Lifting and conveying equipment

Clamshell loaders

The main and most common grab is with several petals, and for bulk cargo, bucket grabs are used. They operate on the principle of grabbing a load, that is, a grab with open jaws is lowered into the load, and then, using a drive, they close them and lift the load. Loaders with hydraulic drives are mainly used. These mechanical devices are very reliable and well adapted to work in extreme conditions, very low and high temperatures..

Overhead cranes are effectively used to handle loads in workshops, open and closed warehouses. Overhead cranes are heavy stationary load handling units that have very high lifting capacities and the ability to work over huge areas. There are various configurations of overhead cranes depending on the specific application. The construction of an overhead crane consists of load-bearing beams, a drive, a lifting device. There are a lot of types of overhead cranes, here are the main ones:

Double Girder Overhead Crane

Double Girder Overhead Crane, in which two supporting beams are used to strengthen the structure. Has a trolley equipped with a hoist as a lifting device.

Single Girder Overhead Crane

Single Girder Overhead Cranehas a single-beam structure and a manual or electric hoist.

Overhead crane

Overhead crane.For cranes of this type, the end beams resting on the crane runways are located under the supporting beam.

Suspended overhead crane

Suspended overhead crane.For cranes of this type, the end beams suspended from the crane runways are located above the supporting beam of the main crane structure..

Gantry crane

Gantry crane– this is another type of lifting equipment. They are used in various open warehouses and for loading and unloading operations. The gantry crane has a structure on two or four supports, there are different types of such cranes, depending on the specifics of their application..

For loading operations in warehouses, cranes with a low lifting height, but with a high lifting capacity, are used. At enterprises and construction sites, a sufficient lifting height is also becoming a mandatory requirement. These cranes are equipped with electrical circuits that control the basic functions of the entire unit..

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