How to use paint brushes and rollers

  • During painting work, you often have to remove excess paint from the brush. A piece of wire, bent at both ends and tightly put on the edges of the paint bucket, can be both a brush stand and a brush cleaner.
  • Take care of the safety of the brush. Do not place the brush next to the can, but keep it dipped in the paint at all times. To do this, stock up on a metal bar and drill several holes in the brush handle. As the level of paint in the can decreases, move the bar to another hole.
  • It is known that paint brush can serve for a long time, if every time, after finishing work, wash it thoroughly in solvent and warm water with soap or detergent powder. And if after that it is also properly combed with a rare comb, the brush will become like new.
  • To prevent the paint brush stained with oil paint from drying out, put it in a glass jar with solvent, put a plastic bag on the neck of the jar and tighten it with twine or pharmaceutical rubber.
  • A piece of old bicycle tube, intercepted by a rubber ring, serves as a great temporary storage for paint brushes.
  • To remove paint from a paintbrush, it is convenient to use a small plastic bag. Dip a brush into it and fill it with solvent. Secure the top of the bag to the brush handle with a rubber ring. Thus, it will be possible to preserve the solvent for a long time..
  • Clear brush from varnish, which covered the floor is not so easy. Organic solvents are needed, and they are rarely on hand. We advise you to put the brush in water for a day after working with varnish. The varnish, although it hardens, will be loose and can be easily removed from the brush..
  • Before you throw away the brush with hopelessly dried paint on it, try boiling it in water with detergent for a few hours. After that, separate the bristles with an awl, comb with a metal brush and rinse.
  • If you have several small flat brushes, and for painting work you need a flute, then you can make it yourself. Take two flat brushes and connect them by pressing firmly between the two plywood overlays and knocking down with small nails.
  • Combining a spatula and a brush, you will immediately feel the advantage of such a versatile tool, as soon as you start painting a surface on which there are still traces of unevenness after the putty.
  • For whitewashing the ceiling a brush with a long handle is not always at hand. In such cases, an ordinary brush is placed on a long stick. You can do it like this: cut the end of the stick at an angle of 30 degrees and put a piece of rubber hose on it. Make two holes in the hose and insert the brush handle into them. It is much safer to fasten it than to fasten it with a rope..
  • The ceiling in the kitchen or bathroom can be painted with a paint roller, whose handle is extended with an aluminum tube or a suitable stick. To avoid dripping paint, place a small tin tray under the roller..
  • To paint with a brush with emerging hair is sheer torment. Make a clip to the size of your brush, slide it over the hair clip, and tighten with the bolt. The hair loss from the brush will stop. A few drops of glue dripped into the hole drilled in the brush ferrule will also stop hair loss..
  • When whitewashing the ceiling, part of the solution flows down the brush into the sleeve. Place a cap made of tin, cardboard, or other waterproof material on the brush handle. The cap will collect all the solution dripping from the brush. Cover the junction of the cap with the handle with putty or plasticine. Oversleeves made of plastic bags, in the bottom of which holes are cut through, will help to keep the sleeves clean during painting work.
  • So that after use the paint roller does not dry out, it is convenient to store it in a tall and narrow-cylinder glass. The glass is made from pipe trim or sheet metal. The roller is placed in a case and filled with paint or drying oil.
  • A piece of foam rubber clamped in a tin holder makes a comfortable brush. She is good at shading paint, she does not leave streaks. It is not necessary to wash it – the dried foam is simply replaced with a new one.
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