Folding doors

Of course, there is always a chance to hit the doorframe with your forehead, but you are unlikely to succeed in bumping into the sharp edge of the open accordion door. Just because a door like this doesn’t swing open.

According to the method of opening, the doors are divided into swing, folding, sliding and rotating. The latter type of door, due to its design features, is used exclusively in rooms with a large flow of visitors and is not a door in the usual sense. Folding and sliding doors are in no way trying to oust the venerable swing “patriarchs” from everyday life. History testifies to the fact that doors similar in design to modern “accordions” have been known since ancient times. If we mention Japan or Korea, then the abundance of folding doors-partitions in the interior of the local living quarters allows us to conclude that the “accordions” are highly functional. Of course, it is at least unreasonable to use folding doors as entrance doors, but they are very convenient in interior design. By the way, there are a number of models that provide good sound insulation of divided rooms, as well as with built-in locks that protect the room from unwanted visitors.

In essence, these doors are nothing more than a combination of conventional blinds and folding doors. From the blinds “accordion” borrowed a horizontal rail along which the roller moves, and lamellas (plates), however, are more powerful. The connecting rod, which connects the lamellas and transforms them into a single sheet, is the same as in folding doors, “books”. “Accordions” are assembled and attached according to the blinds principle. A variety of materials are used for their production: wood, MDF- or PVC-panels with a width of 85–

120 mm and a thickness of 8–20 mm, which are fastened together with one-piece hinges. One of the extreme panels is tightly fixed to the door jamb, and the other is equipped with a roller that moves along a guide fixed on the upper crossbar of the door frame, allowing the door to be folded and unfolded. In order to fix the door in the open and closed position, two stop flags are installed inside the guide.

The height of this type of door usually depends on the wishes of the customer. For example, in an office they don’t have to go all the way to the ceiling. The width of the partition, if necessary, can be changed by attaching additional sections to the accordion doors. A variety of colors and imitation of different materials allow you to fit them into any interior and experiment with the design of the room. From the side of the room, new doors can be decorated with decorative paintings. If they are used as a partition, then the pattern can be applied on both sides. In addition, the panels can be solid or glazed. Glazing, especially if not ordinary glass is used for these purposes, but stained glass inserts, significantly increases the cost of the door. The price for the door in our market ranges from 50 USD. in the simplest version (unglazed plastic panels in white) up to 1300 USD (panels are covered with expensive veneer with stained glass inserts).

The accordion doors described above are structurally reminiscent of another type of folding doors. Manufacturers position them as “screen” doors, although shop sellers prefer to call them “book” doors. The only difference is that the panels of the latter are much wider. Consequently, the loops that hold them together are more powerful. Such doors allow you to partition a room along the entire width, thereby dividing the room into a common and private part. Screen doors fit perfectly into interiors made in the style of minimalism and high-tech. The materials used in the production are the aforementioned MDF or PVC panels. These doors are the same as the “accordions”.

Different doors are needed…

Sliding and folding doors, unlike swing doors, can cover openings of any width and height. They slide along the top or bottom guide. Moreover, the upper suspension provides an almost noiseless movement of the blades. Sliding doors with folding sashes work according to the following principle: first the sashes are folded, and then they are pushed into the wall. Folding doors take up little space, eliminate the problem of choosing which way to open them, which optimizes the arrangement of furniture and equipment in a small area.

Accordion doors have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are used for rooms for various purposes: kitchen, dining room, bedroom, study, music room, library. A similar design is convenient for a living room, wardrobe, book or dish display case. Since the service life of such doors is still short, you should select high-quality fittings. High quality spring mechanisms and hinges can be installed to extend the shelf life of the accordion door.

Folding doors are made not only of wood, but also of plastic. The finish is striking in its variety – solid wood, veneer, melamine and Telon dyes for polyamide. The supporting structure of such doors is the upper guide rail, to which the sashes are suspended. Sometimes a lower rail is also installed. Easy sliding is achieved through the use of bearings. The height of the door is determined by the customer or the existing opening. The structure can be blind or glazed. Moreover, blind accordion doors meet the requirements for sound insulation, which is very important for rooms with different functions..

Today, the domestic industry has mastered many designs of sliding partitions, many of which no longer differ from foreign counterparts. If you wish, you can contact companies that will fulfill any individual order, taking into account the wishes and tastes of the customer..

Fantasy without borders

Today, manufacturers offer an unusual version of the accordion door, which has glass inserts-stained-glass windows instead of deaf folding elements. To ensure their structural rigidity, instead of thin wooden plates, a light frame made of steel or aluminum profiles is used, into which corrugated colored glass or glass is inserted, on the surface of which a decorative pattern is applied. On the basis of foreign experience, simpler versions of glazed sliding walls have been developed – using wooden slats instead of a metal frame. In addition, you can replace the glass with a colored transparent film and even stick film or washable wallpaper on the wooden frame..

To create the convenience of working in office premises, sliding doors or partitions are used, in which artificial leather is used instead of moving plywood plates, thanks to which the partition can have a curved shape in plan. The fastening design of such sliding partitions is similar to those used for rigid plywood plates..

As practice shows, soft tones are the most successful for artificial leatherette: light gray, beige, cream, white. They are best in harmony with the interior of the room..

How to care for a folding door?

Folding doors (partitions) are very easy to operate and maintain. It is recommended to use conventional furniture and plastic care products to remove dirt and give the surface a shine. Cleaning agents containing abrasive materials or solvents must not be used. You can easily remove stubborn dirt with soapy water or washing powder. When carrying out repair work in rooms where folding doors (partitions) are installed, it is recommended to protect their surface from solvents, paints, plastering materials. During installation, it should be borne in mind that in the event of unevenness in the floor or doorway into which the door (partition) is installed, a gap is possible between the floor and the lower part of the door (partition), as well as between the doors of the doors consisting of two leaves.

Typically, manufacturing firms guarantee trouble-free operation and preservation of all consumer and operational qualities of their products for 12 months, provided they are properly installed and used. As a rule, they are not responsible for hidden defects in door frames and openings in which folding doors are installed.

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