How do I remove old paint?

1. If you have old wood furniture, you can give it new life by painting it to match your new style and room color. You can also paint window frames and doors. But in order for the paint to lay down well, the surface must be properly prepared. This is especially true of window frames, because if you do not clean the old paint, but paint directly on it, then the window may not close later..

2. There are two ways to remove paint from wood and metal surfaces. In the first method, heat is used (previously, a blowtorch was used for this), now an electric hair dryer. The heat method works well for wood (although, if done carelessly, it can scorch the surface), but it is less suitable for metal, in which heat spreads very quickly.

3. Blow hot air onto the surface to soften the paint. When the paint starts to bubble, remove it with a spatula. Use a triangular or triangular trowel or shaving razor to remove paint from grooves. Try not to damage the wood, especially if you are going to varnish it later.

4. The second method of removing paint is chemical, with a solution of caustic soda, or dimethylene chloride. This method is suitable for all surfaces, but also requires utmost care and strict adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions..

five. Wear rubber gloves and old work clothes. Pour the liquid remover into a plastic box. Apply it with a brush to the surface to be cleaned until the paint starts to bubble.

6. Use a flat trowel to remove softened paint. Neutralize the cleaned surface by rinsing with water or white spirit (thinner). Let dry.

7. You can also make your own paint remover paste. To do this, pour caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) into the water until it stops dissolving; then add oatmeal (oatmeal). Be extremely careful, in case of contact with skin, rinse with plenty of cold water!

8. Use the paste in the same way as a commercial remover. The paste is especially good for removing paint from complex shapes as it dries very slowly. Apply the paste generously.

nine. Give it enough time to act, especially in areas where the paint is thick. Then scrape it off along with the paint. After cleaning, rinse the surface thoroughly with water.

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