Equipment for a walk-behind tractor of activator type

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How to mechanize field and utility operations? What determines the performance of the walk-behind tractor at a specific operation? How much does a mechanized hitch for a walk-behind tractor cost? Questions that arise when choosing attachments for a walk-behind tractor, we will disclose in this article.

Attachments for the walk-behind tractor. Part 2. Equipment of activator type

In contrast to the linkage elements discussed in the first part, the next category is more technically complex and more productive. Agriculture and public utilities need to carry out the same operation for the season, sometimes around the clock. Therefore, the choice of equipment with moving parts should be treated as carefully as the choice of the walk-behind tractor itself.

Activator attachments are factory non-self-propelled devices that are designed to solve problems in conjunction with a walk-behind tractor or a walk-behind tractor, and are driven by their power units. We will consider the most popular and functional of these devices, dividing them by purpose..

  1. Agricultural.
  2. Communal.
  3. Universal.

Note.Applications often overlap, which is why the same unit is often in demand in both industries.

Agricultural hitch

The purpose of tools of this type is associated with the main operations for processing cultivated plants – planting, harvesting, mowing. Each of them works literally 1-2 weeks a year, continuously performing its functions during this period.

Potato planter (potato planter)

Device. It is a cone-shaped container (20 l) with an integrated chain elevator. The whole structure is mounted on a frame with wheels. Drive – to the elevator. Tillers are installed in the front and rear.


Operating principle. The elevator picks up the planting material from the container and evenly places it in the garden bed. The front hiller opens the seat, the two rear ones rake the ground, covering the tubers.

Landing devices:

Brand Rows Price, rub.
“BoxMart” (Ukraine) 1 7,500
DTZ KS-1 (Ukraine) 1 9,750
KS-100 (China) 1 10650
APK-3 (Russia) 1 12,500
KS-102 (China) 2 15,500

Potato Planting Machine (Potato Digger)

Device. A cutter 40 cm wide with a train of 80 cm rods is obliquely fixed on a steel profile frame with dimensions of approximately 1×0.6×0.4 m. The drive is on a vibrator (roar) attached to the rods. In fact, this is a modernized “swallow” installed in a frame.


Operating principle. In the direction of movement, by force from the walk-behind tractor, the cutter is deepened under the nest and the soil with tubers passes on the rods. Vibration sifts through the soil, separating tubers from it.

Potato diggers:

Brand Capture width, mm Price, rub.
AVK-3 (China) 600 12,500
KKM-1 (Russia) 700 14,500
KKM-2 (Russia) 850 18,500
BELARUS KM2 rotary (Belarus) 450 20,000
WEITUO (China) 1000 28,500
WEITUO (China) 1200 31,550

Rotary mower (steam room)

Device. Suspended frame construction. In a frame made of pipes with a diameter of 1 inch or more, rods are laid, connected by a worm gear (transmission). Discs with knives fixed along the edges are movably mounted in the lower part of the frame through bearings. Drive – at the beginning of the transmission.

Patriot Garden KKR-1 Patriot Garden KKR-1

Operating principle. The transmission transmits the force to the discs (rotors) and they, while rotating, cut the stems with knives.

The mower can be of front and rear configuration, have more than two rotors, reinforced frames, “skis”. There are also models with a mono-rotor (unpopular due to low performance). It differs only in execution, but not in the principle of action. She took root because of the successful and maintainable design, lightness and reliability..

Rotary mowers:

Brand Disc diameter, mm Capture width, mm Price, rub.
“Instrument Academy” KR-80 (Russia) 350 800 11 800
Patriot Garden KKR-1 (China) 320 800 13,500
Patriot Garden KKR-2 (China) 400 1200 15 700
SunGarden RGC360 (China) 410 1200 18,000
LS TRLA120 rear (China) 380 1200 110 800

Segment mower

Another name is trimmer. It is widely used for mowing lawns in public utilities, but is perfect for haymaking.

Device. The main working body is mirrored paired toothed segments, one of which (movable), moving relative to the other (fixed), creates a shear force between the teeth. A connecting rod is connected to the movable one, creating progressive-return forces. Drive – to the connecting rod through pulleys and wheels.

Attachments for the walk-behind tractor. Part 2. Equipment of activator type

Operating principle. Identical to the operation of a hair clipper.

