Adapters and trailers for walk-behind tractor

How can you turn a walk-behind tractor into a mini-tractor and what are the trailers for a walk-behind tractor? Are there any factory devices to expand functionality? In this article we will talk about converting a two-wheeled pedestrian tractor into a fully self-propelled four-wheeled driving device..

Attachments for the walk-behind tractor. Part 3. Adapters and trailers

In previous reviews, we considered equipment that turns a simple walk-behind tractor (MB) into a production unit that does useful work. In this article we will talk about adapters (landing and steering devices) and trailed equipment for MB, with the help of which it will be possible to get a primitive mini-tractor for household work.

Installing two extra wheels is a very popular measure among farmers. Agriculture takes a lot of energy, and they are limited for a person. Modernization of the walk-behind tractor gives its owner a number of advantages.

Facilitate the operator’s work. No need to drive MB by the handles anymore, spending all your energy walking behind him.

Attachments for the walk-behind tractor. Part 3. Adapters and trailers

Realization of traction potential. Axial, stationary and activator attachments reveal about half the power of the MB. His real abilities are manifested precisely in working with trailers and adapters..

Expansion of functionality. In addition to the purely transport qualities, the MB acquires the opportunity to show itself in new types of activities. For example, master more planting material and spend hundreds of liters of spray liquid.

Self-move advantage. It is not required to transport it to a remote place of work on a separate vehicle.

Ease of controls. MB does not need to be held in weight and direct the entire mass in the right direction.

All of the above qualities become available when using trailed equipment. It is divided into two main types – trailers (carts) and adapters. We will look at them in order from simple to complex..


Structurally similar to any known type of two-wheeled transport trailers. There are devices with two pairs of wheels, but these are more experimental models. The installation of an additional pair does not justify itself – the load capacity of the trailer increases by 2–2.5 times, but the engine power remains limited. The factory trailer always has a seat for the operator, sometimes a whole bench (box) at full width. Some models are adapted for tanks up to 300 liters or have a fastening system for them.

Attachments for the walk-behind tractor. Part 3. Adapters and trailers

In terms of functionality, onboard and dump devices are distinguished. If desired, a frame with wheels can be purchased separately as a base for a custom arrangement. The presence of pneumatic wheels significantly affects the price and ride comfort. For convenience, some manufacturers adapt axles for car wheels of common models: Lada, Tavria, IZH. 90% of trailers are equipped with brakes. The self-propelled hitch can reach speeds of up to 30 km / h, while the fuel consumption increases by 1.5-1.7 times compared to the pedestrian version.

Driven trailers stand out in this category. They have axles with a worm gear and a propeller shaft connected to the power take-off shaft of the walk-behind tractor. This type of equipment is used only on the most powerful MBs and gives the highest driving efficiency. The maximum carrying capacity of the entire device is 350-750 kg with a dead weight of 90 to 200 kg.

Trailers for walk-behind tractor:

ModelManufacturerSide size, mmLoading capacity, kgWheelsBoardPrice, rub.
“BULAT PMB-1”Ukraine1100×1300350cast includedboard8000
“Motor Sich AD-2V”Ukraine1200×1300350cast includedboard9500
“BULAT PMB-1U”Ukraine1100×1400450pneumatic not includeddump truck9800
“BULAT PMB-2U”Ukraine1300×1700550pneumatic not includeddump truck11200
“Motor Sich TS-1”Ukraine1200×1300350pneumatic includeddump truck11500
“Mobile K TPM-350-1”Russia1000×1300350cast includeddump truck, galvanized15800
PRORAB TT-502China1100×1500380cast includeddump truck16000
“KADVI PM-04”Russia1150×1200500cast / pneumatic optionalboard16400
Grillo G55-107Italy-Russia1250×1400350pneumatic includedboard25000
“Kadvi AMPK-500”, four-wheel driveRussia1100×1100500cast includedboard32000
“Belarus MTZ-750”Byelorussia1200×1650750cast includedboard38000

Adapters for walk-behind tractor (AMB)

The adapter is a two-wheel hitch that allows you to perform useful work on four wheels (in addition to transportation), provided for by the functionality of the walk-behind tractor. Since it is mounted in place of the rear linkage, a movable shackle or frame is provided in its rear part, which allows not only attaching the implements, but also adjusting their inclination right on the go. The adjusting mechanism (shackle drive) can be traction or lever.

