Wicker furniture in the interior

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Wicker furniture invariably evokes associations with summer, untouched nature and relaxation in the country. However, the scope of its use is much wider than the traditional design of rooms in a country house or a country terrace. Today, elegant and light furniture made from thin twigs of vines is becoming more and more popular, and the variety of types and models of wicker furniture can amaze the imagination of any homeowner..

Wicker furniture in the interior

Of course, even today, not every owner of an ordinary city apartment decides to decorate the interior design using furniture made of twigs. And completely in vain! Modern wicker furniture fits perfectly into almost any style of interior, harmoniously combined with both strict classics and high-tech hi-tech. Even a single object made from twigs of different types of wood is able to set the tone for the entire interior and, of course, will not go unnoticed.

Wicker furniture in the interior Of course, most often, wicker furniture can be seen on open terraces, balconies and gazebos. However, the scope of its use is much wider and includes all the rooms of an ordinary city apartment.

A bit of history

It is believed that the ancient Egyptians began to create pieces of furniture from interweaving of thin wood rods for the first time and it was about three to four thousand years ago. Then wicker furniture migrated to Ancient Rome, where at first it was considered plebeian, too cheap and too simple to decorate the living rooms of patricians. However, very soon this attitude changed radically – wicker baskets turned out to be an amazingly convenient storage place, and it was very convenient to sit on soft vine seats for long evenings during lush feasts..

In Europe, wicker furniture first appeared in England. The Great British Empire, during its colonial conquests, adopted many customs of other peoples, and the British immediately appreciated the unique properties and durability of vine furniture. Even in the damp British climate, with the famous English fogs and rains, rattan furniture served the owners perfectly for several years, and not indoors, but on open terraces.

After such a successful “debut”, wicker furniture conquered all of Europe and migrated to America. However, in the USSR, such products were presented very modestly – only rocking chairs, in which pensioners usually spent their time and children loved to swing, were especially popular..

Wicker furniture in the interior Remember these light chairs that stood in almost every Soviet dacha? Unfortunately, the local furniture was not of a special quality, and the legs had to be wrapped with adhesive tape for greater strength. And often such “decorations” appeared on the rest of the parts, with all this very comfortable chair

Wicker furniture in the interior A rocking chair or, as they say in the West, a “rocking chair” is one of the most popular types of wicker furniture, the first to become widespread in our country

What is wicker furniture made of and what is it

One of the advantages of wicker furniture is that it is usually made exclusively from natural materials. That is why now, when special attention is paid to the issues of ecology and the “green” home, products made from woody vines are so popular and in demand..

Wicker furniture is made from the following materials:

  • reed;
  • rattan;
  • water hyacinth;
  • abacus;
  • willow vines;
  • reeds;
  • bamboo;
  • nut rods;
  • sea ​​grass;
  • manila hemp;
  • straps made of genuine or artificial leather;
  • rep tapes;
  • mimbra, the Latin American equivalent of rattan.

Of course, there are also models created from plastic rods, and in appearance such furniture is practically no different from its wooden “counterparts”, and its cost is much lower. Modern technologies also allow the creation of synthetic materials that completely mimic the prototype. For example, the so-called techno-rattan was invented, which is very similar to its natural “namesake”, is not inferior to it in strength, but costs significantly less.

Wicker furniture in the interior When choosing wicker furniture, it is worth remembering – the larger the weaving, the stronger the material itself should be

The choice of material depends mainly on the country of origin and the characteristics of the local flora. It is clear that wicker furniture from willow rods and reeds is much more often created in Russia, bamboo products are widespread in Asia, and rattan products in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

The durability and appearance of wicker furniture depend on the material of manufacture. Rattan is particularly durable and tolerates changes in temperature and humidity, reed furniture cannot be called a stand, it is rather seasonal, and bamboo tables and chairs look too rough for a European.

Wicker furniture in the interior Traditional bamboo furniture set. It looks quite exotic and immediately turns the room into a real bungalow. The features of this material do not allow you to create graceful weaving, but bamboo is amazingly durable and such furniture will not be demolished for many, many years

Today, literally anything is made from tree vines and plastic rods: tables, shelves, couches, chairs, sofas, armchairs, beds, wardrobes, baskets for linen and food. Recently, a fashion has appeared for the creation of completely abstract products, since the flexibility of the vine allows you to experiment with shapes and sizes.

Wicker furniture in the interior Such unusual chairs or sofas will perfectly fit into the most modern interior style, even hi-tech. Original, beautiful and at the same time unexpectedly convenient. The only drawback is that in order to create such unusual pieces of furniture, it is plastic that is increasingly used, so there is no longer any need to talk about environmental cleanliness and naturalness.

Fastening elements are important for the strength and reliable service of wicker furniture: natural glue, self-tapping screws, dowels and screws. Their quality determines how long the life of the product will be, how long the vine can maintain its original appearance.

And one more important nuance – wicker furniture is usually used in combination with elements from other materials. So, sitting on an uneven intertwined seat is not very comfortable, so you can’t do without soft pillows. In the case of a wicker sofa, this is even more important – such pieces of furniture always have, in addition to the back and armrests made of vine, also soft seats and a back. And wicker tables always have a tabletop made of smoother materials: wood, plastic or glass..

