Modern equipment: everything about diamond drilling machines

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How does a diamond drill differ from other types of drills? What you need to know when choosing a diamond core drilling rig? How much do installations and accessories cost? What are the additional items of related equipment? We will talk about this in our article..

Modern equipment. All about diamond drilling machines

The industry does not stand still, and more and more complex and interesting devices appear on the market that facilitate the work of workers. Precise and reliable machines perform operations unattainable even ten years ago. They use new materials and details of fine processing.

Diamond drilling

The use of diamond cutters in core drill bits allows for accurate placement of holes in stone material and smooth edges. This method of work has been used for a long time, but we will tell you about new tools and accessories for diamond drilling, which are now available for sale..

Note.Core drilling is a method of making holes when material is destroyed not over the entire cross-sectional area, but only around the circumference. The inner part is easy to remove. The method is successfully applied in many areas of industry (including geology, underground construction).

Diamond Drill

It is a conventional drill with a stop handle at the back end and a guide handle perpendicular to the drilling axis. All models are tripod mountable. Depending on the power and price, diamond drills can have design features and be equipped with additional equipment:

  • air duct and vacuum cleaner connection pipe;
  • water supply and drainage channel for water cooling;
  • automatic shutdown in case of overloads (from temperature or excessive force);
  • protective fuses for power surges.

Note.The relationship between price and power is directly proportional.

Modern equipment. All about diamond drilling machines Bosch Professional GDB 1600 WE

Drilling with a crown is carried out without shock loads, but with a tangible pressure – the teeth of the crown clean off the material in the direction of travel. The power of the device starts at 1600 W. It differs from a conventional drill or hammer drill in that its gearbox is designed in such a way as to transfer the force from the engine not to speed, but to torque. This is done to overcome the frictional force due to which drilling occurs..

Application area.The drill is used for core drilling of holes in any kind of stone (natural, brick, densely reinforced concrete). This tool can be used for any operation, not just diamond drilling. This requires only special standard attachments..

Diamond hand drills

Model Power, W Shaft rotation speed, rpm Maximum drilling diameter concrete / brick, mm Weight, kg Price, rub.
KEN 6110 1650 2200 60/80 7.1 5,500
Makita DBM 130 1700 680/1200 102/132 5.5 29200
DeWALT D21583K 1900 1000/2400/4600 152/202 6.4 41,000
CARDI T1800 102-MU-EL 1600 480/1200/2400 180/160 6.9 45,500
Bosch Professional GDB 1600 WE 1600 980/2400 102/132 6.4 56600
RIDGID HC-2W 1600 420/1150/2200 90/132 5.8 67100
RIDGID RB-3W 1900 450/1250/2700 132/162 6.1 98,500

In the basic version, a diamond drill allows you to drill material by weight, placing an emphasis and supporting the tool with its own strength. Considering that it has a perceptible dead weight (from 6 kg) and requires strong continuous pressure during operation, manual work is tiring for the operator. In addition, there is a risk of distortion or jamming of the crown.

A number of these factors make the operation of the instrument in manual mode ineffective – due to the laboriousness of the process, several operators are sometimes required, distortions disable the instrument and crowns, the diameter is limited to 120 mm – it is impossible to hold the instrument with your hands with a larger diameter. To solve these problems (tasks), manufacturers have created a number of accessories that make it possible to realize the potential of powerful and reliable drills..

Tripod (stand)

It is a device for holding and evenly moving the drill along the drilling axis. Consists of three parts:

  1. Bed or base plate. Steel sheet or frame with dimensions of about 300×400 mm, equipped with inventory anchors.
  2. Barbell. Steel profiled beam with a cross section of approximately 50×50 mm, installed perpendicular to the bed. Has a longitudinal toothed rack.
  3. Caliper (slider). A device with fasteners for holding a drill, which has a movable gear with a collar. The gear teeth must mesh with the bar toothed rack.

Modern equipment. All about diamond drilling machines Milwaukee DR250TV

Most stands are equipped with wheels and handles for easy transportation.

Any diamond drill assembly with a tripod is a machine tool. The tripod is attached with anchors to the plane of the wall, floor, ceiling. Anchors take all loads from the weight of the equipment and the dynamics of work. The height of the tripod rod indicates the depth of the crown. Almost all tripods have the ability to mount the rod at an angle of up to 45 °.

Application area.The method of fastening to anchors in the wall is effective when working on projects under construction or in conditions of a building overhaul, since it requires the installation of mounting holes with a diameter of 12 mm.

Stands for diamond drills

Model Carriage working stroke, mm Weight, kg Price, rub.
DeWALT D 215821 550 8.2 17,700
CLIPPER CDR 82V (vacuum) 720 12.0 22300
DeWALT D 215851 750 11.3 35,500
BOSCH S 500 A 500 10.3 39,500
Milwaukee DR250TV 520 10.1 51,000
RIDGID HC-2W 820 11.5 55,700
RIDGID RB-3W 820 13.5 61,700
Drill 20 650 12.3 69,500

Diamond drilling rigs (machines)

As already mentioned, the tripod and drill assembly represents the machine. Purchasing a ready-made installation is the best option with a known amount of work. If you have to perform many of the same operations (for example, lay risers in high-rise buildings), using a machine is the best solution. Advantages of factory installation over individual packaging:

  • the capabilities of the drill and the tripod are balanced, which serves as additional protection against overload;
  • the difference between the cost of an assembly kit and the sum of the prices of all components purchased separately can be up to 30%;
  • not all individual models are suitable for tripods.

