Bamboo has become fashionable

Since autumn, bamboo has become fashionable in interior design. Bamboo shoots, placed in vases, began to appear on desks in offices and in hotel foyers. But few people have an idea that a floor covering can be made from this seemingly fragile material..

Traditionally, we think of bamboo as grass rather than wood, but in fact, with proper processing, this material can be attractive not only from the aesthetic point of view, but also from the practical: bamboo floors have amazing strength, they perfectly withstand any stress and are simple in styling.

In order to create a bamboo floor, the trunks of the plant are cut and unfolded – in this way, the round surface turns into a flat surface, which can already be used in further technology. The result is fascinating – you get the opportunity to see not just a cut, as is the case with an oak or walnut, but the whole drawing of the trunk. Under natural conditions, in order to view it from all sides, you would have to go around it or turn it in your hands, but thanks to modern technologies, three-dimensional space is expanded into two-dimensional, a fantastic event occurs, comparable, perhaps, to how the surface of the globe turns into a flat map.

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