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To visit the Turkish bath now you do not need to travel long distances; today you can improve your health and relax without leaving your home. True, for this you need to have sufficient space in your apartment or country house, heated floors, warm stone loungers designed for sweating, and air filled with hot steam. Having a good and competent project, where the use of advanced modern technologies is considered, you can make your dream come true and build your own Turkish bath.


The most important stage in the creation of a Turkish bath, steam room in particular, is the design. The Turkish steam room is a rather complex engineering structure. This is due to the harsh operating conditions of the room, namely, heating of the floor and walls, high temperature and humidity. Therefore, exact adherence to technology is required.

There are at least two ways to build a hammam. As a rule, its structure consists of a power frame, insulation, steam insulation to retain heat, as well as a floor heating system, seats, walls. Special attention should be paid to multi-layer waterproofing, as the Turkish bath requires exceptional moisture resistance and a clean finish.

To provide hydro and thermal insulation in the hammam, before starting the wall decoration, they are initially pasted over with a special material based on glue. You can also build a steam room in another way. Here the load-bearing frame consists of special rigidly foamed panels and performs the functions of heat and waterproofing. When using such panels, additional finishing is not required. This method significantly reduces the construction time of the steam room, but requires significant investments..

The main condition is to maintain high humidity, for this it is necessary to have a powerful steam generator. Therefore, during the construction of the eastern bath, it is necessary to provide a technical room for the installation of a steam generator. Systems for internal heating (floor, deck chairs, benches) are also installed in this room. Heats the surface using circulating hot water that flows through thin metal-plastic pipes. The floor should also be warm enough, but not scalding. It must have a sewer grate for water drainage. The floor itself is made with a slope in the direction where the drain is located. Ideally, the ceiling should be in the form of a vault or dome, so that condensation in the form of drops does not fall on the bather’s head.

The so-called abdominal stone (chebek-tashi) looks like a large and hot bed. It is the main ingredient in the Turkish bath. As a rule, it is made from a whole marble slab. In addition to it, you can install additional places for sitting and lying.

The presence of a ventilation hood is a prerequisite in the construction of a Turkish bath. In order for the condensed water in the system not to flow anywhere in the living room or other room, it is not worth combining the exhaust ventilation of the hammam with the central system of the building. The Turkish bath must have a separate dehumidification system.

The most ideal and classic version of “cladding” Turkish baths is the use of marble slabs, you can also use ceramic tiles, stone or glass mosaics. In the decoration, all kinds of ornaments for walls, floors and sun loungers are often used. The design in a Turkish bath can only depend on your fantasies and wishes.

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