How to choose the right interior doors

Finding interior doors for your room or apartment is difficult and expensive. In construction markets and in specialized stores, there is a huge selection of different doors. Sometimes it becomes incomprehensible when you look that two seemingly no different doors may differ in the price tag by 2, or even 3 times. Why does it depend?

Choosing doors for an apartment

It’s all about the price of the materials from which the door is made. The cheapest and most popular doors are made from pressed sawdust, which are called fiberboard, and a sheet of special door veneer is glued to the top..

Nothing good can be said about some good quality of such “budget” doors – the veneer begins to collapse and fall off, the state of such a door has to be constantly monitored, the veneer itself is a very delicate material and requires special care, it is very easy to scratch and is very afraid of water.

Veneer doors

Installing such doors to the bathroom means throwing your money down the drain. The only plus for such doors is the relatively low price and low weight. Fiberboard door will not sag over time.

Another thing is a door made of solid wood. There are no fiberboard sawdust here, only natural wood. The best and most expensive is oak. Such doors have an unlimited service life, they do not need any maintenance, and the drawing of a tree on the doors will immediately make it clear to guests what is behind the doors in your house.

Solid oak doors

Particular attention should be paid to door handles – it is important to buy, albeit expensive, but beautiful Italian-made stainless steel handles. Such a handle will look great even on sawdust doors, and there is no need to talk about a solid wood door.


When buying handles for the toilet and the bathroom, you will also need to purchase a special internal lock. It is better to take the color for the door depending on the color of the floor – the lighter the floor, the darker the door and vice versa.

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