Bamboo in construction and decoration

The first thing that comes to mind when mentioning bamboo as a building material is light bungalows somewhere on the shores of the azure ocean, in the tropics, where there is no need to insulate the house. This is indeed a very common use for bamboo, which is durable yet lightweight. Quite complex structures can be built from bamboo stalks, in Thailand, for example, they learned to build trusses from it, which can simply amaze with their scale.

Small beautiful bamboo house

The downside of untreated bamboo stems is that they are round, that is, building a wall with tightly adjoining elements will not work. For this construction, bamboo needs to be processed to create slabs and panels..

Bamboo construction

For example, in many countries, finishing boards are made from bamboo, and in the Netherlands, they learned how to make durable floors between floors. These building materials have standard factory sizes, and bamboo boards fit snugly together..

In our country, bamboo houses are not built, but arbors – yes. However, the scope of this natural material does not end there. Light ladders made of bamboo stems are very convenient, which are simply transferred from place to place, and in some cases act as a decorative element.

Bamboo gazebo

Railings and balusters made of bamboo can also be found from some manufacturers, they always look stylish and last a long time.

Bamboo ladder

Bamboo ladder

Bamboo is also popular as a durable flooring. Such floors have many advantages – pleasant texture, long service life, the ability to choose different shades for the style of the interior. Special processing gives extra strength to bamboo boards (and we remember that this is not a tree, but a grain). The stems can be pressed vertically or horizontally, the appearance of the floor will depend on this.

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Solid bamboo board

In decoration, bamboo stems are also used to create wall panels, as wallpaper, blinds, mats, roller blinds.

Balcony decoration with bamboo

Bamboo wallpaper

Bamboo roller blinds

Another area of ​​application of bamboo stems, which generally deserves a separate article, is the manufacture of furniture, both garden and indoor. Even in cabinet furniture, bamboo panels can be used for facade decoration.

Bamboo furniture

Bamboo bed

In countries where bamboo grows, they make scaffolding from it, various supports, for example, for formwork. For our country, this is too expensive an option, but, as you managed to make sure, the scope of this unique plant is already very wide..

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