Quartz vinyl tiles – material features, pros and cons

Quartz vinyl tiles - material features, pros and cons

Quartz vinyl tiles, as the name implies, can be an example of a combination of two components in the process of creating one material. 70% of this tile consists of quartz sand, 30% – of polyvinyl chloride. The river sand used in the production of tiles is highly purified. Shell rock may be added, but no other impurities are present. Polyvinyl chloride is recognized as a chemically neutral element, it does not harm human health.

Recall that polyvinyl chloride is used even in the creation of food packaging, as well as in medical equipment and toys. In quartz vinyl tiles, it is polyvinyl chloride that is responsible for bacterial resistance..

Quartz vinyl tiles - material features, pros and cons

Quartz vinyl tile consists of several layers, combined in the process of thermal pressing. The structure includes: base and base layers of PVC, fiberglass balance layer, decorative layer and top protection made of polyurethane. This floor material is produced in two main varieties – directly tile and imitation of laminate.

Important! The thickness of quartz vinyl tiles can be up to 1.5–5.5 mm. Not only the degree of wear resistance, but also the price directly depends on this indicator. For walk-through rooms, office buildings, it is better to choose thicker tiles. The length and width can be different, the tiles are mostly squares, and the imitation of the laminate is in the form of a board, as usual.

Quartz vinyl tiles - material features, pros and cons

The advantages of quartz vinyl tiles include:

  • The combination of the strength of ceramics and the plasticity of linoleum gives excellent performance.
  • Resistant to wear and tear, making quartz vinyl tiles an excellent choice for hallways.
  • Porcelain stoneware is cold to the touch, and quartz vinyl tiles, which can match abrasion resistance, are pleasant, warm, you can walk barefoot.
  • Even if you heat this floor material to plus 60 degrees, no harmful substances will be released, it can be taken for a warm floor system.
  • Quartz vinyl does not slip, it is good for flooring in the kitchen, bathroom, even a bath, safe.
  • Quartz vinyl tile does not absorb water, so it is suitable for wet rooms.
  • Frost resistance allows you to lay quartz vinyl in unheated rooms, even on the porch and as a covering for garden paths.
  • The material is non-combustible and chemically inert.
  • A wide selection of colors, patterns, ornaments, imitation of wood texture, which allows you to apply the coating in completely different interior styles.
  • You won’t hear the clatter of heels and claws of animals on quartz-vinyl tiles, the coating absorbs sounds well.
  • In general, the service life of quartz vinyl tiles reaches 30 years, at least as the manufacturers say, there are no reviews about such a long service life yet.

Quartz vinyl tiles - material features, pros and cons

Quartz vinyl tiles have noticeably fewer disadvantages. The following disadvantages can be noted:

  • Under the weight of heavy furniture, dents will remain on the plastic material.
  • It is very important to carefully prepare the surface for installation! Differences of no more than two millimeters per running meter are permissible. All depressions and elevations will be visible under the flexible material, so the floor must be carefully leveled. It is not recommended to lay quartz-vinyl tiles directly on the concrete surface..
  • The price is quite high. The cost, of course, is different, depending on the manufacturer, tile thickness, type. On average, per square meter of quartz vinyl tiles, you will have to pay from 1000 to 2500 rubles.

Quartz vinyl tiles - material features, pros and cons

Square quartz vinyl tiles are usually attached with glue. But the varieties of laminate made from this material most often have special “locks”, that is, the installation is carried out by the dry method. Moreover, the locking method is used more often, because it allows, if necessary, to disassemble the floor covering without damaging it.

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