Mandatory AMB attribute – operator seat. The standard walk-behind tractor controls are completely manual, which allows you to use them in a sitting position. This is an additional advantage when working on dense soil – the operator’s weight helps to deepen the plow..

A person always strives for the best and this fact could not but affect the working mechanisms. Long-term work in the field made us think about the convenience of control, and the walk-behind tractor was again subjected to modernization at the factories. As a result, the landing and steering modules (PRM) saw the light. They are of two types:

  • adapter
  • frame

Adapter Rx (APRM) is a separate trailer located on the driven part of the hitch, together with the operator’s seat. The gearbox clutch of the walk-behind tractor is mainly supplied to the pedal. Usually, the APRM is equipped with a steering wheel, the thrust of which is brought to the area of ​​the wheels of the walk-behind tractor, or to the hitch unit.

Attachments for the walk-behind tractor. Part 3. Adapters and trailers

The advantage of the APRM layout:

  • balance of weight along the axes;
  • fast assembly and disassembly of the structure;
  • no significant alteration of controls is required.


  • movable hitch – worst stability;
  • uncomfortable landing operator (hard during long-term work).

Adapter landing and steering modules:

ModelManufacturerPrice, rub.
“Bulat 810” (seat with wheel)BULAT, Ukraine4500
Adapter APM-100 (without coupling)NEVA, Russia8000
Trailer adapter BUM-2BULAT, Ukraine8500
PM-05Aurora, Russia10000
Green Field CN-80Green Field, China10000
Trailer adapter BUM-1BULAT, Ukraine11000
GS 81-101-12GS, China12000
Adapter APM-350 without bodyNEVA, Russia14500
Adapter APM-350 with bodyNEVA, Russia15850
Landing and steering module “Progress”Progress, Russia34000

Frame PRM (RPRM) is a full-fledged rectangular frame, equipped with the necessary devices to control the chassis and gearbox. The steering rods are connected to the front driven pair of wheels. Engine is either behind or below the operator.

Attachments for the walk-behind tractor. Part 3. Adapters and trailers

Advantage of the RPRM layout:

  • stability due to the rigid frame;
  • the entire mass from the MB and the operator is transferred to the working body (plow);
  • more comfortable fit and location of controls.


  • to return the MB to its original state, a reverse rework will be required;
  • requires significant adaptation of controls.

As a result, some manufacturers of motoblocks offered their customers a ready-made factory kit for converting MB into a mini tractor. It includes the following attachments:

  1. Carrying frame.
  2. Protective covers (for belts).
  3. Wings.
  4. Brake reservoir and cylinder.
  5. Axle lock levers.
  6. Brake drum with platter.
  7. Steering column.
  8. Rear lifting frame (shackle).
  9. Tillers installation kit.

Attachments for the walk-behind tractor. Part 3. Adapters and trailers

The set is standard and approximately the same for all manufacturers. When choosing, pay attention to the design of the axle – it should provide for the possibility of installing car wheels.

Conversion kits for motoblocks:

ModelManufacturerPrice, rub.
Garden scoutChina27000
RM-35 “Poltava”Ukraine32500
CROSSER CR-M8China-England38000

The range of such products is growing by leaps and bounds. Their demand is obvious, since even the cheapest Chinese mini tractor will cost at least twice as much as a powerful (Chinese) walk-behind tractor equipped with an adapter. Thus, the farmer has the prospect of owning two small tractors for the price of one. The choice is clear.

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