Russian bath Maslov: features, pros, cons

Russian bath Maslov: features, pros, cons

Traditionally, baths are usually divided according to national differences. Finnish sauna, Japanese furako, Turkish hamam … There are few named baths, they began to appear only recently, already in our century. A special version of the Russian bath was invented by the physicist Viktor Maslov. He managed to combine the Russian traditions of the steam room with the latest scientific achievements and developments.

Russian bath Maslov: features, pros, cons

Maslov’s Russian bath is, in fact, a fairly spacious cabin, which is equipped with special infrared heating elements, the system includes temperature and humidity sensors. The cab frame is made of stainless steel, followed by thermal insulation and vapor-proof materials. From the inside, the cabin is sheathed with two layers of moisture resistant plaster. It is to these panels that the heating cable is attached, already assembled in sections. Above is a layer of galvanized steel mesh, plaster and after finishing. Other options are also possible, as a separate structure, Maslov’s bathhouse can be erected traditionally, like a log house, but infrared heating elements are a mandatory detail.

The result is a bathhouse with the following distinctive features:

  • The steam room in Maslov’s bath is immediately equipped with mixers and a drain. That is, the steam room at the same time becomes a washing room, here you can carry out hygiene procedures. This approach saves a lot of space, so Maslov’s bath can be equipped, in principle, even in an apartment;
  • The interior decoration resembles not a traditional steam room with wooden shelves, but a hammam. Finishing – ceramic tiles, mosaics, natural stone, including marble, jadeite, basalt, zlatite, shungite;
  • Maslov’s bathhouse is equipped with an infrared steam heat generator. It is closed from convection in a thermos housing. It turns out a special thermos heater that allows you to add steam if desired. Moreover, the heating is arranged according to the zones of the shelves – for the legs, body and head;
  • Ventilation in such a bath is always forced, “salvo”.

Russian bath Maslov: features, pros, cons

It is very simple to control the microclimate in Maslov’s bath – there are both sensors and a panel with which you can select the desired mode. And there are a lot of modes:

Mode Description
Child The temperature inside the steam-washing room is not higher than 35 ° C, weak ventilation works
Infrared bath Under the ceiling the temperature reaches 65 ° C, below – up to 45 ° C. Airing switched on moderately
Aroma bath The average temperature is 50 ° C, the steam generator is set at 400 ° C, medicinal, aromatic herbs are used, the ventilation is shut off
Dry hamam In the bathhouse 50 ° C, the ceiling heating is switched off, the ventilation is weak
Wet hammam The temperature is the same, but the heat generator turns on at 300 ° C, the humidity reaches 90%, the ventilation is weak
Soft Russian bath The seats are heated to 42 ° C, under the ceiling to 60 ° C, the steam generator is switched on at 500 ° C, the ventilation is shut off
Hot Russian bath The seats are heated to 45 ° C, the ceiling temperature reaches 80 ° C, the steam generator is turned on at 700 ° C, the ventilation is closed.

Maslov’s bath has many advantages:

  • Heats up quickly, no firewood is needed, simple control and a large selection of modes;
  • Fire safety, because there is simply no stove, as well as wood trim;
  • Easy to keep clean – there is already a shower mixer in the steam room, and it is easy to clean tiles or stones;
  • Superheated steam is light, clean, comfortable;
  • Little space is needed, a compact version of combining a steam room and a washing room;
  • Bath Maslova gives a healing effect, soft IR radiation allows you to get rid of colds, back pain, rejuvenates the skin.

Russian bath Maslov: features, pros, cons

However, Maslov’s bathhouse is also criticized. Connoisseurs note that infrared radiation as a heating for a steam room is no longer a real Russian bath. Where is the fragrant wood, where is the process of kindling and controlling the stove? In addition, equipment for heating Maslov’s bath will cost more than building or buying a conventional stove. And it is difficult to arrange everything yourself, without the proper skills to work with the infrared radiation system.

Experts believe that Maslov’s bath has more advantages. She got rid of the disadvantages of a dry sauna and a wet hamam by taking the best from a traditional Russian bath. Is this so – see for yourself by arranging such a bath at home.

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