Composite roof tiles: features and benefits

When choosing a material for finishing the roof, the owners want it to be as durable, “quiet”, repairable and beautiful as possible. Our tips site decided to tell you about composite shingles, a relatively new, but already well-reviewed material for roof construction.

Composite tile roof

The most popular types of shingles today are products made of metal and ceramics, natural clay. The portal wrote in detail about metal tiles, traditional ceramic tiles, and polymer sand tiles. Composite products combine all the features and benefits of these tiles.

Multilayer composite tiles. It consists of:

  • Steel sheet, which is coated on both sides with a protective layer of aluzinc, that is, an alloy of aluminum and zinc.
  • Further on both sides are layers of acrylic resin only two microns thick.
  • From above, the product is covered with stone chips, which are reinforced with a layer of acrylic glaze.

Composite tile structure

Composite tile sheet

As a result, the composite tile looks like natural, made of stone. But at the same time, it surpasses metal in strength, and is much lighter in weight than ceramic.

Composite roof tiles

This combination of the best properties of metal and ceramic tiles gives a composite roof a lot of advantages:

  • Manufacturer’s warranty – 30-50 years. Traditional clay tiles also serve for a very long time, and composite in this is quite comparable with it..
  • You can repair individual small areas.
  • A square meter of composite tiles weighs about 7 kilograms, which is much less than the load from ceramic products.
  • Unlike just metal tiles, composite tiles are much quieter, there will be no knocking on metal during rain and hail, because the top layer is stone chips with a protective glaze.
  • The steel sheet inside the product is reliably protected from corrosion.
  • The roof looks natural, “rich”, stylish, there is a large selection of shades.
  • Composite tiles do not burn and do not conduct electricity, steel is surrounded by dielectrics inside. This makes the roof safe for all residents of the house..
  • In installation, composite tiles are simpler than ceramic tiles, they do not break.
  • The coating is not afraid of moisture and temperature extremes, easily copes with outdoor conditions and serves as a reliable protection of the house from leaks.
  • It’s easy to find all the parts you need, manufacturers offer finishes for both skates and valleys, as well as other elements for arranging the roof.

Composite roof tiles

The composite tiles are fastened to the crate at eight points with nails, even strong gusts of wind cannot tear it off. In this case, screws and nails will not lead to corrosion, which often happens with ordinary metal tiles..

Installation of composite tiles

According to experts, composite shingles have every chance of becoming a popular roofing covering. For the price, it is in the middle, between the more expensive ceramic and the most affordable metal tile. Therefore, the price issue will not stop homeowners. Leading manufacturers of composite roof tiles today are Gerard, Queentile and Metrotile.

Composite roof tiles

There are practically no downsides to composite tiles as a beautiful and durable roof covering. The only thing that can be noted is that the material is relatively new and so far it is impossible to find roofs that have served the manufacturers declared for 50 years. Although it is already possible to speak about a 10-year service life without losing its original appearance. In addition, it is important to observe the installation technology and make the crate with a step strictly according to the size of the sheets..

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