Cheap metal door, recommendations for choosing

A cheap metal door is most often needed in cases when there are no material values ​​in an apartment, house or room, in back rooms, in summer cottages. Such a door can be effective against petty hooligans. Keep in mind, however, that for experienced thieves, opening a cheap front door is not a big deal..
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When it becomes necessary to buy a metal door, the choice should be based on the value of the property that it should protect. This is the most important criterion. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the production of metal doors. Their design consists of individual parts, the sum of which is the cost of the door. It is not difficult to buy a cheap metal door these days. Usually these are Chinese metal doors, or metal Russian doors that are increasingly popular with our customers.
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It should be emphasized that our metal door is cheap not because of poor design or unreliable fastening. Savings come from individual design and finishing features. Moreover, the consultant will help you choose exactly those elements that are most important to you. For example, if you need a stylish door, and its burglar-proof properties are not so important, you should point this out and you will be selected a door in which savings are made at the expense of reliability. If, on the contrary, protective properties are important, then you will be selected not the most beautiful, but more reliable metal door cheap due to the cheaper design. You can practically save on each of the door structural elements.
Cheap metal doors
It’s easy to list these elements that balance out the quality of a cheap front door. These are the reliability of the lock, the design and strength of the fastening (it can be two hinges, three or four), the strength of the door leaf, the strength of the fastening of the door frame, additional secret fastening elements. The latter include, for example, a safe lock, additional steel pins that increase the strength of the joint between the leaf and the door frame, the strength of the joint between the door frame and the walls, and so on. It is very important how professional the installation of metal doors is. The design of external finishing, its reliability and durability are usually evaluated separately..

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Thus, to buy a cheap metal door, it is enough to make a list of priority qualities from the above, choose what is most important to you and call a consultant. All your wishes will be taken into account and the best option will be selected for you within the limits of your financial capabilities and requirements for individual door elements.

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