Features of the choice of steel doors

The differences are mainly in the way of finishing and design features. You can also divide all entrance doors (steel) into categories: economy class, prestige class, luxury solutions and VIP class.

Elite Steel Entrance Doors

Economy-class doors are characterized by the lowest cost and are perfect for middle-income clients. This category is also the most widespread, as wealthy customers also like to save money whenever possible. Meanwhile, economy class also implies a certain quality: such structures are made using a simplified technology, less attention is paid to protective properties, and the cheapest finishing materials are used. By and large, economy class systems can have only two finishes – either vinyl leather or enamel painting. Vinyl leather is the most widespread and widely used leatherette, perfect for apartment doors. Enamel painting is often used on special doors.

Prestige-class systems are manufactured using standard technology using bent and rolled profiles with several stiffeners, sometimes with a double sealing contour. The prestige class finishes are powder coated, laminated or PVC panels. If powder coating is chosen, this guarantees the protection of the surface from any mechanical damage. Powder coating is anti-vandal. It is ideal for exterior doors. Laminate is most commonly used in offices. In appearance, laminate flooring can resemble wood in dark, orange and red shades. Laminate is available with a smooth and grooved surface (wood-like structure). Both types of laminate are resistant to ultraviolet (solar radiation), resistance to mechanical stress is above average. Finishing with PVC film can also imitate wood, it can be plain or have some kind of pattern. Resistance to mechanical damage – medium. All doors of the prestige class can be installed both on the street and in the entrances of apartment buildings, as well as in offices, shops and any other facilities.

Elite Steel Entrance Doors

Elite steel entrance doors usually have a more advanced door leaf and frame design. The most rigid closed profiles, additional stiffeners, the best insulation materials, complex expensive safe-type locks can be used here. Elite finishes include ordinary and painted MDF panels with natural and artificial veneer. The abbreviation MDF means – fine dispersion fraction. MDF panels are made from dried wood fibers, so they have all the useful qualities of natural wood and, above all, good practicality in operation and excellent heat protection indicators. MDF panels, like no other material, perfectly imitate wood. Elite doors often use additional forged elements, stained-glass windows and mirrors, as well as mixed finishes from different materials.

Most expensive steel front doors – VIP class, they are usually made longer than others. For maximum security, door frames are reinforced deep into the walls, the door leaf is made from the most rigid profiles. VIP-class finishing is solid oak with additional decorative elements (or without additional elements). Solid oak provides maximum sound insulation, heat protection and looks the most respectable.

Economy doors

Hardware for metal doors can be chosen either by the factor of aesthetics or by the factor of practicality. There is a huge selection of pens, eyes, bells that differ in design. The choice of eyes must be taken especially seriously, since the simplest cheap eyes do not guarantee the protection of the observer and provide a small viewing angle. Instead of a peephole, you can use intercom equipment, that is, video eyes. Intercom equipment, including door closers, will also provide the ability to automatically open and close doors.

When choosing entrance systems, keep in mind that they can be made entirely to order. You can, for example, save on finishing, but install a door leaf of improved strength (as in a prestige class door). Or vice versa, if the object is under constant surveillance, you can install structures made using a simplified technology, but with a more expensive finish..


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