Wicker furniture in the interior In this case, the wicker sofa was decorated with bright pillows and a comfortable soft seat, and the table is covered with red-hot glass on top – an excellent option for a table top that does not hide the interlacing of threads and at the same time allows you to put the cup and vase evenly

We can confidently say that wicker furniture, which is made specifically for city apartments, has lost its “country” look. Vine and twig elements combine with leather, wood, glass and plastic, they look very modern and stylish.

Wicker furniture in the interior Can’t such a bedroom set take a place in an ordinary apartment in the city center? Quite. In this case, only the headboards of the bed and the doors of a solid cabinet in a retro style are made of vine, the other elements are wood or even ordinary and affordable MDF

Zest of the interior

Wicker furniture looks charming in any room of the house and its contribution to the design of the original interior cannot be underestimated. At the same time, elegant sofas and chairs made of wicker are very functional and are not inferior in convenience to ordinary pieces of furniture made of wood or metal..

Wicker furniture in the interior You can completely furnish the whole room and even the whole spacious cottage with furniture made of vine. If you like this kind of furniture – do not be afraid to overdo it, the room will not be boring, because wicker furniture can be of any color and shape. Although a single set of one shade, as in this photo, makes the room especially elegant

Best of all, of course, wicker furniture looks in an ethnic style interior. For example, in the Mediterranean interior, furniture made from natural materials always prevails, only in this case it is worth choosing a set from a light vine – dark shades will be somewhat inappropriate.

Wicker furniture in the interior Have you thought that wicker furniture can be exclusively brown or beige, different shades of wood? Not at all! A striking example is the amazingly beautiful blue dining set. It is these shades that are dominant in the Mediterranean interior.

Wicker furniture in the interior Here wicker furniture acquired a delicate green hue. Look very organic, stylish and perfectly matches the Greek or Italian interior styles

Other interior styles in which wicker furniture will feel “like a fish in water” include country style, English style, exotic African, Asian, Chinese and Japanese styles..

And this is not at all surprising – in the culture of almost all countries, vine products occupied a special place. Remember at least the Russian sandals, Little Red Riding Hood’s basket, the basket in which the bear carried Masha, and African drums on a frame made of twigs. In Asia, mats were widely used, which were not just rugs, but rather a piece of furniture – they not only dined on, but also rested, and also decorated the windows. And today, almost all ethnic styles still use vine furniture, which in this case will be distinguished by a pronounced national flavor..

Wicker furniture in the interior These chairs and a table made of deliberately coarse weaves will perfectly fit into the Mediterranean style of the interior and into a country-style room

Wicker furniture in the interior A striking example of an African-style interior, wicker furniture here in darker shades, ceramic dishes, tall floor vases and even drums can serve as an excellent addition to such furniture

Wicker furniture in the interior Such round tables were invented in Asia. In Japan, such wicker structures are even replacing armchairs, being used as seating cushions.

If wicker furniture is used in the English style, you cannot do without textile elements – pillows and bedspreads. They will add softness and urban shine to the usual “braid”.

Wicker furniture in the interior Elegant wicker chairs have become much more comfortable and attractive precisely thanks to the bright red soft seats with a floral pattern

Another fashionable trend is that today more and more wicker tables and chairs are created on the basis of an aluminum or steel frame. Bright metal details make this furniture look more modern. In addition, it serves for a long time and is not afraid of loads and temperature changes.

Wicker furniture in the interior A comfortable chair with a wicker seat and a backrest on a solid metal frame. Very modern and unusual at the same time

Wicker furniture in the interior Another example of such a combination – in this case, the chair’s armrests are wooden, the legs are metal, but the seat and back itself are wicker. Such a chair can take its place even in the interior of the office.

Wicker furniture in our country became more popular after the technology of building houses from a bar became widespread, as well as the Canadian technology of erecting buildings based on a wooden frame.

Indeed, in the interior of a wooden house, wicker furniture will look the best possible, combining perfectly with walls made of timber and logs.

Wicker furniture in the interior A light, almost airy set of upholstered furniture looks especially harmonious against the background of white painted wooden walls made of timber

Wicker furniture in the interior Another example of a set of wicker furniture that harmoniously fits into the original interior. In this case, bright cushions and striped seats are paired with the same rich orange curtains and carpet. It is easy to imagine such a room in a wooden house, despite the fact that the walls were finished with plasterboard.

Due to its resistance to humidity, wicker furniture is actively used in bathrooms. Moreover, these are not only boxes for linen made of vines, but also full-fledged armchairs and chairs. Of course, it is only possible to use such furniture if the size of the bathroom allows..

Wicker furniture in the interior In this retro-styled bathroom, a rattan chair looks more than appropriate, becoming the highlight of the interior. Small mosaic on the wall and shelf near the bathroom also looks like an interlacing of small threads

If you think that a whole set of wicker furniture will turn your room into a branch of a country cottage, you can try a combination of armchairs and chairs made of wicker with classic sofas and dining tables..

Wicker furniture in the interior In this relatively small living room, an ordinary soft sofa matches perfectly with wicker armchairs and an equally elegant table. The same type of cushions on soft seats and a single color scheme became the “connecting link”

Wicker furniture in the interior Do not think that wicker furniture is the prerogative of retro-style interiors. It can look very relevant and ultra-modern, for example, as in this photo, where a set of unusual furniture decorated the loggia

Among all the undoubted advantages of wicker furniture, one can note its versatility – it looks equally harmonious in an interior in any style – from ultra-modern high-tech to rustic country. She is beautiful, elegant and capable of bringing a touch of lightness and natural harmony even into the most ordinary urban interior..

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