We upholstery walls with fabric

Eating from gold dishes with a golden fork is not only pleasant, chic, but also useful. Aside from the symbolic and commercial significance of gold, this metal is the most practical in terms of hygiene. There is only one trouble – there is not enough gold. There won’t be enough gold cutlery for everyone. Therefore, for broad masses, you need to make cheap aluminum spoons. And gold is considered an outrageous luxury.

Nevertheless, when circumstances call for it, the laboring masses do not skimp on gold. It is made into non-oxidizing contacts in important computers. And they are unlikely to use anything else on a prosthetic heart valve. That is, in a number of cases, no substitutes can be dispensed with. Need Real.

Unfortunately, all sorts of surrogates have almost hopelessly distorted our view of the world. Millions of people on the planet will die believing that “crab sticks” are made from crabs, that ivory is a shade of plastic, and carpets are made of nylon.

So, REALLY the walls in houses are best upholstered with fabric. Of course, real silk, which covers the walls of the palace halls and offices of the leaders, is an indescribably expensive thing. Therefore, people used to decorate the walls more simply than they had to, until in the 18th century they came up with the idea of ​​replacing the fabric with plain paper with a printed pattern. Quite simply, wallpaper. Meanwhile, the benefits and pleasantness of the wall upholstered with fabric could not be canceled by any tricks of civilization, thank God. The craving for authenticity slumbers somewhere in the depths of our subconscious, so that in one wonderful moment it opens like a “third eye” and fill life with happiness. So the general director of the company “MIAL-S”, Alexander Morozov, neither the Soviet regime nor socialist realism could dissuade that the fabric on the walls is the best of the best.

“EMPRINTE” Composition: 60% polyester, 40% acrylic Width – 2.7 m “Scotchgard”

One day he was traveling in France and saw upholstery fabrics. And then Morozov immediately signed an exclusive contract for the representation of this technology in Russia. It was after that historic day that every citizen of the new Russia, who had already said thanks to the MIAL-S firm for their “French stretch ceilings”, gained confidence that everything would be in order with the walls in his house. Thanks to new technologies, the style of upholstering walls with fabric, once available only to kings and bankers, has become absolutely affordable for everyone..

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What does MIAL-S offer on the Russian market today??

More than a thousand types of the most exquisite fabric coverings of all kinds of colors and textures that can satisfy the most sophisticated and demanding taste. Fabrics for curtains, bedspreads and pillows. Drawings and colors were developed by the best designers in Europe and America. Having looked through the Lesura catalogs and feeling with your own hands the samples of fabrics in the cozy atmosphere of the office, you can choose the upholstery to your liking. If, due to the unprecedented variety, your eyes have run up and it is difficult for you to stop at something, people with taste, professional designers will help you.

It is clear that since those ancient times, when people first started upholstering walls with fabric, there have been several industrial and technological revolutions. Modern interior fabric is basically an absolutely natural material. Small additions of synthetics are intended only to correct some “flaws” of nature. It is thanks to them that the cotton cloth is no longer afraid of dust or moisture. For example, coffee or wine flows off the fabric without a trace, like water off a duck’s back. And the juicy colors do not fade, even if the hot sun shines through the window all day long.

“BASTIDE” Composition: 100% cotton Width – 2.8 m “Cleangard”

The fabric can be applied in two different ways. Stick on well-plastered and leveled surfaces like paper wallpaper, or stretch parallel to the wall like canvas on a stretcher. The latter option is extremely convenient, because you will significantly save on expensive plastering work. Moreover, the tightly stretched fabric will perfectly hide all unevenness.

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“DIAMANTEE” Composition: 50% cotton, 44% viscose Width – 2.6 m with backing

It is interesting that on the reverse side the canvas has a “foam backing” – something like a layer of foam rubber 2.5 – 3.5 mm thick. The underlay perfectly copes with the tasks of heat and sound insulation, in addition, the fabric base becomes even stronger.

We advise you to cover your bedroom with such a fabric, and then let your young offspring enjoy the whole night under their favorite “Metal Corrosion”. We guarantee that you will not hear a single chord of this nightmare band.

Moreover, behind the stretched fabric, you can not only save yourself from heavy fate, but also completely hide boarded up doors, old wallpaper painted with an indelible felt-tip pen and even a secret treasure for posterity. Stretching fabric is a surefire way to get your repair done in a radically short time. A couple of days – and everything just shines with novelty and freshness. And also indescribable chic.

By the way, the surface of the walls will not have a single seam. Stop though. Lies. One seam will still remain. But only one. The wall fabric is not some kind of wallpaper. Wallpaper is cut into pieces and glued in vertical stripes. And the fabric is produced in rolls 2.60-2.95 m wide and up to 100 meters long. You put such a roll “on the butt” and wrap the whole room in one fell swoop.

“CANNAGE” Composition: 55% polyester, 45% cotton Width – 2.7 m without Scotchgard backing

Do not forget, however, – for the successful execution of such a truly fakir trick, it is necessary that the corner of the room from which you start the turn was ideal. The slightest deviation from the vertical, and the ends will never converge. Therefore, only experienced and responsible professionals from the MIAL-S firm can be entrusted with working with wall fabric. Alexander Morozov approaches the issue of recruiting employees for his corporate teams very strictly. He never takes on the staff of former builders who used to work “on the construction sites of socialism.” Why, it is understandable – slobs with a “soviet” consciousness and attitude to business do not take root in the company.

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Moreover, Morozov sends his best employees to France “to breathe the air of capitalism.” So, when buying fabric from MIAL-S, in no case do not take the stretch or sticker yourself, and even less entrust it to random people. You can make inquiries. Each brigade has a book of reviews. But they ask their clients not to write gratitude, but to draw their own face: sad, cheerful, contented – depending on how the work was done. True, some clients, unable to resist, still leave their reviews. Among others, we found such a touching entry: “After talking with the construction team, I only drink Valerian, and for the team from MIAL-S I raise a glass of champagne!”

Are you eager to know how much this Real and Genuine luxury is worth? We hasten to satisfy your curiosity. The price of a seamless fabric covering is $ 20– $ 45 / sq.m .. Do you think it’s expensive? But we think not. Let’s count. Suppose you bought an apartment without decoration, that is, with curves, slanting, bare walls. Plastering, puttying or leveling the walls, laying soundproofing – all this will cost a pretty penny. To be more precise, at least $ 20 per sq.m. But this is not the final amount! The walls still need to be painted or pasted over with wallpaper. In the end, get ready to pay 30 dollars. And how much dirt there will be, how infinitely long the repair will take and how much health will be spent (which, as you know, you cannot buy), calculate yourself.

Of course, in fairness, let’s say that you can live well in a house with paper wallpaper. But true connoisseurs of beauty and comfort have long abandoned this surrogate.

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