Mortise lock on a metal door

Calmness, a sense of security, safety – this is what each of us needs. Having installed a metal door, one cannot naively assume that protection from those on the other side of the door is provided. For more confidence, you need to purchase a high-quality locking device – a lock. Most buyers choose mortise locks, why? The answer is simple – such a lock combines reliability and aesthetics..

Door locks

The bulky mechanism of the locking device is not visible, as it is installed inside the door leaf. We can see only wells and girders. This type of “protection” prevents drafts and increases the percentage of sound insulation. The most popular locks are cylinder locks. The intricate shape of the key with many notches is the main secret of this mechanism. The closing puzzle directly depends on the number of “teeth” of the key.

If the apartment is on the first or last floor, then it is better to install a double-sided lock with two cylinders. Since penetration into an apartment or house is possible through a window, in this case the “burglar” will not open the door from the inside, but will patiently wait for the owner. To prevent the lover of “easy money” from breaking the lock with a drill, an armored pad is provided for the lock. But even such a lock requires an addition, its secret part, if desired, can be knocked out. Some property owners prefer to use lever locks for protection..

Lever locks

This mechanism is considered the most ancient. With the help of a key with teeth, the plates or levers of the lock are lined up in the right order, this affects the rotation of the mechanism. Naturally, with such an action of the locking system, the number of levers is of great importance. The correct solution is to install these two locks together. But remember, your inattention is the key to calmness. Any key can be forged, do not be absent-minded – others can easily use it.

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