks, shelves, cabinets, hangers, holders, containers, hooks, decorative pockets. Think about what exactly you will store here and, if necessary, simply draw a plan for the location of shelves and cabinets on the walls. At the same time, racks of different widths can be located along each of the walls..

Every thing has its place

Allocate places for each type of item:

  1. For home preservation, shelves with a height of a three-liter jar are required. Experienced housewives advise to make such racks narrow so that the banks stand in one line. So you will immediately see where the cucumbers are, and where the cherry compote is and there will be no need to rearrange the containers every time. However, if you think such shelves are not spacious enough, just arrange the preservation by type – jam on one shelf, pickles on another.
  2. A separate narrow niche should be allocated for a mop, vacuum cleaner, ironing board, skis and other tall items..
  3. It is better to keep old albums and books in closed lockers or boxes to protect from dust..
  4. Separate shelving with sturdy shelves should be set aside for heavy items such as tools or boxes of nails and bolts.
  5. On the door of the pantry, you should hang do-it-yourself pockets. Store all sorts of little things here, from buttons to screwdrivers.
  6. If you intend to store towels or blankets in the pantry, they will also need a separate closed cabinet..

It is clear that things that are used more often should be stored on the middle shelves or cabinets, close at hand, and those that are rarely used can be sent to the lowest or upper tiers..

In addition, if your pantry has several containers of the same type with different contents, be sure to sign them so as not to waste time searching. The same applies to shoe boxes – it’s easier to immediately write “shoes for a blue dress” or “Alexei’s summer sandals” than to open all the boxes in search of the right pair.

We use the pantry correctly - arrangement options Transparent plastic containers are very convenient to use for storing all kinds of things – you can immediately see what is where, and there is no need to sign each container

We use the pantry correctly - arrangement options Such a system of round revolving shelves will allow you to quickly find the right jar with your favorite strawberry jam

We use the pantry correctly - arrangement options Metal shelving is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to organize your storage system with open shelves. For items that you would like to hide from prying eyes or additionally protect, you can purchase plastic containers with lids or use ordinary cardboard boxes

We use the pantry correctly - arrangement options Wicker baskets of different sizes and shapes, with and without lids, are another convenient option for organizing storage in the pantry.

We use the pantry correctly - arrangement options In this pantry, the storage system is located with the letter “L”, with narrow metal shelves for cans located on one wall, and a wider shelving along the other wall

We use the pantry correctly - arrangement options Wine lovers should take care of the presence of special shelves for storing bottles. In this pantry, for example, they managed to create a real wine cellar with hanging glasses.

We use the pantry correctly - arrangement options If your pantry is large enough, and you are fond of sports or actively spend your leisure time, you can purchase special wall mounts for a bicycle, ski kit, rackets and other sports equipment

We use the pantry correctly - arrangement options So that your pantry does not look like this – like a gloomy closet where you can find a real “skeleton in the closet”, devote time and energy to arranging it! Believe me, the appearance of neat shelves with even rows of boxes or cans will have a calming effect. It is not for nothing that psychologists, in the event of a feeling of discomfort and loss of control over the situation, advise to clean the house.

A well-organized pantry can be the largest storage space in your entire home. Competent organization and careful calculation will allow you to place a lot of necessary things here without cluttering up the balcony or installing additional cabinets.

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