6 differences between the “Smart” E-volution of the lock from the usual

The E-volution electric motor lock from the world’s leading manufacturer of security systems, the Italian company CISA (Chiza), is a real watchman who can recognize his owner and let him into the house. The new lock does not change the usual user actions – it simplifies them.


1. Smart lock is able to recognize its owner. With the advent of E-volution, long key manipulations in the well are a thing of the past. The basic configuration of such a lock involves opening with a contact electronic key – transponder. You simply put the key on the lock to open it. However, the “evolution” of the Italian novelty has advanced even further – there is an alternative to the transponder. You can use a microprocessor card with a cryptogram for unlocking that cannot be copied. In addition to the already listed methods of opening the lock, biometric recognition devices have been added, so E-volution, if you like, is an evolved watchdog that will not let anyone into the house except the owners!

2. Flexibility of control allows you to program the lock so that the door remains open for the length of time you need. For example, the door may not be locked at certain hours, if it is an office, shop or other premises open to public access, but after the appointed hour, the lock will “require” the key to open. Thus, once programmed, the lock itself will “think” about the security of the room, and you no longer have to unlock and lock the door yourself.


3.E-volution lock has built-in memory. The electromotive lock has a device for registering all openings and locks and makes it possible to see the history of events at any time (timekeeping function). Whether it is your office, office or home, you can always be aware of when and how many times a day you entered it..

4. If you forgot to lock the front door, running away to work, it doesn’t matter, the lock will close on its own. E-volution provides maximum ease of locking – just close the door, which will automatically activate the system: the bolts of the lock will be extended until it is completely closed. If, nevertheless, for some reason the lock did not close, it will immediately “inform” you about it, loudly, clearly and brightly – sound and light signals will follow. For greater security, if the door is not opened within 15 seconds upon the command to open, the lock will automatically lock again.

5. In matters of security, of course, any situation must be provided. In the event of a power outage or other emergency, this lock can be opened with a full turn of the high security cylinder key.

6. E-volution is an electromotive lock that fully meets the requirements of the new home security concept. The lock can be easily integrated into the “smart home” system that already exists or will only be installed in the future.

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