Basics in choosing locks and some new items in the castle area

In this material, recommendations will be given, based on which you should choose the castle composition steel door, and will also consider some new solutions in the field of the castle, presented in the Russian market.

First, you should outline several fundamental principles, following which are selected locks for entrance doors. It:

  • One good lock is better than two bad ones;
  • One well-defended middle lock is better than two good but unprotected locks;
  • Two locks are usually better than one, but three locks are too much;
  • Saving on the lock results not only in problems with its possible break-in, but also in problems with operation and repair;
  • Locks with different devices (lever and cylinder) are preferable to two of the same type;
  • The lock must protect the door and the door must protect the lock. A good lock on a weak door will not fix the situation;
  • Do not forget about alternative methods of protection: burglar alarms, video surveillance, security at the entrance.
  • Let’s consider the above rules in more detail..

    First, about the locks themselves and their quality: the durability and reliability of the lock directly depends on the thoughtfulness during development, on the quality of production and assembly. This is important because renovation work can cost several times more than the castle itself. At the moment, on the Russian market, the leaders in quality and durability are foreign-made locks with two generally recognized leaders – Italian firms MOTTURA and CISA. The domestic manufacturer is gradually pulling up, but cannot yet compete with the entire range.

    Secondly, as an axiom, one should remember the fact that any lock needs additional protective devices. Alas, almost all locks do not have such protections in their composition and they are installed additionally. Without additional hitching, the locks are extremely vulnerable to criminal impact – lever mechanisms can be drilled out, rolled up, torn from the well, and cylinder mechanisms can be knocked out, pulled out, broken and drilled again. To protect against these misfortunes STAL company uses a set of protective devices: for lever locks, armor plates (thick sheets of high strength) are used that cover the entire lock or especially critical places, and for cylinder locks, mortise armor plates (strong “glasses”) are used, which cover a vulnerable cylinder (in common parlance – a larva).

    In addition to power effects, castles have two more enemies – master keys and vandalism. According to the author, the danger of picks for locks, even in the middle price range, is not too great. To master this “skill” requires a certain talent and a lot of training, so there are not so many really cool specialists and they do not just wander around the entrances of our houses. They need to be seriously interested. (one more tip: do not advertise your well-being and do not advertise your absences. If you have Rubens in the original at home, it is better that only you know about it). In general, in order not to be afraid of master keys, it is enough not to attract the attention of criminals and use not the simplest locks.

    imageHowever, a number of solutions are offered to protect against master keys. This is the so-called “pin pad” from CISA – a sluice system that blocks access to the well, and lifting curtains in MOTTURA locks, and high-quality cylinders from EVVA, KABA, CISA, MOTTURA. All these products are also presented in the range of STAL.

    imageNow about vandalism … A couple of matches, carnations, a few coins, a tube of cyacrine superglue or just gum can disable even the most reliable and protected lock. And here we come to a new product, which I would like to talk about in detail: these are anti-vandal protection with a magnetic key from DiSec. These devices are designed for both cylinder and lever locks. The principle of operation is simple – block access to the well of the lock with your body and open only from the magnetic key-fob.

    The performance of DiSec protections is different – there are sliding and swivel options, there are devices that perform only anti-vandal functions, and there are also devices combined with protective ones. An example of the latter can be, for example, a mortise armor plate with a swivel anti-vandal cover or with a sliding block.

    Let’s return to the principles described at the beginning of the material. Why does STAL recommend using two different locks (with all protections, of course)? The answer is simple: each of the systems has its own strengths and weaknesses, and together they compensate for each other’s weaknesses. For example, cylinder locks (with a high-quality cylinder) are more secret and resistant to master keys, and lever locks are more resistant to force. The question arises: “Maybe it is worth installing three or even more locks?” – we answer – no, this is too much. In addition to a large and heavy bunch of keys, you will get a significant increase in the time to open and close this entire household (which may not be safe), and it should also be taken into account that too many locks can weaken the door structure.

    imageIt should be noted that two-system models can be an excellent alternative to two separate locks – two different locks installed in one case. This solution is somewhat cheaper than two separate mechanisms, plus it becomes possible to “tie” the locks to each other, for example, closing one part blocks the work of the other. Details about two-system and separate locks can be found on our website in the section “Castles”.

    Finally, a few words about the combination of a lock and a door. Probably all readers will smile at an attempt to install a car engine on a bicycle … And the author of the article smiles at a high-quality lock installed without protective devices on the door from the category “defense machine-tool plant of metal structures blown upholstery peephole froze and installation free of charge from 4000 rubles.” Alas, miracles do not happen, and a modern apartment steel door with a secure high-quality lock, with good heat and sound insulation, with a decent appearance and with high-quality service cannot cost less than 30-35 thousand rubles. For a smaller amount there will always be at least something, but a compromise.

    As a conclusion, I would like to wish readers not to rush to make a choice and carefully consider the maximum of proposals. There is a wide selection on the market, so compare and choose carefully. Determine which of the characteristics are main for you and which are secondary. Compare at least 3-4 different manufacturers, chat with consultants in the showrooms, ask your friends about the impressions of their doors and locks. Study the issue on the Internet: for example, on the website of STAL ( there are not only product descriptions, but also many articles, FAQ and the oldest forum in its field.

    And only after carefully studying everything, make your choice. Doors and locks serve for many years and your well-being and the well-being of your loved ones depends on them.

    Have a good choice!

    Budkovsky Anton,
    STAL company

    STAL is a leading manufacturer of entrance metal doors. A wide model range, a full production cycle at our own site in Moscow, 35 exhibition halls in the city and region, a long-term guarantee and our own round-the-clock service, friendly staff and customer care – all this is STAL.

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