Laminated interior doors, the benefits of new technology

Laminated interior doors appeared on sale relatively recently, but they have already firmly occupied their niche. This is a new development that responds to a very specific demand. Until now, there were two main types of doors.

Laminated doors

Highest quality products, high cost solid wood doors. In fairness, it should be noted that there are relatively cheap doors made of solid pine and, as a rule, the highest quality doors made from solid oak or other valuable wood. However, we are talking about quality doors, not cheap fakes..

The second category is cheap doors. Until now, these have been veneered doors covered with natural or artificial veneer and the cheapest melamine coated doors. The first samples of such doors did not always have sufficient mechanical strength of the coating..

Laminated door structure

With intensive or careless use, chips and scratches appeared on them. At the moment, there are almost no such doors on the market. As a safety measure, you can advise against buying too cheap doors from unknown manufacturers..

Laminated interior doors are a further continuation of the line of inexpensive doors. Unlike all the types of cheap doors described above, laminated doors are covered, as the name implies, with a laminated film, which has a higher surface strength, less scratches, and no chips.

Overview of laminated doors

Briefly, the main advantages of laminated doors can be summarized as high wear resistance of the decorative coating at a relatively low cost..

In addition, these doors can have new design options for the pattern and surface texture. The most popular options for decorative coating that imitate valuable wood species. Of course, laminated interior doors are an ideal choice for institutions. They optimally combine price, durability and high decorative qualities.

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