What door should be in the sauna and steam room

Doors are different, and their main differences from each other lie not only in their design and material of manufacture, but also in the field of application and operating conditions. Some doors can be used for different types of premises, but there are also such doors that are intended exclusively for a specific case, that is, their design and material of manufacture must meet certain standards and requirements. These are exactly the doors intended for steam rooms and saunas..

Sauna door

Following from the fact that the steam room and sauna are rooms with high humidity and high temperatures, the entrance doors to them are made with these features in mind. There are three main types of doors for this type of room: wood, glass and combined.

Steam room wooden doors are made of hardwood, most often aspen and linden. This is due to the fact that conifers, when heated, emit boiling resin and therefore there is a real possibility of getting a burn.

The door to the steam room

The door to the steam room is small (height 1.5-1.7 m, width about 0.6 m) and is made of 40 mm thick planed grooved board. Such a door is assembled on wooden spikes without the use of nails..

A prerequisite for any sauna door, and even more so for a steam room, is its opening outward. This is done with the expectation of a quick exit from the steam room in case of emergencies, for example, when a person suddenly becomes ill from excessive heat. In this case, the door handle must be wooden, since other materials will be very hot (metal) or melt (plastic). It is also important to have a gap between the door leaf and the frame, which should be about 5 mm along the entire perimeter of the door. This gap will prevent the door from wedging in the frame in case of swelling of both. To ensure the tightness of the closing, the gap is closed with felt, fixed along the perimeter of the door leaf. Also, to relieve the internal stress of wood with sudden temperature changes and to avoid distortions of the box, longitudinal grooves (cuts) are made around its entire outer perimeter.

What door should be in the sauna and steam room

Install the door to the steam room at a height of 20-30 mm from the floor, which does not allow cold air to penetrate, which means it contributes to better heat retention.
When arranging modern steam rooms and saunas, glass doors are often used today. This version of the door provides additional lighting for the steam room or sauna, but is not entirely successful in terms of keeping warm. At the same time, the cost of a glass door is quite high, since a special tempered and safety glass is used for its manufacture..

Therefore, the best option for a steam room or sauna door is a wooden door, with a small glass window located in it, through which light will penetrate and you can always see those who are in the steam room and, if necessary, you can always come to help. In this case, special tempered glass is also used, the use of ordinary window glass is unacceptable here.

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