Classification of interior doors

Currently, the range of interior doors on the market is very wide. In order not to be mistaken when choosing a door, you need to analyze a number of its qualities. The article provides a brief classification of doors, it will help you better navigate in the matter of their choice..

Classification of interior doors

Depending on the location, the door can be interior, balcony, or exterior. The main quality criterion for an external door is reliability and durability. The outer door must be strong and provide a high level of sound insulation in the room. For interior doors, these qualities are also important, but in addition, they should give the interior of the room a more attractive and finished look. Based on the method of opening the door, it can be hinged, sliding, folded, rotating or salon type.

Of all types of doors, the most popular are swing doors, they are convenient, easy to operate and reliable. Sliding doors need more free space along the walls and in the opening, but they are less overall than swing doors. It is convenient to slide such a door into the wall, but this requires quite complex installation work. Folded doors are less reliable than other types of doors, in addition, they are rather difficult to install, they require special guides that need to be attached to the walls and ceiling.

Folding doors

There is a simpler design of such a door, in this case, the door consists of two leaves and can be folded, like a screen, such a door is called a “book”, if there are more leaves, then the door is called an “accordion”. Salon-type doors can be opened in any direction, such doors can be conveniently installed in a nursery, in rooms where pets live, or in the kitchen, that is, in any place where you need to provide free opening of the door. Revolving doors are popular in public buildings because they successfully regulate the flow of people..

According to the type of opening, swing doors can be left or right, the door is considered left, if after opening, the door leaf turns out to be on the left side, and on the right in the opposite case. The door can be rectangular or arched; you can also equip a false arch in a rectangular door.

Arched doors

Depending on the number of door leaves, one-door, one-and-a-half and two-door doors differ. The size of the door depends on the place of its manufacture; in Europe, the width of the door ranges from 60 to 90 centimeters, and the height is 2.1 meters. As a rule, our doors are made two meters high. However, all this is very individual, you can order doors of any size, depending on the interior of the rooms and your taste..

Depending on the filling of the door leaf, the door can be smooth, dull, or glass. For a smooth door, you can choose a rectangular or curly frame. The design of a glazed door depends only on your taste; it can be glazed in whole or in part. If small children live with you, then for safety reasons, it is better to refuse glass doors.

Depending on the manufacturing method, a wooden interior door can be panel or paneled. Panel doors have been used since ancient times, they are easy to manufacture. The door leaf of such a door consists of a frame, sheathed with shield material on both sides. The inside of the canvas must be filled with a honeycomb or monolithic filler. Paneled doors have a more complex design compared to panel doors.

Panel and paneled doors

The wooden frame of such a door consists of a strapping and bars that divide the canvas into parts. Internal openings in the frame are filled with paneled inserts, from which the door got its name, in addition to the panels, the frame can be filled with glass, or these materials can be combined. Paneled doors are more expensive than panel doors, but at the same time, they are lighter, more compact, they have much better soundproofing capabilities..

The given classification is the most generalized, each type of door has many different subtypes. When choosing an interior door, do not save, remember that the comfort and coziness in the room depends on its quality, attach much more importance to the door manufacturing technology, and not to the material, the door manufacturer is also very important, for example, it is absolutely not necessary to install Chinese doors. Choose doors for your home carefully and responsibly. Good luck!

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