More often, such a device can be seen on light garden tractors, since, due to its more complex design (than the rotor), it has a significant weight. Only small models with a working width of up to 1.2 m are relevant to the walk-behind tractor.

Segment mowers (trimmers):

Model Capture width, mm Price, rub.
KSR-110 (Ukraine) 900 11,000
“SALUT” (Russia) 1000 15,500
“NEVA 100” (Russia) 1000 18,000
KROT (China-Russia) 1000 18,500
“KADVI” (Russia) 1200 21,000

Cultivator (active cutter)

Device. It is a conventional axial soil milling cutter with an exchangeable tool, installed in a cover. Drive – to the cutter axis.

Silex 95 STIGA Silex 95 STIGA

Principle of operation. Activated from the drive (pulley or PTO), the blades of the cutter rotate around the axis and loosen the soil, cutting the weed.

The mounted milling cutter is more convenient and easier to work with and when changing operations – it is easier to “unfasten” the hitch than to change the axle equipment. In addition, such a milling cutter is self-propelled and much easier to control due to weight distribution on wheels.

Mounted cultivators:

Model Number / diameter of cutters, pcs / mm Capture width, mm Price, rub.
ELITECH KK360M (China) 6/330 620 12,000
AL-KO CF 500 (Germany-China) 4/280 500 13,500
Silex 95 STIGA rear (Sweden) 6/300 500 12 800
SunGarden TL 360 (China) 6/280 450 13,200
Green-Field GF 360 (Russia-China) 4/270 480 12 300

Wood splitter

Device. The main element is a steel cast cone, which has a continuous thread throughout the entire area. It is mounted on bearings in a sleeve casing (Ø 40–60 mm), which, in turn, is mounted horizontally to the work table. The table can be installed either on the walk-behind tractor itself or independently. Drive – on a movable cone.

Attachments for the walk-behind tractor. Part 2. Equipment of activator type

Operating principle. The rotating cone is threaded into the wood (like a screw), from which it splits as a result.

Benefits. All work on splitting firewood using this device is reduced to bringing the logs to the tip of the cone. Having caught the thread, it is embedded into the log without pressure. Large models replace the excavator bucket and split huge tree stumps.

The key part – a threaded cone – can be purchased separately, its price ranges from 1,500 to 2,500 rubles. depending on diameter and material.

Wood splitters for motoblocks:

Model Cone diameter, mm Price, rub.*
Ro-Dim (Ukraine) 75 6,000
Electric wood splitter (Russia) 70 6,200
“Buratino-Ecohouse” (Ukraine) 70 6400
KOLUN 80 (Ukraine) 80 7 650
DK-330 (Russia) 80 9 300

* – the engine is not included in the package

From the size of the cultivated areas in our country, one can conclude about the scale of demand for such products. At the same time, the soil in different regions and even cities is different. This forces farmers to tailor the purchased equipment to local conditions. They implement their own know-how locally, increasing the reliability and productivity of the base models. Sometimes author’s works, collected from improvised material, come out of garages..

Of course, the range of agricultural implements is much wider and many of them have a complex modern design. For example, multi-row seeders, in addition to the traction and activating forces of the walk-behind tractor, use the air pressure from the motor fan to create a vacuum. A lot of rakes, hay throwers, forks, sprayers, aerators and flat cutters are produced for walk-behind tractors and it is not possible to describe them all.

Active communal hitch

Everything that cleans the surface and groups the cleaning products gets under this discharge. For four-wheel tractors, the range of such “spare parts” is large, everything is decided by the tonnage of the tractor and the performance of the hydraulic pump. In motoblocks, due to their two-wheeled nature, the entire arsenal is reduced to literally three units.

The blade-blade discussed in the previous article is simple and straightforward, but it belongs to the stationary class of equipment. There are even models that work without a walk-behind tractor.

Sweeping brushes

Device. Brush drum with plastic bristles mounted on a motorized axle. Sometimes it has a protective cover and additional transport (support) wheels.

SunGarden SW 360 SunGarden SW 360

Operating principle. Rotating, the brush sweeps the material off the surface and throws it away. You can change the angle of installation.

