Door repair

It so happens that it is necessary to shorten the door. For example, after renovation, during which you laid parquet, tiles or in some other way changed the interior. And after that, it became necessary to cut the door. It is also possible that the new door unit does not fit yours. But first you should think carefully. By changing the size, you can ruin the appearance of the door and, possibly, the entire interior..

Door repair

The door leaf is shortened with a copper-toothed hacksaw. When using it, no burrs are formed on the back side. It is allowed to use a circular electric saw. But in this case, a board is attached under the cut line and only after that is sawn off. Thanks to this, the cut will turn out smooth and without chips..

Usually, when making doors, they provide for the possibility of shortening. The lower part of the door leaf is made with a filling of solid wood or a solid bar. But if this area is not enough when shortening, then a bar is inserted into the opened cavity and fixed with glue.

The same is done if the lower part of the door leaf has collapsed. The old block is carefully removed, and a new one is installed in its place, also on glue. The junction is secured with pins.

DIY door repair

The outer door frames of a house or apartment have to be reinforced. First you need to check the vertical and horizontal. Wedges are used to eliminate deviations. With their help, one side or the other is raised. Then, through each quarter of the box, it is necessary to drill holes with a diameter of 8 – 10 mm and a depth of at least 60 mm. It is recommended to use a drill bit with victorious soldering. Metal pins of the same length are inserted into the holes made, driven in and recessed into the wood by 3 – 4 mm.

To strengthen the door frame and door from the hinge side, at least 3 such holes must be made. The pins are driven into the holes so that they protrude from the plane of the box by 10-15 mm. At the end of the door opposite the pins, holes of such a diameter are drilled so that, when closed, they freely enter the holes. This will serve as additional burglary protection and give more strength to your door..

Door frame installation

Suppose, when installing a new door frame, you have a decent gap, what should you do in this case? To keep the house warm, the holes must be carefully sealed with polyurethane foam. Also, instead of foam, you can use cement, gypsum-cement or gypsum mortar with fibrous additives.

Sewing is a loop setting. It is called so because it is necessary to cut grooves under the hinges to ensure a tighter closing of the door. If the hinges protrude or, on the contrary, sink into the wood of the box or door, this can lead to deformation of the hinges, the door may not close tightly or the screws will be loosened. All this leads to the need to replace hinges, screws or cut new recesses. All of these problems can be easily avoided by properly fitting the buttonhole. If they protrude, then you can simply cut the hole a little. But under the deep-seated hinges, you need to put cardboard or thin plastic.

Many owners of wooden doors face this problem. Wood has the ability to absorb a lot of moisture and at the same time it swells. Because of this, in wet weather, the door is difficult to open. But dry – everything is fine, as before. If you trim a damp door, then in warm dry weather it will not fit snugly and close. In winter, cold air will begin to flow into the house.

Creaky door

In such cases, the loops are checked first. Perhaps they were loose. If necessary, tighten the screws. If they do not hold, then they are changed for longer ones. If possible, select screws of the same thickness and head diameter. Otherwise, you will have to drill holes in the hinges..

If the box is thin, then, if possible, it makes sense to insert a bar between the wall and the box on the hinge side. And after that attach the hinges to it with long enough screws..

You can also drive wooden wedges into the holes from under the loose screws. But at the same time, the screws are screwed along the fibers, which means that they will not hold firmly and not for long. But there is still a way out. Mix sawdust with epoxy (available at any hardware store) and fill the cleared hole with this mixture. Immediately after this, attach the hinges and secure them with screws. We’ll have to leave them in this position for a day in a non-suspended state.

If your door has collapsed and hits the floor, do not immediately run after a plane or an ax. Everything is much simpler. The hinges can be fitted with matching washers. And the problem is solved. Many people advise using wire, but it should be noted that it is not durable and laborious. By the way, the ax can still come in handy: it can be used to easily remove the door from its hinges by slipping it under the lower harness. And don’t forget to grease the hinges before putting the door back on. So it will close easily and silently.

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