Modern equipment. All about diamond drilling machines REMS Picus S1

Diamond drilling machines (drill + tripod)

Model Power, W Shaft rotation speed, rpm Carriage travel, mm Maximum drilling diameter concrete / brick, mm Weight, kg Price, rub.
DIAM CSN-Normal-105 1350 110 520 95/105 9.8 30,000
Husqvarna Dms 160 at 1550 1100 650 120/160 12.5 49,500
Kern DM 255 2600 450 460 230/250 23.4 58400
Kern 161 2800 480/1100 500 280/300 22.0 73 100
REMS Picus S1 2800 490/1100 580 102/132 19.5 86,700
CEDIMA H-150 2200 460/980/2700 480 160/250 26.2 104,500
SHIBUYA TS-403 2800 300/800/1300 350/402 12.0 138,700
RIDGID RB-3W 1900 450/1250/2700 540 132/162 19.9 144,200
GOLZ KB250 3300 580/1100/2400 650 220/250 12.0 175,000
RIDGID RB-208 2500 320/800/1300 560 182/202 28.1 193500
RIDGID RB-214 3000 320/500/1030 560 320/352 31.0 232,700

It should be noted that the price of the installation does not only consist of the technical characteristics of the tripod and the motor. The machines are equipped with more sophisticated monitoring and protection systems than individual drills. Equally important is the package bundle – it may include mounting kits and the parts described below.

Additional accessories for diamond drilling

If you need to drill holes in a room that has already been finished, alternative installation methods are needed.

Vacuum plate

It is a steel plate with rubberized sides, anchor seats and a nozzle for air evacuation.

Modern equipment. All about diamond drilling machines HILTI DD-HD30-VBP

The plate is installed on a smooth, flat surface (tiles, laminate, linoleum), after which air is pumped out of the cavity through the fitting. A tripod is mounted on the plate.

Application area.Vacuum plate designed for vertical installation of the tripod in rooms with fine finishing.

Vacuum Plates

Model Price, rub.
VGP 20800
CEDIMA VP-150 25,200
HILTI DD-HD30-VBP 28,700
HILTI DD-ST-VBP 120/16 35800

Spacer stand

The stand is a folding spacer for holding parts of the stand during operation. Consists of four elements:

  • telescopic bar up to 4 m long with an upper stop heel and extension locks;
  • support platform – tripod frame;
  • folding movable clamp with a beam having a toothed rack;
  • movable support with toothed gear and attachment for a drill.

The design may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the principle of operation is the same for all.

In the right place, the bar is bursting from the floor and ceiling. The toothed bar is set perpendicular to the bar and drilling is done by pushing through the gear.

Application area.Drilling horizontal and vertical holes when anchoring is impossible.

Spacer posts

Model Price, rub.
Holtz 35-D 12,700
Stati-2 390 13,500
RIDGID RB-50 16200
RIDGID RB-90 45800

Pumps and vacuum cleaners

Dust removal when drilling a stone is considered a mandatory operation, moreover, the elements of the machine are cooled. This combined function can be performed with both air and water. When operating diamond drilling machines, the following devices are used:

  1. Conventional industrial vacuum cleaners. Almost all entry-level (low power) drills are equipped with an air duct.
  2. Reservoir type hand water pumps. They are similar in design to garden sprayers, but are made of more durable materials, have a reliable design and relatively high productivity. The possibility of “wet drilling” is indicated by the presence of a flexible tube connected to the drill casing in the area of ​​the gearbox.
  3. Electric pumps. They are rarely used, with constant volumes of work on powerful machines and thick walls.
  4. Vacuum pumps are used when working with a vacuum plate to pump out air and maintain a constant pressure.

Modern equipment. All about diamond drilling machines RIDGID Hand Pump 10

Pumps and vacuum cleaners

Model Description Price, rub.
RIDGID Hand Pump 10 Hand pump 10 l 8 600
VIRAX 050049 Hand pump 10 l 30600
VIRAX 050043 Vacuum pump 36100
RIDGID V-1250 Vacuum cleaner 50 l 46,700
RIDGID V-1225 Vacuum cleaner 25 l 44200
RIDGID W23098 Drainage device for HC-2W, RB-3W 8 400
RIDGID VAC-220 Vacuum pump for mounting stands HC-2W, RB-3W, RB-208, RB-214 33100

Other equipment

This category includes extensions that allow the crown stroke (hole depth) to be increased up to 1.2 m. All modern manufacturers offer adapters for using their crowns on competing machines. These items are sold separately. This approach expands the boundaries of choice to the full range of the market and allows you to combine machines.

It is difficult to imagine today’s construction projects or renovations without diamond drilling and drilling. The laying of communications, ventilation, installation of gas boilers and much more is done without much noise and completely dustless. The compact arrangement of the machine does not interfere with parallel work close to the drilling point. The cost of such services is approximately 30–35 rubles / lin. cm depending on diameter.

In the next article, continuing the topic of diamond work, we will talk about industrial stone cutting machines and machines..

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