Who is an interior picker and do you need it?

Any renovation is associated with the purchase of a lot of things – from dry mix for leveling the walls to the sofa in the living room. Usually, the owners of a house or apartment do it themselves – they run around the shops, looking for the right tile, paint, chandelier … And if you entrust all this to a setter? Our advice site decided to understand this topic.

Who is an interior picker and do you need it?

To begin with, we will clearly find out who the interior kit is and what is included in its functions. On the network, we found vacancies that inform that the applicant for this position will need:

  1. Search, buy, deliver and document all decor items, finishes, cladding – materials, furniture, lighting fixtures and so on;
  2. Strictly adhere to the layout that was designed by the designer;
  3. Communicate with suppliers and customers;
  4. Agree on the most favorable conditions for the customer;
  5. Look for analogs of decoration and decor items if the ones chosen by the designer and the customer have already been discontinued or there are problems with delivery.
  6. Strictly adhere to the established budget during purchases.

In practice, it looks like this: homeowners turn to a designer for a project for their future interior. In addition, they often receive a list of what needs to be bought to realize the resulting picture. For an additional fee – with article numbers, indication of suppliers and manufacturers. This is called selection, it includes everything that is needed to implement a designer’s project. Or there is no selection, there is only a project, according to which you need to purchase a lot of everything.

The somewhat perplexed homeowners are beginning to think, how can they find and buy everything that the designer has suggested? I like everything beautiful, planned out … But how and where to get it? And then the designer offers them the services of a picker, who will buy everything that is needed for repairs, according to his project.

Who is an interior picker and do you need it?

So, an interior collector is a person who searches for a product from the list compiled by a designer, according to its layout, if necessary, finds an alternative to material, model and finish, makes sure that the customer meets the budget, buys everything and orders, controls delivery, checks the quality of materials and products. That is, it does work, very nervous and responsible, which is usually undertaken by the owners of houses and apartments..

Most often, the designer offers the services of a picker just for his project. It is incredibly rare when a design project was ordered from one designer, and the customers turned to another for bundling services. Accordingly, if you yourself have drawn up your design project, then be ready to continue – to independently purchase everything that you liked as decoration and decor.

Who is an interior picker and do you need it?

Note that no one will force you to use the services of a picker. It’s like with the author’s supervision over the implementation of the project, about which the portal wrote in detail. If you don’t want it, you don’t need it. Yes, the designer will draw up a project for you, offer options for finishing and decor, but you will look for all this and buy it yourself.

In addition, the services of a picker can be different:

  • One-time consultation. One trip to the store with the homeowner to help them with the most difficult choice. You can order such a service if, for example, the tiles you like are no longer produced, you need to find a suitable alternative so as not to change the entire renovation project in the bathroom or kitchen. The price of such a one-time consultation on the choice and purchase of finishes and decor varies from 3 to 10 thousand rubles;
  • A detailed selection of goods with an indication of the stores where you can buy them. In fact, homeowners will simply have to travel to the specified addresses and purchase clearly marked items. This is at least 10 thousand rubles to the cost of the entire design project;
  • Turnkey set. A representative of the design bureau will fully deal with your procurement and delivery of everything that is needed for the renovation. The price of the service starts from 15 thousand rubles plus a percentage of the cost of goods. This approach is very common – the picker is entitled to from 3% to 5% of the cost of everything purchased. Moreover, the commission can be set not only in the case of a full set of services, but also for a one-time consultation, during which something will still be bought.

Who is an interior picker and do you need it?

Professional designers insist that picking services are necessary and helpful. Their arguments boil down to the following:

  • The client’s time is saved, because trips to hypermarkets are not a quick business;
  • Saves customers money. Yes, because there is no need to spend gasoline on numerous shopping trips, and the designer-packer will definitely get a discount, because he is a constant and desired client everywhere;
  • The specialist will immediately determine the quality of the materials, the supplier will not even try to deceive him;
  • The designer will not let the client go beyond the estimate, buy spontaneously something extra, not included in the project;
  • The amount of materials will be accurately calculated, there will be no surplus or shortage;
  • It is easier for the designer to agree that the delivery should be included in the price of the goods. It is almost impossible for a client from the street to do this. Savings again;
  • Money is saved on samples that are needed, for example, for painting, it is easier to choose materials if you are an expert in your field.

Who is an interior picker and do you need it?

The main counterargument of opponents of ordering a picker service is that he will lead us not to where it is profitable, but to where he gets his percentage, “kickback”. Let’s honestly admit that design percentages are common practice. It is beneficial for suppliers that the designer brings his clients to them, they offer a deal. An experienced interior specialist agrees, especially since the choice of goods from this seller is really worthy. It seems that everything is in the black, except for the customer.

In fact, as the designers assure, they share part of their percentage with the customer. He gets a discount from the supplier and thus saves money. But there is a second question – if the picker receives 3% or even 5% of the value of all purchases, he is initially interested in the amount to be as large as possible.

It is for these reasons that many customers doubt the need to pay for the services of a picker and decide to handle the procurement themselves. It’s up to you, of course. The designers themselves assure that their main goal is a satisfied, happy client who will recommend them to friends and acquaintances, and material benefit is the second.

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