Classification of door locks

An interesting article on all types of door locks. It is described what locks are, it is indicated which of them are more and less reliable. The locks in the article are listed by manufacturer, with specific characteristics of the manufacturers’ locks. The article describes the following brands of lock manufacturers: Mottura, Cisa, Kale, Barrier, Guardian, Mettem, Mul-T-Lock, Apecs, Elbor.

Door locks

The modern market for security systems, in particular door locks, is represented by a wide variety of different models. From simple and inexpensive locks to multi-level locks using multiple security systems.

All locks can be divided into three large groups: mortise, overhead and hinged. To lock the entrance doors, overhead and mortise locks are used. Moreover, more and more preference is given to mortise locks, as more reliable structures that also have aesthetic qualities – such locks are hidden in the door body.

Mortise locks differ among themselves not only in price, but also in principle of operation, materials and class of stability. The higher the resistance class, the longer it will take for a burglar to open the lock.

The simplest mortise locks can provide protection only from amateur thieves, while a professional will only need a few minutes.

Security systems

The simplest mortise locks are mechanical locks, known for more than a dozen years..

English cylinder lock, it can be recognized by a key with teeth in one or two directions or dents, its design is simple. This lock has high secrecy, but not high security parameters, the thing is that the cylinder itself is a weak point of the lock, it can be easily knocked out, and the lock is opened by simply turning a screwdriver in the bolt socket. The secret part of the cylinder is spring-loaded pins, the more such pins are, the higher the lock secrecy. Another version of the English lock can be a version with a key that has a cross-sectional shape, the main difference is in greater secrecy – the pins are located in three or four directions. These locks are perfect for interior doors and can be equipped with a lever handle with a latch.

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English cylinder lock

Another option is a disk lock, in principle, the same English lock, but parallel copper plates play the role of locking pins. The key for such locks is semicircular, with grooved grooves for the plates. Such a lock is much more reliable than ordinary English, but it has its weak point. The cylinder of this lock protrudes from the door, so protection of the protruding part is necessary, otherwise it will be cut down.

A rack-and-pinion lock can serve as an option for a mortise lock, a simple design – a spring bolt is opened by pressing the key into the lock, the system uses not a rotational movement, but a translational one. The disadvantage of this lock is that with the wrong choice of the angles of inclination of the key teeth, it can be easily opened by simply hammering in a stick of soft wood.

Lever locks

Lever locks are perhaps the most reliable lock, protection is provided by the recruited plates (levers), such a lock is almost impossible to clog, it is the most difficult to break, the reliability of the lock directly depends on the number of levers, but their number is limited by the thickness of the door. This system was previously used in safes, which is why they are sometimes called safe locks. The disadvantages of these locks include the large dimensions of the keys, they have a weak point, which is drilled and the lock is unlocked. Modern high quality lever locks come with re-coding option.

In addition, simple structures often have other drawbacks, for example, girders, are made of ordinary structural steel, some of the girders are hollow.

More advanced models of mortise locks are produced by the leading world-famous brands of Italy, Turkey, Israel and, of course, Russia. Each of the companies produces a fairly wide range of locks with the highest stability class. The use of high-strength materials, armored plates to close the vulnerable spots of the lock, the use of gold and silver coatings, the use of bearings in cylinders, all this makes these locks even more reliable and convenient to use..

The most common global brands that have established themselves are brands: Mottura, Cisa, Kale, Barrier, Guardian, Mettem, Mul-T-Lock, Apecs and others.

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Mottura is the most famous Italian manufacturer of heavy-duty door locks in Russia. The range of the company – padlocks and mortise locks for different types of doors (heavy – armored, light, garage interior) with a lever, cylinder and lever-cylinder mechanism. Lever locks are made with increased secrecy, armored plates, false levers, with variable key coding, a mechanism that does not allow the bolt to be pressed into the lock body, pump-action secrecy mechanisms are used. Mottura also offers deviators for creating additional door locking points or creating a whole complex of turnkey locks for a house, garage … Cylinder locks have a system of protection against drilling not only by plates, but also by locking in two-cylinder locks of one of the cylinders with a bolt of the other. In cylinder locks, special fragile materials or a spring-like element are used to transfer movement from the cylinder to the crossbars, which break and block the lock only when trying to break. Different security systems are used in Mottura cylinders – magnetic and false spins, “movable key” system

Kale is a Turkish company that has proven itself on the good side, occupying the price segment between Russian and European manufacturers. Manufactures cylinder and lever locks for various types of doors – wooden and iron. Cylinder locks are supplemented with bearings, which makes opening incredibly easy, the bolts are nickel-plated, the lock mechanism is covered with armor plates. The cylinders use mushroom-shaped backs, automatic blocking, anti-drilling protection rods.

Cisa is an Italian company engaged in the production of both mechanical and electromechanical locks, not only for heavy iron doors, but also for lighter options. Cylinder locks can also be supplemented with armor plates and anti-drilling systems. The company produces more than 30,000 thousand items of locks and other security systems. Locks with a variable code system that allows you to change keys without disassembling the lock. Locks with the “Anti-panic” system, open from the inside when pressed. Locks with additional locking points. They also produce cylinder and lever locks, with independent levers activated by separate springs.

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Mul-T-Lock is an Israeli company, which distinguishes its locks by using high-strength and hardened materials for crossbars. Keys and cylinders are made of nickel-silver alloys with high wear resistance. The company produces three-channel rotary, lever and cylinder locks of the highest reliability class. The use of armor plates, almost any eurocylinders are suitable, the set includes five sequential conversion keys, protection against cylinder drilling. Multi-channel locking systems on three and four sides.

Apecs locks have the ability to install rods, this is an excellent option for safe locks, the cylinder mechanism with armored plates ensures high reliability. In addition, these locks have excellent fittings made of brass. Beveled latches, quality stamped parts. The company manufactures almost a full range of locks. The cylinders have 18 high-strength mushroom-shaped backs that prevent the cylinder from being pulled out of the lock.

Domestic locks of the Elbor company have unique properties, these are, first of all, lever and lever-cylinder mechanisms with increased secrecy, protection against burglary, drilling, extrusion.

The Guardian firm is a Russian company located in the city of Yoshkar-Ola, produces locks of both lever and cylinder types, has a wide range of models, and is not inferior in quality to European counterparts. There is a range of locks for all types of doors. The crossbars are made of a hard-alloy core covered with ductile metal on the outside. Unique code rotor system for increased burglary resistance.

Mortise locks of the Russian company Mettem are distinguished by the high reliability of the lever mechanism, locks for various types of doors are produced, and the installation of rods is provided for safe locks. Production of two-key special locks with increased thickness of the lock walls. In addition, it produces cylinder and two-system locks. The presence of bushings for attaching armor plates, the use of anti-drilling systems.

All Russian locks are distinguished by the use of high-strength materials with a large margin of safety, which gives an even greater degree of protection to the locks.

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