How to choose interior doors

First, you need to formulate your requirements that you have for interior doors, and then determine:

  • an acceptable price range for you;
  • required options for opening doors;
  • requirements for the design of future doors;
  • required dimensions;
  • additional doors (various mezzanines and cabinets), which will be similar in design to doors.

Interior doors

After that, it is advisable to choose a door design, taking into account the circumstances briefly described below. Modern solid wood doors are one of the most expensive, but they can simultaneously become a true decoration of your entire interior, and besides, bring natural energy from natural wood into the house; and the variety of forms of modern massive doors and the elegance of processing of their details are simply amazing. Such doors will serve the owners for many years, and besides, they are maintainable..

However, the durability itself, and besides, the flawless operation of any solid wood doors, primarily depends on their manufacturers’ compliance with all cycles during the technological process during their manufacture, and also on the quality of varnishes and adhesives used by them. Some reputable manufacturing companies even install their own logo on the fold of their doors, this is a kind of quality mark, like Garofoli (Italy), for example.


Many models of doors made today from various combined materials and using various wood-like materials (MDF, in particular) are practically not inferior in beauty, durability, and performance to modern solid wood doors. However, they are cheaper and also less prone to different reactions to possible changes in humidity in the house. The cost of such doors depends quite strongly on the type of veneer wood used for their decoration, although the type of veneer does not at all affect the overall quality of the door, but only gives a certain shade and special texture to the entire surface of the door leaf.

Inexpensive today are hollow doors (namely with honeycomb filling) with a molded outer panel. Such doors require a much more careful attitude to caring for them during their operation, moreover, they are less durable. Primed doors are painted in the most unusual way, and this gives a unique opportunity to give your overall interior of a house or apartment a new look. Masonite doors on sale have as a special coating made directly from artificial veneer, they can also be primed.

How to choose interior doors

Modern door frames are made of solid wood, MDF or chipboard. Many buyers today give their preference to the array, but this is not at all the best option, due to the fact that such boxes are more exposed to the risk of changing the linear dimensions directly during their operation. The newest wood-like materials surpass natural wood by an order of magnitude in their physical characteristics, besides, the exterior decoration in such a box is carried out with the same veneer as the sheet of wood species, and as a result, such a box becomes completely indistinguishable from the solid wood. Once again we draw your attention to the fact that technologies for installing boxes made of different materials, each of them has its own characteristics.

Since it is quite difficult to find out the quality of the door leaf during a visual external examination, moreover, there is no mandatory certification for interior doors today, it is recommended to buy doors from a well-known brand, or to buy doors from large reputable companies that can guarantee the quality of the goods sold.

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