Stretch ceiling starry sky

Ceiling design found new possibilities with the advent of stretch ceilings. The flexibility of the material allows you to create multi-level compositions with a minimum number of joints, create effects of “dome”, “drag”, “clouds”, “waves”.

Ceiling design, installation of suspended ceilings starry sky

In addition to new spatial solutions of the ceiling, he actively introduces new lighting solutions – optical fibers-light guides hidden behind the stretch ceiling form a “starry sky” above your head and turn the serene surface of the stretch ceiling into a “breath of the night”. The effects of flickering and play of colors occur when using different filters in the light source. Moreover, there is no electrical wiring in the space behind the stretch ceiling, only a fiber-optic cable, which eliminates short circuits and other troubles associated with electricity.

There are several options for the “starry sky”: with holes in the ceiling (with a velvet or lacquered stretch ceiling), without holes (projecting the light of an optical fiber cable onto the stretch ceiling from the inside – with a lacquered or satin stretch ceiling), with SWAROVSKI crystal diffusers (when using matte, satin, velvet stretch ceilings).

First, specialists install a frame ceiling made of plywood or plastic, in which holes are made for optical fibers according to a previously agreed marking. With the help of markings, you can transfer to the ceiling any constellations and their combinations according to the astronomical atlas. The brightness and magnitude of the stars depend on the number of filaments supplied to each point-star – it can be anything – at the request of the customer. The threads are reduced to a point that is projected from the inside onto the canvas of the stretch ceiling.

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Crystal “SWAROVSKI” of several types of cut, when combined with light guides, allows you to get a completely different “starry sky” from multibeam stars of the most different shapes. In this case, each diffuser, like a built-in lamp, is installed in a specially made holder with an adjustable base. The lens is attached to the rack through a hole in the ceiling, reinforced with a plastic ring. A combination of stretch ceilings with LEDs is different from all previous versions of the “starry sky”. In this case, LEDs are used as “stars”, connected by loops with a special programming panel, which can set the dynamics of flickering of diodes, light paths of them (up to 9 programs).

The advantages of this type of “starry sky”:

1. No special space required to place the light source – the programming panel fits in the palm of your hand and controls 39 diodes.
2. No noise is generated (the fan of the light source for the fiber-optic “starry sky” is equipped with a fan and makes a noise like a computer).


1. Diodes protrude from the ceiling and they are much larger than real stars in the sky.
2. There is wiring in the space behind the ceiling, not an optical cable that does not contain any electricity.

The use of powerful generators, translucent stretch ceilings and optical fibers of different cross-sections allows to achieve completely new possibilities of decorative lighting. Based on this, for the first time in Russia, fiber-optic effects have been developed – “painting with light” and “optical patterns”. The technology is as follows – the optical fiber is cut in a certain way and placed on the inside of the stretched ceiling in the form of certain figures or in a picturesque disorder. Sparkling light lines and shapes are visible through NEWMAT “frosted glass” in four colors. During the day, you get a perfectly flat ceiling with a mysterious depth inside, and in the evening – glowing optical fiber filaments create incredible curves, a play of light and shadow with waves of light. Fiber-optic equipment can be used for other purposes as well – the optical cable operates in the temperature range from -50 (outdoor lighting) to + 100 (sauna indoor lighting) degrees Celsius. In addition to installation, companies sell fiber optic equipment separately for those customers who want to install it themselves.

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