How to decorate a plasterboard ceiling – detailed instructions

Using simple math calculations, the idea came true. Here’s what happened!

Apartment renovation tips

We liked the details of the sun in this picture..

Plasterboard ceiling

Sketch on paper. Sketch your idea.

Repair tips

Our room is 3.30 meters long and 2.50 meters wide. Imagination played that in the center of the “sun” a lamp in the form of a ball would fit. Hence the diameter of the circle is 60 cm. The number of parts around the circle is 8 pieces, but pay attention! The part that is located along the room is twice as wide as the parts that lie in the corners and width of the room, i.e. we have two parts double. It is necessary to conventionally count not 8 pieces, but 10 pieces of parts, and we will divide the circle into 10 identical parts.

Divide the circle into parts. To do this, determine the distance between the dividing points of the circle by the formula: L = 2 * R * sin (1800 * n), where R is the radius, n is the number of parts around the circle.

Apartment renovation

In our case: L = 2 * 30 * sin (180g * 10) = 60 * sin18g = 18.5 cm.

We decorate the ceiling

We put the first point on the circle line anywhere, and now from it every 18.5 cm we mark the remaining nine points.

Light fixtures

Attach a circle to a strip of wallpaper, the length of which is: (room length 3.30) minus (circle diameter 0.60) minus (0.08cm stock) divide by two.

Multilevel ceilings

A smooth transition between parts and equal gaps are obtained by constructing circles on the axes, which are drawn from the center of the large circle through previously plotted points.

Align the ceiling

Determine the radius of the circle between the parts. To do this, divide the radius of the large circle by the number of gaps between the parts: R = 30 × 8 = 3.8 cm.

In the photo you can see the construction of a detail that will “lie” along the length of the room. It is double, during construction it occupies two parts of the general circle. The axial line is drawn beyond the boundary of the great circle through a point with a planned interval.

We measure 3.8 cm along the axis – this is the center of the desired circle.

Room renovation

We outline our ideas. Pencil, ruler, eraser – and more!

Master's tips

Details # 2 and # 3 are similar. A center line is visible on each part, which at the base divides it into two even parts..

Interior Design

Interior ideas

The final stage of work on the “sun” pattern is a ring that will be fixed first during installation. The diameter of the circle is 60 cm. Draw another one inside the circle, the diameter of which is 5 cm less, i.e. 55 cm. Ring, in my case, part No. 4.

Apartment interior

This circle is cut out and represents an unnecessary part in our shape..

Tips from the designer

Analyze your capabilities and draw up an algorithm for further work. Our figure of the sun was mounted on a straight plasterboard ceiling.

We must not forget about the location of the planned figure. On the frame, install additional profiles “for details”, think over the wiring – where the lamps will be located.

Let me remind you! In our figure: detail ring – one (cut 3 times);

detail number 1 along the length of the room – two (cut 6 times);

Master Class

part in width No. 3 – two (cut 6 times).

How to decorate the ceiling

part number 2 – four (cut 12 times).

How to make repairs

Let’s take each detail of the drawing in turn and place it on a sheet of drywall, a pencil will help you accurately trace it. We cut 27 parts with a jigsaw.


The next step is to mark the ceiling. Find the center of the room with a tape measure, draw straight lines, draw a circle (R = 30 cm)

Drywall cutting

To give the sun volume (thickness), each piece is glued together in three layers of drywall. We glue it on the floor, then raise the finished “sandwich” to the ceiling.

Jigsaw for cutting

Ceiling installation

The figure was mounted in the following sequence:

a) the first part No. 4 rises – the ring;

We are renovating an apartment

b) the second – part number 1;

We save on repairs

c) the third part is mounted No. 3;

Savings in repairs

d) fourth – part number 2.

How to save on repairs

Construction Materials

For reliability and strength, the figure was glued to the ceiling and fixed with fastening screws, which should “pass” the thickness of the figure to the metal profile of the frame.

Cut out the holes for the lamps. It remains only to prime, putty with reinforcing tape, grind the entire ceiling and the figure of the sun.

Removing the apartment

See the sun with a lamp in the center.

Smooth ceiling

Room lighting

The sun, over time, will be yellow-orange, imitating flames.

Apartment design

Let this uncomplicated algorithm for the implementation of ideas motivate you to action. Agree with me that your own invention gives the room a unique charm, makes you think about the design.

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