How to make a Mauerlat in a thermal house

The technology for installing a Mauerlat in a thermal house is somewhat different from installing it in an ordinary brick house. Mauerlat is a wooden square or rectangular beam on which a wooden truss structure rests.

A bar is usually used that has a section of one hundred fifty by one hundred fifty millimeters, or one hundred fifty by one hundred and eighty millimeters.

For a building made of thermoblocks, such a section of a bar is not suitable, since the thickness of the thermoblock and the wall made of it is only two hundred and fifty millimeters. Moreover, the thickness of the concrete is only one hundred and fifty millimeters. It is from this size that we will make a start, since the Mauerlat should lie in the middle of the thermoblock.

When installing the Mauerlat, you will need the following materials:

  • Coniferous timber with a section of one hundred and forty by one hundred and forty millimeters;
  • Impregnation for wood protection;
  • Metal studs four hundred millimeters long and twelve millimeters in diameter;
  • Washers with a diameter of twelve millimeters;
  • Nuts with a diameter of twelve millimeters;
  • Roofing material.

To work, you need the following tools:

  • Drill;
  • Ruler;
  • Assembly knife;
  • Building level;
  • Pencil;
  • Wide brush.

Preparatory work

First, we measure the length of the wall on which the Mauerlat must be laid. The standard bar length is four or six meters. If the wall is more than six meters long, the Mauerlat can be made up of several bars..

We prepare the timber for installation, for this we find its middle with a ruler and draw a straight line. On this line from the edge of the timber, one hundred and fifty millimeters are deposited on both sides. Then the distance between these points is divided into equal parts, approximately six hundred to seven hundred millimeters..

After the marking is completed, through holes are drilled at the designated points along the diameter of the stud.

The timber must be treated with a special impregnation to protect the wood from pests. It is better to apply the composition to the tree with a wide brush in several steps, letting the previous layer dry beforehand.

It remains only to prepare strips of roofing material. The width of the strip should be equal to five hundred millimeters in order to wrap the timber with roofing material on three sides. Roofing material is necessary in order to protect the wooden beam from moisture when the Mauerlat is placed in a concrete solution.

Installing Mauerlat

Mauerlat is installed in the last row of thermoblocks. During the construction of walls made of thermoblocks, four rows of blocks are simultaneously installed and concreted. The features of the technology must be taken into account and all the necessary materials must be prepared in advance.

When three rows of thermal blocks are filled with concrete, the fourth and final one is not filled completely, but approximately to the middle of the block or higher, taking into account that after laying the upper edge of the Mauerlat coincides with the upper edge of the thermal block. The Mauerlat is recessed into the thermoblock in order to avoid additional work to protect the tree from the external environment from the outside of the wall. After laying and vibratory ramming of the concrete mixture, a strip of roofing material is laid in the middle of the row not filled with concrete.

Then the timber is laid in the place where it will lie completely. Through the holes made in the timber, through holes are also made in the roofing material. They can be made with a screwdriver. Then the bar is removed and temporarily set aside. The holes obtained in the roofing material must be expanded to three centimeters in diameter. This is done with an assembly knife. After that, one end of the stud is screwed into a nut and with this end, through a hole in the roofing material, the stud is immersed in the concrete mixture. You need to immerse the hairpin until its upper end rises above the edge of the fuser no more than three centimeters. It is advisable to install the hairpin vertically. We do the same operation with the rest of the pins..

After that, the Mauerlat is carefully put on the studs and placed in a permanent place.

How to make a Mauerlat in a thermal house

With the help of a level, it is installed strictly horizontally. It remains only to put on the washers and tighten the nuts.

How to make a Mauerlat yourself

After seven days, the concrete will gain the necessary strength and you can continue building the roof.

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