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Running a business means managing risk. This is an axiom that does not require proof. Back at the turn of the 1990s. those who started their own business were not sure that the market in Russia was serious and for a long time; many companies solved short-term problems and did not care too much about the systematic development of their business. Today this approach is an unaffordable luxury. The manager must think over all the details of the work, from the business plan to the organization of the office, so that his business grows and blooms in lush color.


The basis of any business, of course, is the human factor. Office work should be comfortable and safe, access to work premises should be clearly demarcated. In addition, in every office there are documents, archives, servers, access to which is allowed only for internal use, and the exit of certain information outside the office is simply unacceptable. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the issue of security thoughtfully, to systematize protection at all levels. But how to make the right choice? Let’s try to figure it out.

The best European manufacturers of security systems offer customized solutions for offices. Choosing a company that has long established itself in the security market, you will receive a comprehensive service, from the first stages of determining the type of locking systems and their specifics to logistics and service of the product after it is installed in the premises. Professional coordination of the installation and operation of security systems is an essential element of your protection.

Having decided on the company from which you plan to order such a system, it is important to formulate for yourself how the scheme of movement of employees around the office and other adjacent premises should look like. Systems can be mechanical or electronic, work both together and separately.

Security and convenience are two essential factors for the good functioning of your office, and access control systems are the ideal solution that combines both of these important concepts. A well-thought-out system of this type allows you to abandon a bunch of heavy, large and inconvenient keys; one key will be enough to open all the rooms you need. What it is?


The high-tech, and at the same time, easy-to-use Master Key system from the Italian company CISA (Chisa) is applicable in offices, shops, restaurants, hospitals and other public places where access must be provided in a given hierarchical order. For example, the director of a company will be able to open all office doors with one key, while employees – only the doors of those rooms where they have the right to access. To implement such a solution to office security, CISA cylinder locks, such as RS3 S, AP3 S and Astral S, are suitable. And do not worry about the fact that they will be able to pick up a key to your lock – the number of key combinations in such locks can reach 4 billion, a record holder is the RS3 S – 8 Billion Combinations! In addition, the AP3 S and RS3 S have patented keys with a movable element and an individual card is included with the lock. If a duplicate key is needed, it can only be made by presenting your individual card at a specialized service center.

Another important aspect of office security is the need for an emergency, such as during a fire or when an alarm sounds, to leave the premises without hindrance. The Exitlock with anti-panic exit system, designed for use in public or industrial premises, will solve this problem. In cases when you urgently need to leave the building, it will be enough to press the Anti-panic handle and the door will instantly and easily open, even if the lock is closed at all turns! In addition, all parts of this lock are fireproof, i.e. do not melt even at high enough temperatures. A reliable door with such a lock will be able to keep the fire and will not allow it to spread to other rooms. From the outside, the Exitlock can be opened with a key, and a special latch allows you to configure the lock so that access to the premises is open only at certain hours – office or shop opening hours. Exitlock will be available to dealers early this summer.


For those looking for a high-tech, yet simple and easy-to-use lock, CISA has created the Wave Mode. This is a contactless security system, electronic locks work independently of each other without wire connections. The Wave Mode lock has a miniature size and fits harmoniously into any interior. The convenience of this lock is that users can enter rooms simply by holding a card near an information reader. They don’t even have to insert the card into the lock or slide it along the special groove. A lost card is easy to replace. This does not require replacing the mechanical cylinder, which is the only way to ensure safety in mechanical systems. When a new card is presented to the lock, the previous card becomes invalid.

A wise man once said: “I strongly believe in luck. And I noticed: the more I work, the luckier I am. ” Success in business requires not only luck, talent and hard work, but also constant vigilance. So a well-thought-out security system will save you not only from strangers in the office, but also from unnecessary headaches..

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