Cisa prepares a security revolution

In early April, the Italian company Cisa, a world-renowned manufacturer of security systems for home and office, presented its new developments to the visitors of the Mosbuild 2008 exhibition. The first samples of Exitlock, Comfortlock and RS3S cylinder locks, literally hot, just from the manufacturer’s plant, were delivered to Moscow, to the Cisa stand in the Crocus-Expo exhibition complex, and presented to the audience, who, by the way, turned out to be very supportive. Immediately there were many who wanted to check, touch, twist the keys and, of course, ask questions, the main of which was “When?” We answer. New items from Cisa will appear on the Russian market at the beginning of this summer. But we can tell a few words about them now..


The Exitlock with “Anti-panic” emergency exit system is intended for use in public or industrial premises, hospitals and shopping centers. The main task that the Exitlock mechanism solves is emergency evacuation from the premises. In cases when you urgently need to leave the building, it will be enough to press the Anti-panic handle and the door will instantly and easily open, even if the lock is closed at all turns! In addition, all parts of this lock are fireproof, i.e. do not melt even at high enough temperatures. A reliable door with such a lock will be able to keep the fire and will not allow it to spread to other rooms. Outside, the Exitlock is opened with a key, and a special latch allows you to configure the lock so that access to the room is open only at certain hours – office or shop opening hours.


Comfortlock for apartment entrance doors will appeal to people who value convenience, safety and simplicity. Most likely, like most Russian citizens, taking care of your own safety, you once installed two locks on the door at once. However, more often you use one – the top one, with a convenient “turntable” on the inside, so as not to fiddle with the keys from the bottom one every time you open or close the door. Have you guessed? Don’t be surprised, many people do this. Indeed, this is so many difficulties every time: you entered the apartment, locked it with a key, you are going to go out – first open it with the keys, go out, close it again. It is much more comfortable to neglect security, but save yourself from fiddling with keys and losing valuable minutes. In the modern pace of life, when time is valued more than money, and convenience is more than safety, this is normal. And let’s not focus on the fact that this state of affairs is the most tidbit for a robber. It will take a burglar about the same amount of time as we save with one lock to break into an apartment. Everybody already knows about it. They just hope it won’t affect them. As they say, until the thunder breaks out … Now imagine that the dilemma of “convenience or safety” is no longer there. You simply no longer need to decide what to choose, because in one model of the castle, both of these qualities were combined. The uniqueness of the Comfortlock lies in the simplified mechanism – this “serious” lock can be locked at all turns by turning the door handle up. To leave the apartment, you will also need to press the doorknob. This is especially convenient when you are in a hurry or your hands are full. The keys are only needed to open the door from the outside. Even a child can handle the Comfortlock. And if you are afraid that the baby will leave the house without your knowledge, the function that allows you to open the door with the handle can be turned off for a while. As you can see, Cisa took care of this too.


The improved RS3S cylinder lock was also presented at the exhibition. This is a new generation of RS3 locks, which have long been the sales leaders in Russia. The new RS3S cylinder, which has reinforcing plates in its housing, will become a real contender for the title of one of the most reliable locks in its category. It is equipped with special devices that prevent breaking out, so that it will be able to withstand both forceful and intelligent hacking, because the number of combinations when selecting a key in the case of RS3S is more than 8 billion.

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