Laying paving slabs

The basis for high-quality laying of any paving slabs is a carefully prepared base. In most cases, the base is a gravel-sand cushion. For difficult conditions, a concrete base is more suitable. In any case, the site must be well planned, while the levels and slopes for water drainage are strictly maintained.

In general, in styling, as in any other business, one should not forget about the little things. The first step is to choose the tile that you like the most !!! Place an order, and upon receipt check whether the right tile was delivered to you !!! And, be sure, check the completeness of the products delivered to you. If everything is in order, then you can proceed directly to the installation..

In most cases, the base is a gravel-sand cushion (gravel 12-15 cm, sand 3-5 cm). For difficult conditions, a sand-cement mixture is provided, containing from 100 kg to 150 kg of cement per one cubic meter of sand.

Each layer of gravel-sand or sand cushion is carefully leveled and compacted with a vibratory rammer. Yes, and remember – the sand must be without clay.

We align our base using special rails.

The whole process has started !!! The tile is placed not in loose sand, but on the most compacted pillow using rubber hammers, with gaps of 1-2 mm, which are filled with dry sand.

The tiles are laid !!! But the final stage remains – we go through our beautifully laid tiles with a vibrating plate with a rubber “sole”. The result is a completely flat surface, each tile “grows together” with the base. Water does not accumulate on the surface, but instantly goes into the sand and gravel cushion – remaining dry and beautiful !!! It is this paving technology that ensures the durability and strength of the paving stones. And your mother-in-law (for women – mother-in-law) will be proud of you and set you as an example for everyone.

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In Moscow, the cost of installation varies from $ 8 to $ 20 per m2.

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