Benefits. Such brushes are relevant at any time of the year, in every city, in the park and in the yard. They clean any flat surfaces in a matter of minutes, without taking away energy. Their larger varieties are used in all types of municipal vehicles – tractors, graders, soil spreaders. Some models have a container for collecting material.

Utility brushes:

Model Brush diameter, mm Capture width, mm Price, rub.
ELITECH KB360M (China) 320 900 15 800
Salyut SchM-0.9 (Russia) 350 900 22,500
“Salute ShchM-0.9 MKM” (Russia) 400 900 22300
SunGarden SW 360 (China) 400 900 20,500
Silex 95 STIGA (Sweden) 300 1050 30,000
Silex 95 STIGA Countainer with container (Sweden) 300 820 37,000

Attention! When choosing a brush, pay attention to its compatibility with your walk-behind tractor model.

Snow blowers

Design. In the snow intake (bunker, bucket) an axial aggressive auger is installed, in the middle of which there are 2 or 3 blades. The auger blades are located at an angle, which allows it to break down the caked crust and advance it towards the blades. Drive – on the auger axis.

CM-0.6 CM-0.6

Operating principle. When the axis rotates, the auger feeds the snow mass to the blades, which remove it into the discharge chute (deflector).

Benefits. Convenient and quick re-equipment of the walk-behind tractor. Low cost of a mounted snowplow.

Question.Is there a difference between a walk-behind tractor with a mounted snow blower and a factory MB-based snow blower?

Answer.There is. It lies in the design of the device itself. The mounted snow blower has only one operating mode and one design solution – an active auger. A factory snowplow based on the same MB has a more advanced, but non-removable, screw-rotor design. The auger only feeds the snow mass to a separate impeller (rotor). This distributes the load, significantly increasing the reliability and productivity of the machine..

Mounted augers are also very popular with rescuers and the military and in general wherever it snows. They can be colossal in size. They are installed on powerful tractors, tracked tractors and all-terrain vehicles in case of natural precipitation..

Utilities and service personnel of hotel complexes, unlike farmers, do not have the time and resources to rework and rationalize. Their main need is timely removal of debris and snow from the surface of the earth (cover).

Mounted snow blowers

Model Height / Width, mm Throwing range, m Weight, kg Price, rub.
SM-0.6 (Russia) 250/660 7 42 16,700
“TSELINA SP-56” (Russia) 510/560 15 48.3 17,000
“TSELINA SP-70” (Russia) 560/700 20 58 21800
SB-4 Dakota PRO (USA-China) 310/650 eleven 49 17300
Sungarden ST 360 510/600 8 36 15,500

Universal hitch

In this class, we have combined all other equipment that requires activation

water pump

Design. It is a centrifugal pump, the impeller of which is installed in a metal or plastic casing. Has an inlet and outlet.

Montana patriot Montana patriot

Operating principle. When activated, a pressure drop is created on the impeller blades, and water tends from its center to the edges (the principle of operation of a centrifugal pump). The chamber must be filled with water.

Advantages. Undeniable. The pump itself is small (20x20x30 cm), there are no crumbling and “delicate” parts in it. Ready to go at any time. Convenient for one-time injection of large volumes (tanks, barrels).


Design. Free. A low-power pump connected by a hose to the tank containing the spray liquid. Has a long nozzle handle. The tank (with support wheels) is mainly mounted on the walk-behind tractor.

Operating principle. The pump pumps liquid from the tank to the nozzle, through which spraying occurs.

Benefits. With a certain amount of self-control, you can master a large volume of fluid at minimal cost..


A conventional generator, the rotor of which is adapted to drive a walk-behind tractor. Adapted equipment from vehicles can be used.

Attachments for the walk-behind tractor. Part 2. Equipment of activator type

Other universal factory mountings:

Device Price, rub.
Pump with Montana Patriot adapter (USA-China) 4,000
Patriot high pressure pump (USA-China) 4,500
Pump nozzle T / 240 MTD 196-255-678 (Germany-China) 11,000
Sprayer Green-Field (610, 510) (China) 9 600
Motor pump for diesel motoblocks MB series (Russia) 6 800
Sprayer MB-O-80 (with a tank of 80 l) (Russia) 17,000
Generator “SALUT G-MB-500” for 0.5 kW 9 800

Read about trailed types of attachment and how to turn a walk-behind tractor into a primitive tractor in the final part of the review..

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