Modern apartment renovation. Choosing interior doors

Modern apartment renovation

To increase the service life of interior doors, it is necessary to take into account several important nuances that must be observed, both during the installation of the doors and during their further operation..

When installing the door, special attention should be paid to the doorway. The door should fit perfectly into the opening. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to carefully measure all openings where new doors are planned to be installed. This procedure will avoid many of the problems associated with joining in length and width. With a competent approach to the choice of interior doors, a guarantee automatically appears that the doors will last a long time.

The material from which the door is made and the technology by which it was made is another important factor affecting the service life of the doors. From the appearance of the door, and the value of the wood from which the door is made, its cost will depend. So, simple in design, and inexpensive in terms of the used material, doors of the so-called economy class will cost less than doors of unusual design, and in the manufacture of which, expensive types of wood were used.

Choosing interior doors

To a greater extent, the choice of this or that type of door depends on the wishes of the buyer, and how much he expects to purchase the product. Thanks to modern technologies, the buyer has the opportunity to purchase a product that meets individual needs and financial capabilities. In addition, discounts are usually provided to the buyer focused on the wholesale purchase of doors, which will save.

Among the models of economy class interior doors, the most popular is the model, the frame of which is a honeycomb structure. For external finishing of such a model, veneer is usually used, but finishing with other materials is also possible. The advantage of this model is the price that is affordable for the vast majority of buyers. A significant drawback of this model is the deterioration of the appearance after several years of operation..

If the buyer is looking for a door model in the value for money category, then softwood doors are a worthy find. The quality of this model is much higher than the quality of models with a cellular structure. For exterior decoration, a higher quality and denser veneer is used, in combination with MDF. As a rule, these doors are referred to the middle level, they have a decent appearance, and fit perfectly into the overall interior design. Also, this type of door is durable..

The highest quality doors are characterized by a combination of beauty of texture and design, they are made from solid wood. Unfortunately, not every customer can afford to purchase such a product, since the price for these models is usually very high..

The difference in quality between imported and domestic doors depends on each individual product. The quality of a particular model can be determined at the point of purchase.

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