Entrance doors – steel doors

Doors made of steel or, as we are accustomed to, “steel doors” are entrance doors, which today must meet all safety and security requirements for the home. Every year the number of burglaries in the country is growing, and the desire of people to secure their property is quite understandable and justified..

For this reason, people’s demand for security, armored doors is growing day by day, and as a result, domestically produced steel doors began to appear on the Russian market relatively recently. The design of these doors was very simple and primitive by modern standards. The design of such doors did not have in its arsenal pins against removal, seals and heaters, sound insulation, the locks were ordinary, which made it easy to open them, and the design of such steel doors did not cause any positive emotions. But, in spite of all the visible shortcomings of the first steel doors, their reliability exceeded many times compared to ordinary, standard, typical wooden doors. Thanks to this, the demand for steel doors not only did not fall, but constantly grew. With the development of the market, European-made steel doors began to appear on the market, the design of such doors already met all at that time modern safety standards, and, accordingly, they coped with their protective functions more efficiently than their domestic counterparts. The Western market forced the domestic manufacturer to reconsider its views on the production of steel doors and, ultimately, to establish the production of competitive products, which today not only are not inferior to European counterparts, but even surpass them in some aspects of safety.

The modern design of steel doors is divided into different types: explosion-proof, fireproof, bullet-proof and others..

Nowadays in Russia there are no requirements for the mandatory installation of steel security doors, but due to the increased number of crimes related to burglary and further theft of property, steel door structures are being installed more and more often. In this case, the owner himself determines the safety class to which the steel door must comply.

Steel doors can be installed not only as an apartment entrance, but also as an external door. Installation of steel doors in public buildings is carried out when increased security measures are imposed on the object or premises. Armored steel doors can be both entrance and internal. Internal for the most part are installed when it is necessary to protect a room with increased security requirements, for example, a vault at a bank or a currency exchange office.

The design of steel doors is very diverse and depends only on those requirements that the customer will present and on the imagination of the architect, and their surface finish has many options: leatherette or leather, paints and varnishes, wood upholstery or plastic.

There are three types of steel doors: one-and-a-half double doors and single doors. They can also be subdivided into swing and sliding (which go inside) doors. For a sliding door, inside or on the wall itself, a frame made of anodized metal is installed with guides and beams along which it moves. Steel doors may not have traditional arched shapes. Have glazing, while the glass is armored or shockproof. Also steel doors can be equipped with side windows or upper transoms.

Today, Russian manufacturers produce door products of various sizes and modifications. Also, the production of a steel door can be carried out taking into account the requirements and wishes of the customer himself, which can be specific in decoration, door design, components and even make individual features in the design of the doorway.

Buying a steel door is as troublesome as sewing to order or simply buying a fit suit from the store. But just as shops can have an assortment of choice, quality of service, and tailors differ in the level of professionalism and quality of work, manufacturers of steel doors differ in their production base, the quality of their products, and the scope of service both before and after purchasing the door. And not a small fact is the experience of the company, which has been on the market for more than one year and can take into account all the wishes of the client, and sometimes even predict them..

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